Use Spanish Toll-Free Number and Complement it with Voice Greeting for the Better Business Development

Toll-Free Number

Popular toll-free numbers can be called from landlines and mobile phones for free, which is very convenient. At first glance, such a service is beneficial only for customers because all costs are borne by the organization accepting the call but this is not entirely true. 

What is toll-free?

This is a phone number in which the country code is followed by the digits 800 (900, etc.). All calls received are paid for by the company called. Increasing communication costs provides many advantages.

  • Expansion of the customer base and retention of regular customers. The client sees that he/she will not have to pay for the connection, so he/she is more willing to dial the number to find out about the offered goods or services. There will be an increase in profit due to the increase of new buyers from absolutely different regions. 
  • Multichannel. Visit the Freezvon Company website, check out the toll free number Spain and make sure that such a number has an almost unlimited number of channels. Moreover, all incoming calls can be automatically redistributed between employees, which allows the operator to answer the call almost immediately. A quick response creates a positive impression and increases the company’s reputation in the eyes of the caller. So, there is a good chance that he/she will order the offered product. 
  • Increasing competitiveness. Free calls for users make it easy to attract more people to use the company’s services. This will enhance sales. 
  • Features. An additional benefit provided by the toll-free virtual solution is the availability of additional services. You can use a voice greeting, choose a menu with forwarding, and set up an answering machine. Forwarding will help a person immediately contact the right specialist or listen to a recording with the information they are looking for. This increases the efficiency of the company’s work and helps the subscriber to get the necessary information immediately. 

You can also use a toll-free number to keep statistics and record phone calls. Analyzing records allows you to identify errors in the work of employees and increase work efficiency. The telephone record will determine the validity of the client’s claims in case of conflicting situations. Such a solution is widely used by hotlines, banking support services, and other organizations, as well as by large companies engaged in trade and/or the provision of various services.

Toll-Free Number

What additional option is perceived as one of the most useful?

This is about a voice greeting. We are talking about a pre-recorded voice message that is played by the cloud PBX when a call is received. The company won’t get a second chance to make a first impression. However, it’s possible to increase the chances of success by meeting customers with a professional voice greeting. Competent text, confident tone of voice, and pleasant timbre of a professional announcer can help create a serious image and set positively.

  • Welcome to IVR. Greet the customer and tell him/her the name of the company he/she called. Care in the first minutes will turn you into loyalty and high sales.
  • Greetings for the auto informant. How to check the order status? How to contact a specialist? Where to listen to the conditions of the promotion? Voice menu items and make navigation more pleasant.
  • Greetings for the answering machine. What to do if you don’t want to miss an order but can’t work 24 hours a day? Write a greeting on the answering machine and it will leave a pleasant impression on the client and motivate him/her to wait for the call.

Thus, you can win the genuine sympathy of your consumers and make them want to call for a more unique tone of voice (brand style). This feature helps get loyalty from the first minutes of communication. Moreover, it brings the opportunity to take care of the interaction with a company in a 24/7 mode. There are also such benefits as personalization of communications with customers, reduction of staff workload, and improvement of service.

If you wish, you can supplement the text with pleasant background music. Choose a track from the playlist and make the call even more unique and pleasant. Even a relatively small company can create the appearance of a large corporation and toll-free virtual numbers are decent solutions for reaching such a goal.


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