Unlocking the Internet of Things

By John Bates

Big data is amassing like snow in a blizzard, forming an avalanche that threatens to bury anyone who ignores it. Below, John Bates, CTO for Intelligent Business Operations and Big Data, Software AG, discusses how systems with scalability, agility and speed can help to bridge the intersection of the digital ID and the Internet of Things.

Storms of new data are growing bigger by the day, flowing in from social media, new internal corporate processes, retail and market transactions, electronic sensors and other machines. Especially machines.

The masses of new data follow technology innovation and by 2020 industry analysts predict there will be up to 30 billion devices connected to the Internet with unique IP addresses. This compares with 2009, when were a ‘mere’ 2.5 billion connected devices.

This digital revolution, the Internet of Things, is a virtual world where Things can be anything from a person with a heart monitor to a digital tire pressure sensor in your car, or smart electricity grids communicating with each other. All of these Things create data, and the data is big.

But what are we meant to do with the Things of the Internet? The amounts of data being created are so large that they are measured in quintillions of bytes – 2.5 quintillion bytes of new data are created every day.

Every byte created adds to the innumerable bytes that are already there — and they can tell us a story. The story might be about the personal spending habits of an iPhone user, or it could be about the engine capabilities of an 18-wheel truck. The trick is to winkle out the story, thus identifying a trend or a pattern or an anomaly that you can use.

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