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It’s an experience to live and study in the United Kingdom. The nation is brimming with vitality, with a lively culture, a diverse populace, and so much more.

Your housing is a chance to meet people, establish relationships, and gain knowledge in the United Kingdom – but it should also be a safe harbour and a home away from home for you whether you are student accommodation in Birmingham or University halls of Oxford.

To make sure you get the most out of it, make sure your accommodations are just right.

With this in perspective, we’ve put up a quick guide to assist you in your search for suitable accommodation.

  • University halls

University halls

The majority of first-year students are assigned to university-managed housing, or “halls,” which has its benefits.

In terms of establishing friends, staying with other students is a fantastic opportunity to meet new individuals with whom you may wind up getting close.

Some university-managed halls may be situated outside the school, in the nearby town or city.

If your rooms are on campus, you’ll be in a handy location; you won’t have to commute in every day for classes, group discussions, or library usage.

  • Private halls

In certain places, an apartment in a purpose-built student living facility is also an alternative.

It’s identical to university-managed halls in that you get your bedroom and use shared spaces like a kitchen or TV room, but it’s controlled by a commercial firm rather than your institution.

Private hall providers are popular in large cities with multiple significant institutions, like London or Manchester.

You may discover a broader choice of accommodation options, such as studio flats, than in university-managed halls, albeit they are generally much more expensive. But with some quality research, you can find some affordable student apartments in Nottingham, Manchester or London.

Because you may meet students from various institutions in the same building, private halls may be a fantastic way to broaden your social networks.

They are especially prominent among foreign students, which is ideal if you enjoy meeting individuals from other countries and experiences.

  • Privately-rented house or flat

Peers - Accommodation

Most people rent an apartment or flat with friends after their first year, which they rent through a private landlord or rental company.

However, rather than going through the university or private halls, you could prefer to leap right into this alternative. 

By choosing this, you can opt for co-sharing or student studio apartments in Sheffield Or Cambridge without any hassle of waiting for getting approval from your university or private halls agencies.

It may not always be by design. For example, if you’re a grad student looking for a place to live from outside university or just wish to reside with other senior students/non-students.

Staying in a fully leased home might be tempting since it allows you to choose where you reside and with whom you share it. 

While it may be difficult to discover people in identical situations and schedule showings if you haven’t yet started university, your housing office may help you with this, such as connecting you with others, suggesting authorised landlords or student-focused leasing agencies, and so on.

Tips to make your stay comfortable in your accommodation

  • Check the inventory

When you settle in, you should be provided with an inventory to check. This indicates what things are given (for instance, a washer and a toaster) as well as the quality of the house or apartment. Everything on this list must be checked.

This inventory is used to determine whether you will be refunded your security after your rental.

As a result, double-check your bedroom and the common spaces. Take notice and snap photographs as proof if you take issue with something. If you detect any problems that aren’t shown in the inventory, do the same.

If you never do that, your security may be forfeited when you relocate.

  • Visit a healthcare facility

If you become unwell, make sure you have someone to turn to.

As a result, make an appointment with a doctor who is close to your student housing.

If you live a long way from home or don’t intend on returning regularly, you should additionally register with a dentist and an optician.

It’s critical that you take care of your health while you’re in school, so be sure you’re enrolled before you need them.

  • Safety checks

Check that all of the locks on the windows and doors are in good working order.

It is the landlord’s obligation to ensure that at least one smoke detector and a carbon monoxide alert system are installed on each floor, as well as a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a propellant combustion device – double-check this.

Landlords must also obtain a Gas Safety Certificate (CP12) for any gas equipment in their properties, which must be updated every 12 months.

  • Content Insurance

Because student housing is renowned for being full of electronic devices, it is frequently targeted by burglars.

As a result, you’ll want to get some insurance that would cover your belongings.

This will usually protect your belongings from burglary and harm.

Make sure you look around for the best price.

Many students think that their parents’ house insurance covers them, but that’s not always the situation.

It’s always worth double-checking before investing in your very own, nevertheless.


It’s crucial to locate the proper sort of housing as a student. This depends on how much travelling you want to undertake and whether or not you can find a part-time job.

Students (particularly foreign students) are typically able to qualify for housing and can profit in a variety of ways if they choose a student-friendly location.

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