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Mechanical devices, popularly known as “one-armed bandits”, are now a relic of the past and are found only in the form of a museum exhibit or a small number of Las Vegas casinos. Today, all devices have an electronic interior, they do not have a drum start button, or they are built in to celebrate tradition, aesthetics and authenticity.

Three reels independently rotate around the same axis, and the reels stop in turn, the win is counted if the same symbols appear on the reels – this is how mechanical and electromechanical devices work. In modern real or online casinos, today’s devices only display the visualization of this process on the monitor. The transition from mechanics to electronics made it possible to remove the restrictions that were in mechanics, in terms of the number of lines, turns, rows. However, the most popular are slots with five reels and three rows of symbols, created according to the visual and technical likeness of their progenitor, the Liberty Bell mechanical device. You will find the best online slots at new casinos in Australia.

The principle of operation of slot machines in online casinos

Video slots are the most popular type of gambling among online gamblers at the best Australian online casinos. They are created by software providers or developers, among which the most famous are Novomatic (Greentube), NetEnt, Yggdrasil Gaming.Microgaming, Playtech. The task of such companies is to make sure that the results of the draws are random when launching slots. The computer program works on the side of the provider, and the casino only provides customers with access to the video slot interface. In other words, recognized and licensed online casinos cannot in any case carry out any fraud with the chances of a player (player) to win.

Thanks to this scheme, the largest providers have launched progressive jackpot systems. This is the name of the platform that combines several devices of the same developers into one single network. When such machines are launched, a small amount is saved in order to form a general prize fund for its draw between the participants. Jackpots in the amount of more than a million are paid not by the online casino itself, but by software manufacturers.

It is worth noting that the probability of winning is not affected by the principle of operation of the slot machine, but by the features of specific slots.

Random number generator

A random number generator is a computer program that constantly performs calculations, regardless of the operation of the device, with the help of which the developer achieves unpredictable results, and it is she who calculates the player’s payoff. The random number generator instantly calculates and gives the result after the player (gambler) presses the Spin button. The dropout of symbols and their sequences on the reels, as well as the gambler’s winnings, depend on what numerical value will fall out.

Return to Player (RTP), what is it?

The characteristic Return To Player or RTP is translated as a return to the player and shows how much money will be returned to the player for a very long session. If we give formalities, then if a player bets 100 AUD, and the RTP of the device is 97%, then the player will win 95 AUD.

However, the RTP indicator does not contradict the principles of gambling, as it is statistical and works with large numbers. A quick big win or a long losing streak is still possible. However, high RTP rates are still beneficial for the gambler, and the higher they are, the better. Modern slots have a return of up to 99%. An indicator of 97-98% is considered high, about 96% is average, and less than 95% is low. At Roo Casino, the average RTP in slots is 98.1%

Bonuses and winning combinations

The principle by which winning combinations are made in slots is the same. On the playing field in a certain sequence, a certain number of pre-known signs are lined up. Most often, these are three or more icons (symbols) of the same type, which make up a combination on an active line. Signs do not always have to be on the same line, it happens that it is enough for them to touch each other or be in the neighborhood. The winning amount depends on the number of icons contained in the combination.

  • Slots often have special (special) symbols and prize features, which is very important for the future player. Special signs exist in three varieties:
  • A wild or wild symbol (icon) serves as an addition to standard symbols, rarely acts as an additional multiplier that gives big wins, or chains are made up of it;
  • Scatter (scatter) this symbol (sign, icon) is engaged in the compilation of paid combinations outside the sequence specified in the rules. 

In other words, it will be enough to get the required number of scatters anywhere on the playing field. Scatters usually trigger the most profitable free spins (free spins) mode for the gambler in terms of the amount won.

A bonus (bonus symbol or sign) will trigger a bonus round with higher wins.

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