Top Web Design Tools to Help You Work Smarter in 2021

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By Prashant Pujara

What are the Advanced Tools for Web Designing to Consider?

There are innumerable web design tools around these days that can help you with the creation of frameworks, mockups, testing and more. What’s more impressive is the fact that you would also get a plethora of downloads related to many elements which would help you with good web design, typography, colors, animation, etc.

Irrespective of the type of problem you are trying to solve, you would always come across a tool that would provide you with various modules. People usually face a lot of issues when the context is about the smooth functioning of the app.

Designing an app is not just getting things accomplished within the timeframe. The concept of mobile app development usually comprises UI design tools along with other development platforms. So with these things in mind, let’s take a glance at some of the web design tools which would help you to work smarter.

InVision Studio

To be precise, InVision Studio is one of those tools which usually cover all bases. Note that it is the only UI tool that comes equipped with an array of features to assist you in the creation of beautiful and interactive interfaces. You would also have an option for rapid prototyping along with a responsive and collaborative design.

Note that the main power of InVision lies in its ability to create prototypes. And if your design involves animation, then there is no better option than opting for InVision. InVision would help you with the creation of complex and imaginative transitions which would help you to get the animation you desire. What’s more, you would also have the ability to create custom transitions and animations from a large number of gestures along with interactions.


To be precise, Sketch remains one of the most popular platforms to design webs. In case you don’t know, it is a vector-based platform used extensively in the construction of boundaries and prototypes. Sketch was designed especially for designing apps and websites so that you are not cluttered with unnecessary features.

When compared to Photoshop, sorting all your documents and implementing revisions on Sketch is quite simpler. And being a vector-based application, the sizes of the files are smaller when compared to Photoshop.

Sketch also comes equipped with a built-in grid system that takes User interface designing to the next level. The platform has a simplistic UI which ensures that you can design an app without much fuss.


Marvel is another web design tool that is just great for the production of quick ideas. If you are on the lookout to design prototypes, then Marvel is your ideal choice. Moreover, Marvel also allows you to simulate your design with the help of prototypes.

You would come across various wonderful integrations for the insertion of the designs into the workflow of the project. You would also have access to a combined operator testing trait with this platform. And as it works online perfectly, there is no need to download anything.


Foundation is a clean web layout tool with the help of which you can design a responsive front-end framework. With the help of foundation, you would be able to create faster and responsive web apps as well as websites. In short, if you want to emphasize on user-interface of the app, you should opt for Foundation. Foundation is also one of those platforms which would help web designers to code and build apps at blazing fast speed.


Customary to its name, Webflow is a website building tool for web designers. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to create a custom-made website without the assistance of any code. In short, it is a handy tool for those designers and developers who don’t like to code to make an entire website. And as you can see, it is also an ideal developmental platform for those who are just commencing with web designing and developing tasks.


If you are searching for a Java integrated development environment, then Eclipse is ideal. The development environment of Eclipse can easily help you combine languages such as C/, C++, etc.

Quite impressively, developers can also seek help of the Eclipse marketplace to integrate extensions and customizations without worrying repeatedly about testing it. So as you can see, Eclipse is also one of those development platforms which would help you accomplish web designing without much coding.  


If you are searching for an interface design platform that can enable multiple designers to collaborate in real-time, Figma is your best choice. To be precise, the Figma platform is quite effective when you have access to several stakeholders in the project. Note that Figma is available in the browser or on Windows and Mac.

What’s more, Figma is available as both free and paid on the basis of your usage. Also, Figma is cross-platform enabled which exudes practicality to web designers out there. With this platform, you can create designs for desktop, mobile and the tablet.


CodeKit is one of the most prominent design platforms out there with the help of which you can build your website better. But note that it complies only with the Mac platform. So if you are on the lookout to design web apps compatible with Mac, CodeKit is your best bet.

The main reason behind the popularity of CodeKit is that it makes the web apps load faster. Besides that, this designing platform also doesn’t require you to code much which exudes practicality.  


Another great designing platform is Bubble. With Bubble, you can design, develop and launch an app without extensive coding. Bubble also helps you to create functional and data-driven web apps. It comes with a plethora of advanced features which exudes practicality to the users. You would also have the ability to customize web apps based on your preferences.

Let’s hope that the above-mentioned list of web design tools would help you to create stunning web apps and websites.

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Prashant Pujara

Prashant Pujara is the CEO of MultiQoS Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a leading website and Mobile App Design Company specialized in android and iOS app development. He has more than 10 year’s experience in software development with a strong focus on mobile app development for all kinds of platforms including iOS and Android.


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