Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam


By Thanh (Bruce) Pham

The Vietnam Software Development Industry Insights team has helped over 800 companies choose the top-notch software development houses in Vietnam. Demand for smartphones, laptops, and internet connection has increased since the introduction of COVID 19, which has disturbed and revolutionized our lives. We can easily use technology to access anything from education to sports, commerce, and entertainment. According to World Health Organization figures, users spend $673 million on fitness apps like Peloton and Fitbit, while medical app installs have increased by 75% since pre-pandemic levels.

As a result, we can see why IT software outsourcing demand is expanding on a daily basis, in part because software engineers are unevenly dispersed among countries/regions throughout the world. As a result, organizations that need to undertake their own software development projects must broaden their search for IT outsourcing companies. And the following will be a list of top reputable IT software outsourcing houses in Vietnam that you may need.

Leading IT Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam

1. Saigon Technology

To differentiate Saigon Technology from its global rivals in app development, it just takes one percent of Vietnamese talent. Saigon Technology has made a mark as a pioneer in a wide range of industries, from healthcare and banking to marketing and advertising and logistics, over the course of a decade and 900 projects.

A broad variety of enterprises in the United States, Australia, Canada, and others are looking at ways to save money in Vietnam. In this regard, Saigon Technology is proud to contribute to the process of elevating Vietnam’s IT sector in the eyes of worldwide friends. The 2 expectations of both delivering high-quality products and maintaining a professional work ethic, Saigon Technology is the go-to company. 

  • Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Company size: 350+
  • Areas of service: Offshore software development, IT outsourcing, Custom software development, AI Development, Offshore testing, Mobile/ Web app development, Cloud migration

2. DiCentral

Even though business is always changing, many of the largest companies in the world have depended on DiCentral’s EDI and supply chain integration expertise for nearly two decades. This is true despite the fact that the industry as a whole is still in a state of flux. 

In this dynamic and always shifting IT environment, many of the top companies in the world have ended up relying on the EDI and supply chain integration capabilities offered by DiCentral. As a pioneer in cloud-infrastructure, DiCentral is an innovative company in digital information sharing.

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Company size: 900+
  • Areas of solution for:  Supplier, Buyer, Microsoft business,IT software outsourcing, Apps on Microsoft marketplace…

3. NashTech

When they first opened their doors in 2000, they had just two offices: one in London and the other in Hanoi, Vietnam. Teams from both NashTech and Nash Squared have a history of working on hundreds of projects across a wide variety of industries, at varying sizes, and for a wide variety of clients. 

Companies that outsource their software development needs to recognize and respect them as the emblem of a business that fosters an environment in which individuals are encouraged to think creatively, tell the truth, and be flexible in the face of change.

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Company size: 900+
  • Areas of service: IT software outsourcing, Business process, Application management, Data, Digital monitoring, Software solution consulting

4. KMS Technology

KMS has been successful in recruiting a large number of talented and motivated software engineers since it was founded in Ho Chi Minh City. Additionally, as Vietnam’s global standing and distinction in the information technology sector grew, so did the number of foreign contracts that KMS was awarded.

While at the same time giving true value to the consumer, client businesses may take use of all of the benefits that a decent program provides in order to get the most out of their operations. This is the only way that software outsourcing companies could continue its meteoric rise in popularity.

  • Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  • Company size: 900+
  • Areas of service: IT Software outsourcing, Technology consulting, Digital operations

5. FPT Software 

Since 1999, FPT Software has been one of the pioneering IT software outsourcing firms in the Vietnam industry, having launched a team specialized in IT outsourcing. FPT Software Ltd., with its headquarters in Hanoi, Vietnam, was one of the first companies in Vietnam to draw on the skills of a diverse group of Vietnamese software engineers.

The roughly 900-strong engineering staff at FPT Software has been a source of pride for the firm for a long time. Global clients have chosen FPT Software as one of the most exceptional IT outsourcing companies in Vietnam, and they have done so for many years.

  • Location: Ha Noi, Vietnam
  • Company size: 900+
  • Areas of service: Digital Consulting Services, Digital Technology Services, IT Outsourcing Services.

About the Author

Thanh (Bruce) Pham is the CEO of Saigon Technology. He  strives to deliver successful projects maximizing value for the Client by clearly establishing the project objectives and risks, controlling the programs and costs and pro-actively managing the project teams.https://saigontechnology.comEmail: thanh.pham@saigontechnology.comA Member of Forbes Technology CouncilMobile: (+84) 913 666 227Skype: tienthanh.pham (Thanh Bruce Pham)


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