Top 7 Video Gaming Careers | Potential Jobs List 2021

The internet has created more jobs than anyone could have foreseen. One industry that has benefited greatly from the connectivity of the internet and general advancements in technology over the last two decades is the video gaming industry.

There are dozens of jobs under that umbrella, from the production side of things to the competitive gaming side. With the global accessibility of free video slot tournaments with real cash prizes as well as other game-related competitions at an all-time high, streaming has become a valuable profession as well.

That’s all to say: people want to be involved in the video gaming industry. Below, you’ll find a list of the top seven video gaming careers in 2021.

Esports & Professional Gaming

The most exciting jobs in the video gaming industry fall under the category of esports and professional gaming. Within this subcategory, you’ll find esports players, commentators, bloggers, and much more.

Although it may seem unbelievable, the popularity of esports has guaranteed that they’re here to stay. You’ll even find them followed on major sports networks like ESPN. However, you have to consider these positions to be rare and the field as competitive as regular sports.

Only the best of the best will be able to make a living from esports. The upside is that the accessibility and even playing field that gaming innately contains means that you have as good a shot as anyone else.

Game Designer

A game designer is the hallmark position when you think of a career related to the video game industry. Millions of kids around the world wish to be one, but it takes a certain set of technical skills alongside a determination to make it big.

Above all else, creativity and ingenuity are constantly rewarded in this field. You’ll need to combine the storyboarding aspects of being a writer or director while keeping it fresh and exciting from a gameplay perspective.

Software Developer or Programmer

On the more technical side of things, software developers and game programmers use their elite knowledge of programming languages to make the design of the game a reality.

Depending on the type of game being created, different game creation software may be better. Engines like GameMaker Studio can help immensely with 2D platformers whereas Unity is better for low-polygon 3D models. With this in mind, there are many avenues for you to explore as a software developer or game programmer.

The industry is vast, and the demand for these positions will only grow as time goes on, so it doesn’t hurt to dip your toes into various genres of video games. As they’re more technical positions, however, you’ll need extensive training to be successful.

Game Artist or Animator

Once the game has been designed and built, you’ll need to bring it to life through art and animation. These fields are incredibly competitive, and for a good reason: as the years go on, the demand for higher quality games grows as the standard increases.

To stay on top of the competition, only the best artists and animators are hired for major releases. However, there is a vast ocean of indie developers looking to take on new and unknown artists too! These indie games often allow you as the artist to have more freedom to reflect your personal style in the game itself as well.

Audio Engineer & Composer

Sound is one of the biggest contributors to immersion in video games. An often-underappreciated job, audio engineers create every little thing you hear in the game, from the footsteps of your character in an RPG to the reel spinning sound at the slots.

Along these lines, game composers write and perform the soundtrack of the game itself. Where would classic adventure games be without epic fight themes? From developing iconic jingles to lush backing tracks, there’s no shortage of audio-related jobs in the video game industry.


One of the more exciting career paths in the video gaming industry is streaming. Many online personalities use streaming platforms like Twitch to create a live feed for other people to watch them play games in real-time.

This has led to iconic gaming moments, including “Twitch Plays Pokemon,” where thousands of strangers added input commands on top of one another until the game was complete. The high-end in terms of income from streaming is insanely enticing, but the profession is very competitive.

Voice Actor

Another underappreciated career in the video game industry is voice acting. There are countless voice acting jobs, from major characters to narrators and NPCs (non-player characters).

Voice actors help bring the game world to life by giving NPCs unique personalities and responses to your actions. The best part of voice acting is that it’s never too early or late to start. The gaming industry will always need voice actors of all ages.

If you’re interested in exploring how to get started with voice acting, there are various resources available online that can help you get started.

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