TOP-5 Innovative Technologies Used at an Online Casino

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Online gambling uses technological solutions and promptly implements innovations to move to the next phase of development. Today, the sphere is one of the most successful and the fastest growing due to the ability to use all modern tools to increase customer loyalty. Each online casino uses technological solutions to implement a comprehensive marketing strategy. The following 5 innovations are the most welcome in the gambling world.

1. Blockchain technology

Modern gambling platforms that implemented a popular blockchain network in time took a leading position in comparison with other existing online casinos. Previously, many players had come across unscrupulous gaming platforms that did not provide a proper level of security for transactions. Modern blockchain technology makes it possible to use cryptocurrency to conduct transparent financial transactions on the network.

According to the Bitcoin Casino Stats 2020 report, there are currently 227 online casinos operating with cryptocurrency, and 25.7% of players use Bitcoins for transactions. Compared to fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies are easier to use and have wider coverage. Thus, a leading online casino provides its clients with an opportunity to use at least Bitcoin (and most websites offer Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum, or other types of crypto).

2. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Online casinos are known to differ significantly from land-based gambling establishments. However, with the development of new trending technologies such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), the online casino industry offers the most incredible real-time gaming solutions.

AR is a technology that adds digital objects to the real, physical world. Unlike augmented reality, virtual reality (VR) is a complete immersion in a computer-generated world. To perceive such a reality, you need a special helmet or glasses.

3. 2FA

Two-factor authentication is a method of identifying a user to enter an online casino. The main feature of this method is that clients need to confirm their identities in two different ways. This solution greatly enhances the security level. It is much more difficult for cybercriminals to simultaneously access your password, as well as your phone, email, or other authentication methods.

4. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Live dealer technology provides an immersive and realistic online casino gaming experience. Thanks to Twitch, the innovation has been improved, and the players have much more opportunities to enjoy gambling. Today, users are allowed to initiate a conversation with a dealer and other participants via chat. Online casinos with live dealers use this software to transmit the dealer’s movements. This allows the gamer to have more thrill anywhere in the world.

5. Game monetization

Recently, the way we consume multimedia has changed dramatically. We no longer buy DVDs to watch movies but opt to subscribe at online cinemas such as Netflix. This innovative approach will also be implemented by large gaming companies. They will no longer sell game consoles or standalone games but will profit from their games through in-game purchases or allowing players to pay for higher tier games.

A modern Internet world develops quickly, and the gambling industry does not lag. Developers and companies keep the pace and implement the trendiest solutions to bring clients’ gambling experiences to a higher level and make the game process more enjoyable, profitable, and convenient.

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