Top 5 Finance Apps Every Businessman Should Consider Having

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Running a business is a dream many people have, but is far from easy. Business owners have a lot on their plates and are responsible for doing a lot to keep their businesses afloat and things don’t always work out. As a result, a lot of businesses end up failing.

One of the major reasons that businesses fail is due to their finances. This could be a lack of cash flow, spending too much, or any number of other things. But thankfully, there are some financial apps and pieces of software out there that can help you keep your business finances on track.

Read on to learn a little more about some finance apps and software that businessmen should consider having.


First up is an app and piece of software that helps you fix bad credit. DisputeBee aims to simplify the process for disputing negative marks on your credit score. A bad credit score for you or your business can make it harder to borrow money, attract investors, purchase equipment, and so much more.

If there are issues with your credit that you feel aren’t fair or are simply wrong, this software can handle the dispute for you automatically, and has a good chance of helping you repair your credit quickly and affordably. Your credit as a business is very important, and this software ensures that it will always be in the right place.


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There is no doubting the importance of accounting software as a business owner. It helps you keep track of and manage your books, track payments and invoices, syncs to various different apps, and is cloud-based, so you can manage your business finances from anywhere.

This software is also built with small-business owners in mind, so it is incredibly simple to use and very intuitive. You can track both time and expenses, and the software is full of other helpful features to assist you in managing your finances.

In short, this app and software can simplify your finances, and ensure you are always aware of how your business is doing.


If you want a free tool that offers a ton of functionality for business owners, consider Wave. Wave allows people to easily and effortlessly send invoices and can allow customers or clients to easily pay you, but there is a processing fee if you make transactions within the platform.

You can send unlimited invoices, and their platform is simple to use and looks great. It is relatively barebones compared to some other accounting, finance, and invoicing apps, but provides all the essentials that many businesses need.


An important aspect of your professional (and personal) finances is budgeting. You need to know how much you have coming in, what you can afford to spend, and know which areas you are spending in.

While you can manually keep a budget, why not use an app like Mint? This app makes it simple to keep track of your spending to make sure you aren’t going overboard in any area. The app can centralize not only your finances but also keep track of when bills or certain payments are due, too.

While there are other wonderful budgeting apps and services out there, Mint is completely free and for the many benefits it provides business owners, this is an outstanding


A big part of any business is making sure you can get paid. Square is a point-of-sale system that helps customers make their payments, but can also help you manage your finances at the same time.

The app can handle both online or in-person payments, and payments can even be manually entered. It is a much simpler system than what has been available in the past, and many businesses are switching to Square.

You can use Square to receive card payments on a tablet or even your phone. As long as you have the small reader that Square will send you, you’re good to go.

In conclusion, these five finance apps are a great choice for all business owners. They aren’t the only ones to consider but are certainly amongst the most popular and user-friendly.


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