Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Fly Privately for Business

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Fly Privately for Business

Do you fly regularly for business? Have you considered flying privately, but wondered whether private jet charter is worth the cost?

You might be surprised to learn that private flights could save you money—and that’s only one of the benefits of flying privately for business.

Flying Privately Saves You Time

When you charter a private jet, you can fly where you want, when you want. Private flyers have access to ten times more airports than commercial flyers. You can travel more directly, potentially departing from an airport closer to home and landing nearer your destination. This reduces long, slow transfers by road or waits for train connections. Plus, with no need to fit around commercial airline schedules, you can book meetings at times convenient to you. Traveling to meetings arranged by others? No problem. You can arrive at a time convenient to you. There’s no need to arrive the day before unless you want to, and no hanging around waiting for return flights. Unnecessary hotel stays are eliminated. Time saved.

At the airport, you won’t be asked to check-in hours before your flight. There won’t be long queues to check-in or pass security, or a long wait at the luggage carousel when you land. All these aspects are handled quickly and efficiently for you. You can make use of the catering, business, and entertainment facilities offered by your FBO (Fixed Base Operator). This can range from a private lounge with free Wi-Fi and snacks to accommodation, work and meeting rooms, showers, and fitness suites. You can carry on with business as usual, working in peace and quiet or taking a conference call. Time saved.

In the air, your private jet can have all the business facilities you require—just tell your broker what you need. Everything From Bluetooth connectivity to a conference room and full bedroom suite can be arranged for you. Traveling with colleagues? Need to discuss an upcoming event before you land? Then hold your meeting on the way. Time saved.

Private Jet Charter Offers More Safety and Security

A good jet broker will ensure all the private jet operators they use to adhere to the very highest safety standards for both crew and aircraft. You will also have far less face-to-face contact with others when you fly privately, reducing your Covid-19 risk. Plus, privacy both at the airport and on-board means that you can discuss confidential business matters, and work on sensitive projects, without concern.

Private Flights Mean Journeys and Amenities Tailored to Your Needs

Your private jet broker will ensure you have the perfect aircraft for your needs and recommend airports with the facilities you require. But they can offer much more, arranging bespoke menus, transfers, and other services such as security staff. Expect not just a luxurious journey, but one that’s arranged for your maximum convenience and comfort, too.

Fly Privately—and Save Money

We’ve already explained how private flights can save you time—and time is, of course, money. Fewer hotel stays and reduced transfers. The flexibility to travel when you want and the ability to continue to do business while doing so. These private jet charter benefits all save you time and money. 

However, for even greater efficiency, consider jet card membership. This prepayment method of booking flights guarantees access to aircraft. If you fly privately for at least 25 hours a year, it’s a highly convenient and cost-effective option. Shop around for the jet card that suits your flight needs best.


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