Top 10 Best NFT Games To Play & Earn CryptoCurrency In 2021


We all are well aware of the growing popularity of top NFT games, right? 

Anything that comes with the possibility of earning money never goes out of the “next big thing” category. The same is the case with the best NFT games. Players are going crazy over these exciting games, especially since they come with increased profitability. Over time, top players have realized the value of entering the NFT game world earlier rather than later.

According to CryptoMinati Capital “The biggest reason behind the popularity of NFT games is the low entry price and the magnitude of benefits later on”. 

When NFTs meet blockchain, a new and exciting era ushers in, with gamers growing into critical roles. This is particularly true in terms of the gaming economy, where they can now receive lucrative rewards. The majority of the Free NFT Games promise a 3+ digit percentage of return on investment (ROI).

In the guide below, we have compiled some of the best NFT Games introduced this year. You will find some free-to-play NFT Games, play-to-earn NFT Games, and many other blockchain games on this list.

Explore the Top 10 Best NFT Games To Play & Earn Cryptocurrency, where Solitaire Masters offer players engaging gameplay and the opportunity to earn crypto rewards through strategic card play

10 Most Popular Upcoming NFT Games:

1. Battle Of Guardians: Best NFT Fighting Game

NFT Fighting Game

Battle of Guardian is the latest NFT play-to-earn game created by a team of four game lovers to unravel different levels of Metaverse games. This is a PvP real-time multiplayer NFT game developed by Unreal Engine and based on the Solana network. As the name implies, it is a fighting game in which players participate in multi-realm battles in the virtual world. BOG is a fighting game in which players fight against their opponent to defeat them and earn rewards. 

A sci-fi game with long-term growth potential that is developed according to the parameters of the fighting game Metaverse. It provides an exciting and enjoyable gaming experience with stunning graphics. The game offers unique NFTs and multiple opportunities to generate real-world revenue which are the assets for the game and its players. 

 Currently, the global market value is $ 300 billion. In early 2021, NFT sales were estimated at $ 5 billion. With the booming NFT gaming market, games have the potential for strong growth in the future.  

2. Idle Cyber: Best Play To Earn NFT Game

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Idle Cyber game is the perfect blend of a post-apocalyptic, futuristic world. In the game, humanity has been forced to erect huge walls to serve as the first line of defense against cyborgs looking to eliminate all humans.

As the player, your role is to control an elite squad known as Cyber Defense. The team is wholly made up of mutants that have different abilities and weapons. They’re responsible for helping you defend the wall against the cyborgs alongside the giant bosses in the game. 

Exciting as all these seem, there’s more. The game has various interesting characters aesthetically designed. Each character, especially the featured ones, as you’ll find on the Idle Cyber website, comes with a backstory and its unique set of weapons. 

Accessibility isn’t an issue with this game. You can get it on the App Store and the Play Store too. If you’re a bigger fan of PC/laptop gaming, you can choose to play on the web app. It’s entirely up to you. 

Idle Cyber uses the Play2Earn model. This essentially means that you can earn real-life money from playing the game. It’s worthy of note that this game isn’t entirely available to gamers yet. However, it is coming soon, and the developers intend to use the Binance Smart Chain for its creation. 

Immediately the game gets released, you can hop right onto the train and begin defending the walls with your Cyber Defense team. If you’re successful, you can earn Idle Cyber tokens or NFT assets. Regardless of what your winnings are, you can resell to willing buyers at a cost. On a final note, we should mention that it is a role playing game with a PvP mode. Additionally, there is no end to the number of levels you can play in the game. In essence, you have a near-unlimited potential to earn NFT assets and tokens that you can resell for money.

3. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is known for being one of the best early Pokémon-style games. It is a play-to-earn game developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Axie Infinity emerged as a formidable contender while moving into 2021. The credit goes to Axie Infinity’s outstanding improvements and its growing player base.

Axie Infinity recently implemented a prominent scalability solution, Ronin. It is the most reliable solution when it comes to transactions as there are no fees at all. With the primary goal of combating other gamers, players breed and collect Axies (NFT-based digital creatures). Each axie is unique in terms of its genetic signature. With this ongoing phenomenon, the descendants will receive all the strengths and faults of the Axies. Sounds interesting, right?

Well, you can also trade the axis on any one of the popular Ethereum NFT marketplaces. Their prices are different, depending on their traits and rarity. You must get your hands on at least three Axies before you start playing this game. For each mission, adventure mode, or player-versus-player (PVP) combat, you will receive a Smooth Love Potion (SLP) as a reward. This is essentially the ERC-20 utility currency of the platform.

Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) is another native ERC20 token that serves as the government token of the platform. Therefore, it is the foundation for the staking service of Axie Infinity, so you need to pay a given amount of these tokens to breed a new Axie.

4. MetaWars

MetaWars is considered a futuristic sci-fi game following a multiplayer strategy. This roleplaying game is all about space, and the gamers are free to immerse themselves in one of the most realistic space explorations. Furthermore, players avail themselves of the chance to monetize and earn from the war economy of the game. It happens with the help of a vast MetaWars galaxy, constantly shifting and evolving from each participant’s collective actions.

There are three aspects to MetaWars. The first one covers everything related to Exploration. Next, the Fleet Formation follows, where players customize their robots and fleet ships. Last but not least, there’s the Combat segment. Plus, there is an additional Acquire Terrain feature.

MetaWars allows players to cooperate with others to discover a variety of galaxies. Together, they can revolutionize those galaxies as they complete a series of missions. Players can also collect limited edition robots while earning NFTs, which they may get from multiple auctions.

Furthermore, MetaWars lets players stake and complete challenges. As a result, they earn $WARS tokens (the governance and in-game token). Gamers expand their armies with stunning and unique optimization options. They are free to mix and match devices, modules, weapons, and much more. These options add strength to their gaming character level, and they can earn unique rewards. 

5. Splinterlands: Best Ready-To-Play NFT Game

Splinterlands is one of the most popular tradable free-to-play card games. It falls into the category of play-to-earn top NFT games, so you can earn moola as you play, similar to Gods Unchained. As a result of winning card matchups, you can earn various rewards. To start playing this awesome NFT game, you need to purchase a starter pack of cards. The next step is to register a Steam account that will allow you to unveil the cards you bought on Splinterlands.

In many cases, you are fortunate enough to get your hands on some of the rare cards after your first purchase. There is also a possibility that you may get several cards of the same type. If this is the case, you can simply combine all similar cards to give them a tremendous boost in power. Another cool thing you can do is sell one of the identical cards for cryptocurrency.

Once you have acknowledged and familiarized yourself with the cards, it is high time to battle other gamers. You can also shift if you are super bored of playing the same card games based on significant investments. You’ll enjoy rapid battles in the “Fast and Furious” mode. Each round of Splinterlands takes just a few minutes with a chance to make some bank. So go ahead, give Splinterlands a shot!

6. Sandbox 3D

The Sandbox 3D is another voxel-based game that will excite you to the next level. Sandbox is well-known for being one of the top NFT gaming platforms for creating and trading various virtual assets. Players are free to customize as well as monetize voxel objects in Sandbox 3D. You can define this game as a blockchain-based version of Roblox or Minecraft.

Sandbox 3D is an open-world physical sandbox. As a player, you are free to experiment with your fellas’ games and manipulate various objects. The platform provides a variety of tools for creating and customizing objects. In addition, you can sell the objects on multiple markets, which is another cool feature of NFT games. Falling in the category of games for players, this platform also allows you to develop and play your own game.

Sandbox 3D presents SAND, an ERC-20 coin, as the metaverse’s native. You can use this token to buy a wide variety of in-game products when playing Sandbox 3D. All the stunning products are available on the marketplace of the platform. You can earn LAND tokens, Sandbox’s NFT tokens, which are among the highest valuable assets in this game.

7. Gods Unchained: Best Free-To-Play NFT Game

Gods Unchained falls in the category of free-to-play top NFT games. This unique game is well-known for merging various NFT components with a typical card trading game. Players earn these cards by winning Player vs. Player (PVP) matches or buying them from other expert players. In both cases, the individual’s playing ability and the quality of their cards decide the winner. 

This free-to-play NFT game emphasizes your tactics and skills. In the ranked game mode of Gods Unchained, you’re matched with players of the same rating. You win the match when your gameplay leads your opponent’s life to zero before yours. Each victory will earn you experience points throughout the game. 

Once your experience meter is complete, it is time to advance to the next level. As a result of this advancement, you earn a brand new pack of cards to decorate your collection. An ERC-721 token backs up each of these cards. The platform’s marketplace and the open market allow the players to exchange the cards. 

GODS is the native coin of the platform. You can choose to sell your cards within the intimate environment of the game. In that case, you will receive payments in terms of GODS. The game’s development team has successfully issued these native tokens to the crypto market.

8. Sorare

Sorare is a fantasy game that goes out to soccer fans across the world. This soccer game lets players sell, buy, manage, and trade a virtual team with the help of Digital Player Cards. Using blockchain technology based on Ethereum, Sorare was first developed in 2018. Adrien Montfort and Nicolas Julia are the two famous personalities behind this development.

In Sorare, players create virtual teams consisting of five football players in total. The team depends on blockchain cards available on the Sorare platform. These virtual teams are then given ranks based on players’ performance, which takes place on the real-world soccer pitch. The game also rewards players in Ether Tokens, which is the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world right now. 

Sorare, being one of the best NFT games, allows you to earn rewards by simply defeating your opponent’s managers. Each card features a real-life football player, usually for that particular season, and is officially licensed.

There are three levels of scarcity in Sorare. These include Unique, Extremely Rare, and Rare. When a player collects a card, they get total possession or authority of it. Later on, the player can sell the card to other gamers if they wish to.

9. Lightnite

The unbeatable joy that Lightnite provides is headshotting enemy players. Isn’t it one of the most remarkable ways when it comes to stacking sats? Well, this worthy contender for the best NFT games list was developed by Satoshi’s Games. It falls into the category of Fortnite-like online multiplayer games or battle royale games. The players’ in-game interaction triggers a penalty or a monetary reward. The Beta version of Lightnite is already live, but if you are looking forward to the full version, you will have to wait till November 2021. 

Lightnite falls in the general category of the play-to-earn model, but there’s an exciting twist! The game sends its monetary incentives in two different ways. In the first part, players with exceptional skills at out-skilling others in PVP combat are the ones who will earn bitcoin. On the other hand, players who get shot will lose their Bitcoin. Not only this but they will also be penalized. 

In terms of integrating microtransactions in the game, Lightnite leverages the Layer 2 solution of Bitcoin. This mechanism is known as the Lightning Network. Each of the players owns an in-game balance which has the capability of increasing in real-time. You can improve it by shooting other players and collecting valuable objects.  

10. Star Atlas

If we talk about one of the most anticipated blockchain’s best NFT games to date, Star Atlas tops the list. The space theme, along with the grand strategy of this game, is outclassing. Set in the year 2620, Star Atlas is built on the Solana blockchain. The game uses the famous and groundbreaking Unreal Five video game engine. As a result, the players can experience cinematic-quality real-time environments like never before.

If you have watched the trailer of Star Atlas, there is no doubt in claiming that the game is going to be a visual spectacle. You can enjoy the captaincy of deep space and encounter crewed spaceships scattered across an open world of galaxies in the game. Furthermore, you’ll discover a wide variety of terrestrial and celestial assets. Once you’ve found the assets, you’ll mine, refine, and trade them on the Universal Marketplace.

Star Atlas is going to feature two in-game currencies. The first one is called ATLAS, and the second is POLIS. The game is creating hype by recalling Entropia Universe or EVE Online. Its play-to-earn mechanics feature next-generation graphics and real crypto-powered economies.

11. Guild of Guardians

The Guild of Guardians is one of the top NFT games based on blockchain mobile roleplaying mechanisms. In this game, the players build their dream team of unbeatable guardians. These “Guardians” compete in guilds, craft unique assets, as well as raid dungeons, and you earn different tradable rewards in the process.

Stepico developed the NFT game Guild of Guardians, whereas Immutable handled the publication. The same famous team conceived the idea of Gods Unchained, Ethereum’s highest-grossing trading card game. The game will be released in early 2022 as one of the most awaited space gaming projects. The Guild of Guardians already has over 140,000 players on its waitlist. Not only this, but it also has around 66,000 members on Discord and 68,000 Twitter followers.

To maximize its chances of success, the Guild of Guardians is busy building relations with Ubisoft. It shares a close partnership with Sandbox for the same purpose. Owning the play-to-earn title like many other Top NFT Games, it has already completed its first “NFT Founder Sale.” Chain Guardians (CGG) is the in-game token for the Guild of Guardians that will serve as a governance and utility token.

Types of NFT Games :

  • Play to Earn NFT Games

The top NFT games take video games to another level. Play-to-earn is one of the NFT game types where players focus on earning. Players earn different items with provable scarcity that belong to them purely. The concept opens up the multiverse idea that allows gamers to use their items in multiple games. 

The play-to-earn model of the best NFT games already owns the spotlight. The critical thing that sets it apart from the other traditional games is the built-in incentives. These incentives take power from the game publishers and shift it towards skilled players.

  • Games for Players (Reward: In-game Coins & Transaction)

The second type of NFT game is where players proceed by collecting in-game assets. Specifically, those in-game assets that hold some absolute monetary value. The best NFT games that fall in this category have tokenized in-game assets, allowing players to collect them as NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

Games for players let players collect and trade weapons, characters, vehicles, and other in-game assets that are playable in many ways. Trading is done solely in the form of NFTs. The rules for each such game vary, and players have two choices depending on the set of rules. They can either compile their NFTs until they pay back crypto rewards or sell their NFTs for profits.

  • Free To Play Games (User Experience & Players-Teenagers-Coders)

In the world of the best NFT games, gamified learning is nothing new. It is indeed a plethora of educational content that facilitates knowledge attainment with the help of a game-like user interface. Free-to-play is a type of NFT game that doesn’t require any upfront cost. 

The best example of free-to-play games is Gods Unchained, which allows players to earn without any investment, and Splinterlands, which falls in the same category. An important point to keep in mind is that some free top NFT games heavily depend on RNG mechanics. Others might feature pay-to-win mechanics where the best in-game assets are hidden behind the paywalls.

Future in the Tech World (VR & AI):

NFT technology, taking the world by storm, is making its way into many fields such as the arts, sports, real estate, and gaming. The first appearance of the NFTs was seen in 2017 in a Crypto Kitties video game and a pixel art CryptoPunks giveaway. During this time, it gained short-term fame until 2018, when the cryptocurrency bear market began. The peaceful development of NFTs kept progressing until 2021, with a massive explosion in the gaming industry. 

The perfect combination of blockchain technology and NFTs is growing tremendously. If we talk about the future of blockchain gaming, it revolves around the value-adding aspect for creators, consumers, and players. All these aspects are heavily dependent on NFTs, of course. The future is brighter due to the safety and security provided by the blockchain. This is because it adds a comfort layer for gamers as well as creators.

In the future, blockchain NFT gaming will allow players to be an essential part of the game while interacting with the virtual world. The top gamers will unlock and gather quality in-game assets that will act as a badge of honor for them. Plus, all the credit will go to their struggle and dedication while playing the top NFT games.

On the other hand, the gamers’ content-consuming audiences will also garner significant opportunities. They could invest in their favorite players to earn better digital assets and purchase more NFTs. This is indeed a great way to support the gamers who deserve it. 

An interactive and fully-functional gaming world will be born after the collision of NFTs and blockchain with virtual reality. The gamers will be able to network with each other to take it to the next level. They will be able to celebrate or display their gaming achievements and play head-to-head against anyone across the globe. In short, NFTs will entirely change how the gaming community plays, interacts, and consumes content.

Pros and Cons Of NFT Games:

Let’s have a look at some critical pros and cons relevant to the best NFT games, or mainly, NFTs:


  • New & Improved Revenue Stream 

Experts developed NFTs to help artists grow financially as the digital landscape has been unjust. The NFTs make sure their artwork gains better value on the internet, as a result of which they earn popularity and income.

  • Smart Contracts

The world declares smart contracts as the heart and soul of the growing blockchain world. For specific events, it also allows for automatic executions. 

  • Immutability

If the authenticity of NFTs is legal and verified on the blockchain, no power on earth can change or replace them. Not only this, but their intrinsic value of authenticity also falls in the category of real, actual, and irrelevant. 

  • Pride of Ownership 

Last but not least, benevolent patrons earn a direct and clean way if they wish to support the artistic community. The credit goes to NFTs. It also adds a precious asset to their beloved collection.


  • Purely-Speculative Market

Currently, the best NFT games’ worth is fully entangled with sentimental and aesthetic value. As a long-term investment, it is a real struggle to gauge the cost of NFTs.

  • Can Be Stolen

NFTs are a high target for hackers, especially those who declare NFTs as “unreal” investments. As a result, many exchanges are facing issues with inefficient or old security protocols. 

  • Blurry Sustainability

Several scientists believe a burgeoning NFT market could be another big reason behind the speedy depletion of the environment. This is because the selling and creation of NFT accounts usually require massive power usage.

  • Ownership & Control – Not Parallel

The duplication and distribution control of NFTs across various platforms don’t follow the rule of ownership. Just because you own the NFT doesn’t mean you stop “prints” development or even control it.

NFT Games: FAQs

  • How do you enter the NFT gaming space? 

Entering the NFT gaming space starts with an investment. Make sure you do your research and make the right investment move. Next, you need to grind the tokens. An important point to keep in mind is, only invest what you can afford. Understanding the economy of the game you are willing to play is critical when you first step in.

  • What role does a crypto wallet play in blockchain gaming?

The crypto wallet is a digital wallet backed up by cryptocurrency. In the best NFT games, cryptocurrency lets players trade and earn profits. They can also make transactions like in any traditional digital wallet.

  • What do you call an in-game transaction?

In the best NFT games, in-game transactions are called “Micro-Transactions.” The term is usually abbreviated as “MTX.” It is a business model that allows users to buy virtual goods, such as in-game assets, with the help of micropayments. Overall, microtransactions are more common in the free-to-play category.

  • What is the mechanism behind cryptocurrency trading?

In simple words, cryptocurrency trading is all about buying and selling any type of crypto coin. The most common crypto coins used in the best NFT games are Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, Cadence, to name a few. The trading takes place via online exchanges where the investors use an account to begin the trade. 

  • How to make money while playing top NFT games?

The mechanics of the game dictate the amount of money you can make while enjoying the best NFT games. It also depends on consumer/market demand of course.

You are able to make money from other players who cherish the NFTs or cryptocurrencies you generate while playing the various games. Once you have special items or in-game currency you can sell them at a market, exchange, or auction house to make a profit, some are in-game others are off-platform through DeFi marketplaces.

Conclusion: Which One Is The Best NFT Game Right Now?

From the list compiled above, it is pretty clear that the best NFT games adopt popular gaming genres. The top NFT games are more fun and are not brutal to play. In addition, the best NFT games are profitable in creative ways, as they offer recreation and a decent source of income for many. Plus, their combined blockchain elements are top of the list for establishing uniqueness. 

Still, if you are a novice and still careful with NFT games, you may place bets right away on real-profit titles at the best Novomatic casinos. Although the supplier is a “dinosaur” of the iGaming industry, working for 35 years already, it is remarkable for innovative downloadable games, social casinos, and mobile software. Generally, the studio presents over 200 online products notable for regular payouts, easy navigation, and an abundance of bonus features.

It doesn’t end here! NFTs are also making their way to sports or even beyond sports memorabilia. In this way, engaging with millions of fans from all over the world is a no-brainer for NFTs. Including the perfect combination of blockchain with popular gaming genres, NFTs ensure they are rare enough. As a result, anyone can master NFT rules.

Once you gain the right amount of knowledge relevant to NFTs in the gaming business, the above games become more exciting. The relevance of the top NFT games that allow entrepreneurs and players to earn profits is unbeatable. If you are looking for an entertaining and lucrative start, don’t forget to check out Axie Infinity. What is better than making a fair living out of gaming?

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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