Tips to Surviving Business Travel

Securing a job that requires international travel is extremely exciting, and whilst it can be a great way to see the world, it’s often not as glamorous as you may have initially hoped. Travelling is tiring, and travelling whilst also having to work can be exhausting.

You’re struggling to cope with the jetlag but also have to put your game face on for an important meeting that you’re 60% sure you’ll fall asleep during. It can be stressful, but learning to survive business travel – and even enjoy it – is key. Whether you’re about to embark on your first overseas business trip, or you’re struggling to cope with the side effects of jetting overseas, these top tips are sure to help. You can also institute global mobility solutions as a company to help your employees travel better and more relaxed. Managing travel as a larger company means the employees will be less stressed overall.

Beat that jet lag

It’s easier said than done, but jet lag is a real killer and can have a hugely negative impact on your ability to function. You don’t want to be travelling long distances for important meetings, only to discover you can barely remember a thing! You need to fight the jet lag as best you can. The first rule is to avoid any alcohol on your flight as this will make you feel worse. Try to rest up and catch some sleep.

Set your watch to the local time as soon as you board the plane to ease into the new time zone as best you can. When you reach your hotel, try and resist the temptation to jump into bed, this will make you feel worse in the long run. Instead, go for a jog or a walk around the local neighbourhood. It’s best if you try and push through the first day so you can head to bed at your normal time. In the morning, you should be feeling fresh.

Book a package deal

To ensure your business trip runs as smoothly as possible with no unnecessary hiccups, it’s worth looking into various flight and even hotel holiday packages. This way, your booking is kept in one place and it causes less hassle and confusion.

You may also find this is cheaper than booking separately too as there are always deals and offers to take advantage of. Booking your trip as a package with an online agent also adds that extra security and if anything were to happen you know exactly who to contact and be safe in the knowledge that there’s someone there to help.

Pack a carry-on luggage

As humans, we tend to overthink and we quite often end up with a suitcase filled with clothes we haven’t work for two years but decided to pack ‘just in case’. You need to Marie Kondo your suitcase, pack only the essentials such as the rain jacket and fit them into a cabin friendly sized holdall.

This will minimise any stress, as well as the potential to have your bags lost. You will also save time by not having to stand and wait at the luggage carousel as you nervously scan every single bag in the hope of spying yours. Make sure you check what you can pack in your carry-on and that the dimensions meet the guidelines of the airline you’re travelling with.


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