Tips For Creating a Barbershop Website For Your Business

Barbershop Website For Your Business

How to create a barbershop website that stands out from the crowd? As someone who operates in the grooming industry, you’ll agree this is no easy task. Au contraire – it is a long and challenging process to make yourself visible out there. Let’s also not forget the marketing costs involved!

Competitors are not making it easier for you. Today’s barbershop websites are all in line with the newest web design trends. This is foremost visible on social media profiles, where you’d look and say ‘Damn, these guys know what they are doing!’. Surprisingly enough, this doesn’t define the quality of their grooming services. And yet, they do get most of the customers.

How do you get there?

Well, you ARE trying to make people look and feel beautiful. The first thing you’ll want is to empower the very same feeling on your barber shop website. The better your services look, the more convinced people will be that you know what you are doing. You need to make them feel satisfied by simply browsing your website.

You need to understand their goals and provide solutions. Some of them want to schedule a haircut, but others may be after a new hairstyle that looks good on them. Whatever they need, you’ll have to provide it and stay alert to their wishes and ideas. The good news is, that this won’t cost you thousands of dollars on marketing campaigns. There is plenty you can do on your own!

A functional and beautiful user experience

One of the newest trends is a website with a single scrolling page. Many barber shops choose this option to keep navigability smooth and easy.

The website should be usable, but also aesthetically pleasing. All the content you provide needs to be delivered in a manner that makes your brand look premium and exclusive. This way, visitors will trust you and they will feel special and respected.

Technically speaking, an intuitive website is not all that difficult to achieve. You’ll need to adhere to the minimalist approach and convey information in a simple, but memorable manner. You can also use interactive tools such as maps that make it easy to find your location.

Most importantly, you need the simplest booking function you can find. Customers should be able to schedule an appointment with one click, instead of filling in endless forms.

A sophisticated and sleek landing page

Before you launch the website, ensure there is visual consistency with your brand. This is the only guarantee that people will remember what they see on your website.

For those who are already using your services, your website should be a 1:1 reminder of the great service you offer. Arrange elements nicely and highlight the areas that matter – even random visitors will appreciate this.

A sophisticated appearance can only be achieved by paying attention to every element. You need to make smart choices in terms of colors, animations, contrasts, and background images. You can even optimize some of the images with hover effects and pearl white edges.

It is also important to keep the menus visible at the top and to enhance them with shortcuts to every important page. This way, you will have a beautiful and functional website that guarantees a smooth experience.

A good developer will help you balance looks and functionality, so align with them and be clear about your requirements. It may cost a bit more, but it will certainly deliver the desired results.

Also, a very important thing is to use a booking form on your website so that your visitors can book appointments easily. Depending on your CMS, you can use a WordPress booking system or an appointment app for barbers.

Quality content delivered in a user-friendly language

There are barber shops that simply make you feel at home. This is the very same effect you want on your website – to entertain users with fun content and light-hearted messages. They should feel as if this wasn’t their first time on your landing page, and as if they were part of the family.

While you need a website to run and manage your business, this is not a message you want to transmit to your visitors. Instead, take the friendship route and show them you are all about lasting connections and good times. A smart way to achieve this is to use simple, colloquial language.

At the same time, don’t forget to show how creative you are. Visitors should also be able to read success stories and testimonies from satisfied clients, as this will make them trust you even more.

Keep things simple for them – offer easily accessible buttons and pack everything on a simple interface. Scrolling through the website must be as easy as a laid-back grooming session.

It all begins by knowing who you’re targeting. Are we talking boys or serious gentlemen? In either case, content should be adapted to their language and way of life.

It all starts and ends with the appearance

Now that you know how to enhance your website, it is time to roll your sleeves up and create the most amazing website you can.

Here are the steps:

List the services you offer

The most important thing visitors want to see is the menu of services. This is where most customers will land, so offer them a clear overview and even sample photos of the services. Another thing they will appreciate is to see the rates disclosed next to each service.

Optimize the arrangement

On a WordPress theme, the ‘Our services’ button is usually displayed in the upper left corner. You already have a page for it, but you need to create a separate section for each service. The button ‘Add new services will help you do this.

As we mentioned, this is the page where you need to display quality images and samples, so use the best ones you’ve got. Some Photoshop skills and filter techniques can make these images even more attractive.

Last but not least, make the descriptions specific and simple. The photo will display enough as it is, but you can never go wrong with a straightforward and simple description.

Display your location

Regardless of how good the virtual visit to your shop is, you can’t get the job done there. Visitors will need to find you and visit your shop, so disclose your location clearly and visibly.

You’ll need to insert your address and all relevant details in an easy-to-find manner. Remember to add important contact details, such as your phone number and your email address.


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