Tips and Tricks for Planning International Events

If we said the number, ‘10,000’ to you, what would you think of? No, it wasn’t the number of years since the last ice age. No, it’s not the number of balloons attached to the house in the movie Up

We’re of course talking about the reputed number of hours required to master something. Well, imagine someone’s event planning skills after they have put 10,000+ hours into mastering the hospitality and event industry! 

You can be an international event host of repute, more easily than you might imagine. Always remember that people want to attend quality events. So if you are the one organising it, you’ll be a hero! 

We have built up some experience in putting on corporate events. So if you would like the benefit of our knowledge condensed into an easy-to-read article, then keep reading.

Offer Something Special

We’re very happy to live in a world where the events industry used to be booming! Now that we are nearing the end of the pandemic, events return quickly. That being said, it means your prospective attendees are spoilt for choice, so you’ve got competition. That means that is up to you to give attendees something they simply cannot miss. Especially if you’re asking them to travel overseas to come to you. Hire the best Singapore events company to ensure that everything is taken care of professionally.

Language and Translation 

It’s generally agreed that English is the default common language for international events and conferences. So having general info in English could be a real help bridging some communication gaps. Whether you organise an event in London or any other major city.

Having staff, signs, apps, and reading materials in other languages can also be very important. If not vital, they could be a very nice and welcome gesture. A guest travelling from afar might really appreciate seeing and hearing their own language! Be respectful and try to put yourself into the shoes of your international peers.

Pre-event Info

Now is your chance to be classy. Sending a welcome letter in some of the major languages that will be attending your event will be a pleasant surprise for your guests. 

Letting them know you’re excited to welcome them all to your international location sets a warm tone in itself. 

You can make yourself more endeared to your guests by suggesting how to get to the events’ venue from different places, recommended hotels, restaurants, local attractions, a rundown of the city, or maybe special offers or reductions you’ve managed to procure? Consider setting up booths around your venue where your guests can go if they have any questions. Custom pop up tents are easily noticeable, more so if they display the name of your event.

Be Accommodating 

An international event is bound to receive travelling guests. And that means different cultures and different practices. 

It’s your responsibility to be sensitive and be accommodating to these differences. So it wouldn’t make sense to hold meetings during prayer times, or religious holidays. 

Taking time for these considerations will not only gain you more guests but will make them feel all the more attended to as well! 


Everyone loves freebies. And everyone especially loves freebies when it’s things that they need. These items are best paired with a conference pack you give guests on arrival. 

Even the most attentive among us can forget things. And if your conference is only about 2 days long, your guests will likely only bring hand luggage, so it’s important you choose the best luggage brands.

So if they forget things like a notepad, a pen, or even a pair of earbuds, they’ll appreciate you looking out for them. And hey, if that stuff happens to be branded, event better! 

Find Reliable Local Service Providers 

No matter how smart and how hard you hit the reconnaissance sessions, the locals will know their towns better than you do. 

That’s nothing to get upset about. Embrace it. Use their knowledge! Develop and use their connections to get quicker, better and cheaper service for your event. 

Plan Your Schedule Carefully 

For guests that come from far and wide, some time to settle in is a nice consideration to take into account. Providing your attendees with a chance to check their surroundings will mean a lot to some folk.

That’s why planning an after-work, a reception, or a private dinner is a great thing to do. Because although work is your first, second and last concern. Your third concern should be play!

Mealtimes have their issues because people eat at different times in different countries. So if you’re planning a team meal, you will have to compromise, and in the end, you might also have to ask your guests to compromise. The same rule applies as before, be considerate and respectful.

Ways to Boost International Conference Attendance 

Clicking the ’attend’ button on an event shown on your favourite social media website isn’t that much of a commitment at the end of the day. Booking to go to an international event on the other hand, very much is.

Start your marketing and promotion drive as soon as you can, especially for international events. Remember, it’s very simple, the more people know about it, the more people are likely to go. 

And don’t shy away from telling people it’s International. It’s cool, and it’s special. Be proud of it. 

Put care and love into your schedule, your venue, your speakers, and the smallest detail possible. Make it unmissable. 


Your event’s location is important and perhaps even more so within an international setting. It needs to be easy enough to get to for visitors that might not be familiar with the city. Have your transportation methods at the ready.

You want the area to reflect the city you’ve chosen in place it in a good light. Remember, you, as the organiser, are the one which has chosen this particular city. If you choose the wrong area, that reflects on you. 

Do not stress, there are plenty of resources out there to help you with this. Teams, such as Spacehuntr, are designed to make this process as smooth and comfortable as possible.

Their team of international and local experts will be able to level with you and turn your ideas into suitable action. Are you looking for an industrial outlook? Or perhaps something clean and elegant. Just say the word, and be amazed by the variety of venues which you can choose from.

The best thing is that the concept of their structure is ‘Work, Play, Stay’. This simply means that you can find your event venue as well as spaces for an after-work activity, private dining experience, and even accommodation!

Timing is Key

With borders, come barriers. Both literally and figuratively. You might want to give yourself extra time to deal with language differences as we mentioned before, legal nuances, and paperwork. 

Likewise, with your attendees, you should as much time as needed to register for your event. Because, don’t forget, signing up for an international event is a greater commitment than agreeing to go to the local pub in the evening. 

Everyone wants to be the person that ‘discovers’ a place before it gets popular. But choosing a developing or up-and-coming destination will have its difficulties. Choosing an established city with better transport and air links, with greater accommodation options, is a far safer bet. 

Making your guests’ journey stress-free is, after all, incredibly important. Remember, they’re coming for the event, not the journey. You, as the event planner, should be more concerned with taking their guests on a metaphorical journey! 

Wrapping up

Planning events is fun. We love getting caught up in the excitement and the momentum of it all. Creating ‘something’ out of simply ‘an idea’ is such a cool process. Giving your event attendees a unique experience is valuable in the long run while it also gives your team short-term benefits.

Enjoy the process, build your experience, and give your guests an unforgettable time, one which they will still be thinking about in the years to come.


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