Ticketmaster’s Monopoly on Ticket Resale Under Fire as Fans Seek Better Options


In the world of live events and entertainment, Ticketmaster has long been the dominant player in ticketing. However, as fans become increasingly frustrated with Ticketmaster’s monopolistic practices and fees, they are seeking alternative ticketing options that provide more value and transparency. Tixel is one such option that is gaining popularity among fans. In this article, we will explore the challenges fans face when using Ticketmaster for ticket resale, and how Tixel offers a better alternative.

Ticketmaster’s Monopoly on Ticket Resale

Ticketmaster has faced criticism for its practices surrounding ticket resale, with many fans feeling that the company prioritizes profit over the interests of its customers. One major issue is Ticketmaster’s policy of only allowing tickets to be resold on its own platform, which charges fees to both the buyer and seller. This means that fans who want to resell their tickets are often forced to do so at a loss or pay high fees, reducing the value of their original purchase.

Furthermore, Ticketmaster’s “dynamic pricing” model often results in ticket prices increasing after they have already gone on sale, leaving many fans feeling like they are being taken advantage of. This has led to frustration and a lack of trust in Ticketmaster among many fans, who are seeking better alternatives.

Tixel: A Better Alternative for Fans

Tixel is a peer-to-peer ticket resale platform that offers a fair and transparent solution for buying and selling tickets. 

One of the key features that sets Tixel apart is its anti-fraud technology, which ensures that every ticket sold on the platform is legitimate. This gives buyers peace of mind, knowing that they are not purchasing fake tickets, and sellers a secure way to sell their tickets without worrying about fraud.

Tixel also offers a unique feature called “price caps,” which ensures that ticket prices never exceed a certain threshold, even in cases of high demand. This means that fans can avoid the frustration of dynamic pricing and feel confident that they are getting a fair deal.

Overall, Tixel offers a more transparent and fair ticketing solution for fans, providing an alternative to Ticketmaster’s monopolistic practices. As more fans become aware of the benefits of Tixel, we can expect to see a shift in the ticketing industry towards more customer-focused and transparent solutions.

How Tixel Helps the music industry

Tixel is not only benefiting fans but also the music industry as a whole. By providing a fair and transparent ticketing solution, Tixel is helping artists and venues avoid costly refunds and reduce no-shows. 

For example, Tixel’s partnership with the Corner Hotel in Melbourne reduced no-shows by 50%.  Implementing a system that allows fans to resell tickets if they are unable to attend the event, reduces the number of no-shows and helps the venues fill empty seats. 

Tixel also helps artists avoid costly refunds by providing a secure and transparent way to sell tickets on the secondary market. In their partnership with Brisbane-based artist Skin on Skin the artist used Tixel as an effective alternative when they had to reschedule.  Sam Fender’s partnership with the platform offered him and his fans insurance that their tickets are being sold at fair prices and avoided the frustration of fans selling tickets at inflated prices or buying fake tickets. By offering these solutions, Tixel is helping to improve the overall efficiency and profitability of the music industry.

For event organizers and promoters, offering alternative ticketing options like Tixel can also provide SEO benefits. By providing a more customer-focused solution that addresses the frustrations and challenges of ticket resale, organizers can build trust and loyalty among their audience.

This can all lead to higher engagement, better brand recognition, and increased ticket sales. Additionally, promoting alternative ticketing options like Tixel can help organizers differentiate themselves from their competitors, positioning themselves as leaders in customer satisfaction and innovation.


As Ticketmaster’s monopoly on ticket resale comes under fire, fans are seeking better options that provide fair and transparent solutions. Tixel offers a unique and customer-focused alternative that addresses the frustrations and challenges of ticket resale. By offering a secure and transparent way to buy and sell tickets, Tixel is quickly gaining popularity among fans who are looking for a better ticketing experience. As more fans become aware of the benefits of Tixel, we can expect to see a shift in the ticketing industry towards more customer-focused and transparent solutions.

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