Things You Need to Know About No Commission Live Dealers


Online casinos and game providers work together to bring you famous casino card games in the comforts of your home. This is where Live Dealers come to play. Live Dealers connect you to a real human dealer via a live streaming video feed. The croupiers’ end uses real cards, chips and other casino paraphernalia while a kind of software is used on the players’ side to make it easier to play.

A variation of Live Dealer games that are on the rise is the No Commission Live Dealer. No Commission Live Dealer offers a live dealer version of your favourite game that, as its name suggests, allows players to not pay the casino some of the commissions normally taxed from the game’s original version. This is especially applied to Baccarat games that are known to have simple rules. 

In Baccarat, players have the choice to place different kinds of bets: bet on a tie, on the laying hand or on the dealer’s hand. Because the third kind of bet has a natural advantage of the higher probability of occurring, casinos tax a certain percentage as a commission on games bet on the dealer’s hand. The commission rate is at 5% of the gains. 

The commission is withdrawn from the live dealer games and takes over all the reels and principles that are applied in a traditional Baccarat game. Another reason for this is because the commissions are not always accepted by all the players.

On this basis, you can receive a full 1:1 payout when you bet on the dealer’s hand. For example, if you placed a €100 bet, you will receive €200 in full instead of €190 as per the traditional rules. The only changes occur on the way payouts are distributed. The way you bet on a hand still remains the same.

Bitcasino offers a few No Commission Baccarat Live Dealer games in their arsenal that are created by different providers. Evolution Gaming’s No Commission Baccarat makes use of their notorious software and game systems. This Baccarat game is also provided with its own room to use. The cards used in the game are larger than usual cards and have bigger numbers to make it easier for players to see the values of the cards that have been drawn. 

The other provider that provides No Commission Baccarat Live Dealer games is Ezugi. In their case, their No Commission Baccarat is placed in the same room as their roulette game judging by the dealer that is simultaneously streaming behind the baccarat table. Cards used by the dealers are also bigger than the usual playing cards used in the game. 

You don’t need to hesitate about playing games like this. This is because no matter which ones you choose, you surely will have a great time and enjoy yourself. No Commission Baccarat makes sure that you get the full worth of your money every time you place your bets on the game. This makes it more thrilling and can urge you to keep playing. Go on and try your hand! You might just win big in the next round!

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