Things to Implement in Your E-commerce Business to Get an Extra Edge

Making your e-commerce business stand out involves a complex interaction of many things. First off, it is never an easy process as the market is quite a competitive one (in every single niche). Yet, this is the same reason that online store owners must strive to have an extra edge.

Do not fret; there are ways to go about ensuring your business stays different from any other random business. Follow through to the end to see for yourself.


Here are things to implement to make your business different from others

New and Better Products

A way to set your business apart from the crowd is to come up with products that are far better than theirs. If everyone in your niche sells the random brands that can be seen anywhere, go for the more rare types. Set yourself apart by looking out for new trends to see the new stuff in the market that none of your competitors have gotten. You can also begin to think outside the box on ideas like creating your own products or partnering with existing brands to improve existing products. With one step at a time, you would create your own products.



This might seem like a normal thing done by every business, but it is more of a question of, “how well are you doing it?” Even if you are not doing well on other fronts, no one can steal your voice. This is where branding comes to play. If your business has been in existence for long and your competitors are copying some of your strategies, your branding cannot be copied as it is unique to only you. So begin to question yourself on what your business does differently, as that should be your voice. Do you bring a bit of fun to an uptight market? Do you bring a bit of seriousness to a very loose market?

Proper branding will sure go a long way to ensure you stand out.


Employ tools that help you stand out

There are several tools that would make you have an extra edge in the sight of users. Here are some of them:

● 3D Product Configurator

A 3D product configurator is simply a tool that lets your customer see what you sell in 3D. This would drive sales, as opposed to normal static images which do not give the full representation of what it feels like to handle the product.

● SearchString

“Looking to make navigation easier on your website, the search string is all the solution you need” says Craig Campbell ( It makes it very easy for shoppers to find the correct product on your website. It is a search site solution that enhances the shopping experience for users.

● Groove

Grove provides solutions to make ticketing easy. With grove, you can know who is responding to a particular ticket in real-time. The integration groove uses takes only three minutes, and it is very effective across several networks.


Try donating to charity

Even while shopping online, people like to feel like they are doing some good or making the world a better place in some way. On your landing page, you can encourage users to purchase something that would enhance your donation to a charitable cause. Since it makes them feel good, they would love to come back to do it over and over. This implies that they would keep shopping from your site and left to them, you’ll be far more than the random online store.


Final Thoughts

These are great ideas, but the things you do to ensure you get an extra edge in your e-commerce business should not be limited to these. Keep thinking outside the box and more ideas are sure to come.

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