Things to Consider for When Hiring a Business Plan Writer

Business Plan Writer

Making a business strategy is an ongoing process, not a one-time project. A business plan’s writing, layout, and presentation aren’t nearly as crucial as its content, yet that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t change frequently. Real businesses examine and change their business plans frequently.

When searching for a business plan writer then must consider these points.

Be mindful of typical pitfalls

The underlying cause of my caution over outsourcing the creation of your company plan is the misunderstanding of what constitutes a good business plan. Some individuals believe it has to do with the writing or even the paper itself. However, these are not the most crucial elements.

For instance, my post My Worst Ever Business Plan Engagement details a real-life instance of intelligent business owners who failed to secure funding despite having a strong business plan because they did not know it off by heart.

Therefore, read these two articles before you start searching for someone to draft your plan: Business Plan Writing Can’t Perfume a Pig and 10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Plan Writer are two related articles.

In response to a query on asking “How can I develop an impressive business plan?” earlier this month, I had to clarify this.

Make no mistake: the business, not the business plan, determines if it is impressive or not.

When a business plan has a solid team, a desirable market, as well as differentiators, obstacles to competition, a decent product-market fit, and some proprietary secret sauce, it is impressive.

The best thing you can do with the writing, formatting, and other elements is to keep them out of the way so that the content isn’t hampered.

business plan writer

Do your own planning first

The planning process should follow the general business rule of gaining a return on investment of time and effort in addition to money, just like anything else in business. Prior to seeking outside assistance, concentrate on the business goal.

The keys to success with that task are not related to what you typically get by having an outsider do it for you. If your business plan is meant to help you manage better by setting strategy, tactics, milestones, metrics, and essential projections, tracking results, and revising frequently, then that is what you need.

The need to go beyond the fundamentals and formalize a plan with well-written summaries, descriptions, and other elements may arise, however, if you have a business plan event, in which a business plan is a prerequisite for a loan, investor, divorce settlement, strategic ally, or some other external. Form always follows function in the business world. Decide first what you actually require for legitimate business needs.

If you do need to present your strategy to others, you should seek out a coach or advisor rather than someone who will simply write it for you.

Find a mentor, counselor, and confidant.

Even yet, suppose for a moment that you are a business owner or that you want to launch a new venture, that you have a budget to cover the cost of hiring assistance, and that you don’t want to complete your business plan alone.

Am I saying that you shouldn’t even attempt to seek assistance? No. I’m telling you that you know how to do it and that you can do it on your own. Anyone who is capable of creating a business may also create a business plan. The content, specificity, benchmarks, scalability, defendability, financial predictions, and management team all play a role in determining whether a plan is sound or not. Style, writing, or formatting are not the issue.

Of course, I have a prejudice on this issue as well because I’m writing on Bplans and am surrounded by advertisements for LivePlan, a tool that makes it simple for you to create your own plan.

Nevertheless, I have spent more than 15 years earning a living writing business plans for owners and entrepreneurs, and since I read over 100 startup business plans annually, I am familiar with poor business plans. I don’t advocate never seeking assistance. As with many business activities, a coach—someone to watch your back—might be useful, especially when it comes to the financial predictions. You desire accurate math and financial calculations.

1. Choose a partner who is committed to the long term.

Hire no one who thinks a business plan is a one-time thing that should be used once and then forgotten. Real business planning no longer operates in that manner, plain and simple. Business plans quickly become outdated.

You must regularly review results, monitor progress, and revise a plan for it to be effective. Therefore, you need assistance from someone who will either fully transmit the plan so that you can easily review and revise it or who will be available later to assist with review and revision.

Some authors of company plans approach their work like coaches and envision that kind of partnership, while others do not. Avoid collaborating with people who will present a plan then disappear.

2. Look for someone with relevant business expertise

If you need assistance, look for someone with relevant experience who can compare your plan to what the experience suggests will actually happen because the actual content of the plan matters far more than its appearance.

You want someone who can inform you if your projected marketing costs are too high or revenues are too low. You want someone who can let you know which metrics will be important. Since those KPIs are typically unique to your company, you probably already know them.

For instance, some companies expand as a result of traffic, while others depend on conversion rates, sales per square foot, travels, prospects, presentations, or other factors.

3. Find a member of your team, ideally.

The people who are already a part of your team are the greatest location to look for someone who will be around for a while, who is knowledgeable about your sector, and who has relevant expertise. Consider your list of advisors and managers.

Is there someone who could lead the task for you and take it over if you assume that writing a business plan is something that anyone who is familiar with the industry can do? Yes, you’re good to go.


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