The Ultimate Christmas Vaping Gift Guide 2020

Christmas is around the corner, and it’s not too late or early to start buying gifts. For vapers, this doesn’t have to be such an uphill task since there are plenty of gift ideas that those with vaping friends or family can adopt.

Read on for unique ideas and what exactly to look for to make your Christmas shopping a smooth breeze.

1. A Quality Starter Kit

Beginners don’t have to vape on a rough start. On the contrary, there are beginner kits designed just for them. When shopping for one, ensure that it’s complete with the following items:


Your vape derives all the power it can get from a standard vape battery. It plays a vital role in the vaping process by keeping your e-cigarettes powered up when in use.

The battery powers up the coil in your device and heats the e-liquid, turning it into your preferred vapor. It’s essential to select the right kinds of batteries if you’re buying them separately from the starter kit.


It can be likened to the heart of your vape device since it’s responsible for keeping your e juice heated up and vaporized at the simple click of a button. Beginners have a coil explicitly designed for them.

Manufacturers measure coils in terms of ohmmeters. A beginner can buy vape coils and it should measure 1 ohm, so it won’t be too troublesome.


A tank is a fundamental part of the starter kit since it’s the container that stores and accommodates your e juice, at least until you’re ready for the vape sessions. It comes in either glass or plastic material depending on which one you prefer to use.

Drip Tip

As the name suggests, this is the part through which vape flavor is released to your senses. Most vapors view it as a chimney that leads the vapor to the lungs from the coil.

2. A Dessert-based E Juice

Once you get your facts right when picking a standard kit for a beginner, move to the e juice section. Manufacturers are keen on the various tastes of vapers and have come up with multiple e juice flavors. Here are some ideas you could adopt as you seek your Christmas vaping gifts:

Southern Peach Cobbler Vape Juice

It may sound new but has a tantalizing twist to it. Weed vape flavor works if you have friends from the Southern states or you come from a Southern family. It mostly consists of ripe peaches, cinnamon, and a flaky crust but takes the form of a vape juice.

Key Lime Cookie

This is the perfect blend of different flavors, put together to arouse your taste buds and senses in general. The manufacturers are careful not to exceed just one flavor and leave out the rest.

Here, you’ll have a taste of lime, cream, and condensed milk, and the crust of graham cracker all put together.

Chocolate Delight Vape Juice

Every vaper needs to have this in their collection of flavors as it complements your need for vaping in a convenient, hassle-free kind of way. You’ll have a taste of flavors such as sweet cream and chocolate.

Neapolitan Ice Cream Vape Juice

This e juice flavor is all about the good old-fashioned ice cream flavors that we are all familiar with; Vanilla, Strawberry, and Chocolate. The main advantage of settling for this flavor is that you can take your time to savor the tastes without worrying about them melting too fast.

Vanilla Bean Ice cream

Vapers who are lovers of vanilla vapers will appreciate this vape juice when they receive it as a Christmas gift. Upon vaping, you will feel the roasted vanilla’s flavors going up your lungs as you enjoy each puff.

3. A Stylish, Easy-to-use Vape Pen

Vape pens have proved to be quite convenient since vapers can use them on the go. Vape pens come in different shapes and sizes depending on the users’ levels of vaping.

On the bright side, even beginners are welcome to give them a try. There are special vape pens that first-time vapers won’t find to be so complicated. When shopping for one, here are factors that should make the whole process fast, easy, and fun for you.

Vape Material

Some vape pens can only accommodate certain forms of vaping material. For instance, some can only use e liquids, while others use dry material, others use both. Get to know where your vape pen lies to avoid making irreparable mistakes.

Heating Method

Three heating methods are prevalent in vaping pens. They include convection, induction, and conduction. In convection, the vaping material doesn’t have to come in contact with the element of heat.

Unlike convection, the material comes in direct contact with the element of heat. Induction involves magnetic materials to heat the vaping material.

The Battery Life

As mentioned earlier, batteries are an integral part of your vape device. For this and other reasons, settle for batteries with longer battery life for a blissful and enjoyable vaping experience.

The Functionality Factor

In other words, this refers to how easy the vape pen is to use. Since they come in a wide range of designs, they may not always work the way we are used to. Pick one whose functionality will not be a stumbling block to your vaping sessions.

Unique Designs

Since you’re focused on buying a Christmas gift for your friends and family, it has to stand out by all means. Vape pens come in all sorts of designs, including Stainless steel, Carbon Fiber.

4. Bundled Kit

This kit almost resembles the starter’s kit mentioned earlier but has a few more extras that push it to a whole new level. Look out for bundled kits that come along with accessories that will complement the whole vape pack.

With a bundled kit, a new vaper will have an easier time buying the rest of the vaping material like chargers, batteries, and atomizers.

5. A Vape Case

A vape case encapsulates vital devices such as the vape pen. It offers protection to the device and prevents it from any form of damages.

What’s more, it adds a touch of sophistication rather than follow the norms that have been in use for years on end.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the guiding factors above, surprising the vape-enthusiast in your life with the ultimate Christmas vaping gifts should be as easy as pie.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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