The Top 5 Industries That Hire Civil Engineers 


Civil engineers are the skilled professionals behind the facilities, structures, and inner workings that come together to create an entire infrastructure.

Such experts are always highly in demand from a variety of different industries, and here for your information and to expand your knowledge of the field are the top five types of companies that hire civil engineers. 

1. Railway Companies 

There are numerous large and smaller railway companies in the United States, each with a virtual monopoly over a certain area or even a whole state, and the vast, factory-like constant necessity for repairs and maintenance for safety means civil engineers are highly in demand.

If you are considering entering the profession of civil engineering, then you should learn more from one of the leading civil design and construction services on how civil engineering is so crucial to the safe and timely running of the railways. 

2. Construction Companies 

Everything related to infrastructure and building work falls under the umbrella term of construction, and, as such, it stands to reason that engineering is a huge part of the industry. 

Civil engineers are particularly important during the planning and development stages of a particular project and set to work designing the separate foundations and determining the right materials and equipment for use in the area. 

The top five largest construction companies in the US are: 

  • Bechtel
  • Turner Construction Company
  • Skanska
  • Kiewit

3. Landfill Management

There are many private companies operating in the landfill management industry, and there are also just as many government-funded landfill businesses. 

As proven by SCS Engineers, civil engineers are an integral part of every single stage of both industrial and domestic landfill management, working on designing a new landfill site, leading the initial excavation, controlling odor, and monitoring the water containment and draining proficiency.

In addition, once the landfill has reached full capacity, it is up to a professional and experienced civil engineer to oversee the sealing of the landfill and supervise any associated emissions. 

4. Fire Risk Assessment Companies 

Fire risk assessors perform an exceedingly crucial role in the modern world and always work to the strictest and most thorough of guidelines to ensure the safety of employees, employers, visitors, and even domestic and wild animals through their work.

Fire risk assessment companies regularly employ a professional civil engineer to provide land and quantity surveying services and, moreover, are often called upon to give evidence in the event of an incident. 

5. Water Utilities

Finally, one of the largest branches of civil engineering is that of water resources engineering, which is essentially concentrated on treating water so it is safe for humans to drink, removing water after a flood or storm, and removing waste water.

Civil engineers work closely with such utility companies from the start to the finish of a project and actually design the irrigation and sewer systems on each project. Civil engineers work for water utilities in both rural and urban areas.


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