The Rise of Animated Explainer Videos: Is it Worth Investing In?

Animated Explainer Videos

For businesses today, it is important to use every resource available wisely. The cost of doing business and day-to-day practice today means that, for many, business is more expensive than ever. This forces companies to be intelligent in their use of marketing resources. This is why it always helps to find marketing resources that are popular with people today yet also likely to still be popular in the future. One example of this can be found in the rise of animated explainer videos.

These explainer videos can break down important business concepts which would be too hard to explain in text or speech. Instead, you can have an animated video that breaks down every aspect of the content. For example, many companies use these animated videos to help show off how they source their materials or complete a certain product and/or service.

Such a video can work extremely well. It can explain the details of something complex or controversial easily. The other reason this video marketing method is so popular is how accessible it is. Ask someone to read through a white paper or sit through a podcast episode to understand what a business does, and you might not get very far.

What if you could break down a key business concept into a video that takes only a few minutes to watch? That is far more likely to succeed. Therefore, there is a growing rise in European business to see companies using such explainer videos. Breaking down key concepts about how their business operates can lead to meaningful breakthroughs with potential customers who might have otherwise felt too confused.

Will animated explainer videos still be popular in the medium-term?

Of course, marketing has always been a rapidly moving business. What was popular last year might be seen as useless today. However, given animated videos have been in development for some time now, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Like any marketing method, a poorly made animated explainer video will bring little benefit to revenue and awareness. When developed by a professional firm, though, the results could be long-lasting. Especially if your business is breaking down a key concept, such as your business story, how your company came to be, or how your main product/service works, these videos can become very useful.

The main challenge for business owners is hiring the right professionals to handle video creation. You need to think about your audience and have a video production firm create a video that speaks to that audience. For example, many European businesses are now doing business in America – it might make sense to have a video made for an American audience by an American producer. For example, Denver video production company firm Telideo can assist in the creation of US-targeted animated videos.

Language and making sure the target audience understands the content are vital to the success of this kind of video. Therefore, finding a production company that speaks the language of your audience should be a priority.

In terms of longevity and the ability to speak to your audience, animated explainer videos make an excellent investment. The rise of this kind of marketing video is no fad – it is here to stay.


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