The Right Accountant: A Beginner In Search Of A Master


Owning a business is a laudable feat to achieve as the circumstances are often against us and side with the adversities. Be it small or large, businesses can never overrule the essential fact that an accountant is the wizard of money in the firm. The analysis drawn by the accountants drives most of the decisions taken by the companies. 

Do you have a business to run but certainly find yourself in a circumstantial dilemma because you cannot comprehend the financial situation of the business? Well, fret not because the answer to your query is hiring a magician, the accountant! 

How to Find the One?

If you are perplexed and bewildered, overrunning a long course for the means of finding the right accountant in the UK who shall provide you with the perfect formulas, you are not the only one. It can be particularly intimidating to find an expert, especially when you are a newbie entrepreneur.

Therefore, here is a list of tips to find the finest accountant for your enterprise:-

Search the Ocean

Seep into the social circle you have, be it online or offline. Get advice from your friends and acquaintances and begin the search with some known and guaranteed resources. You can use social media platforms like LinkedIn to find an accountant with relevant expertise. 

Also, state governments have some special advantages for small-scale businesses, especially when they are domestic. Therefore, you can use the government associations, contacts, and legit sources to embark on the search for an accountant.

Another route you can take is to post a job opportunity. You might find your accountant in the pool of applicants who wish to fill the vacancy. 

Delve deep and pronto before your destined expert is hired away by someone else!

Certified Accountant and Expertise

Do not compromise on quality, even if it takes time to fill the position of an accountant, as only a wise and qualified accountant can grow the company. 

Look for those who have a certified degree in CA or other equivalent qualifications. While experience cannot always guarantee prospective qualitative advice, it does play a vital role because the person will have first-hand expertise in the field. 

Be sure that the accountant you are looking for can aid you in the type of business. 

Technical Knowledge

Although it was not a factor under consideration before, it has become a requirement indeed in the current times, provided that most businesses, especially SMBs, are now cloud-based and online. Eventually, the candidate with better knowledge of technical aspects and software will be preferred over those who do not have one. 

Do check the kind of software for accounting recommended by the employee and whether it will benefit the business. If you do not have the expertise, outsource the help you need.

Negotiation of Salary

Being an entrepreneur, negotiation should be your card to use when the time comes. No accountant has a perpetual margin of salary set. So, you can always reasonably negotiate. 

The salary should solely be dependent upon the task the job role offers, and if needed, weigh slightly on the experience level of the employee hired. 

Hunch and Checks

Interview the candidates well and give them tasks to perform to check their ability. Next, do some background checks regarding the candidate to see if the legitimacy proclaimed is verified or not. Do not blindly hire a person only to suffer later in the future.

Rely on your hunch and gut feeling. Sometimes what the gut says comes out to be true rather than what has been systematically and practically decided. 


A good and ideal accountant is the one who dwells in contributing to the progress of the company, saves the funds as much as possible, and gives wise advice for practical applications depending upon the situation along with the more profound thought of future sustenance. 

Certain companies like the Canny Group provide such services and have the accountants Geelong crew that certainly fit the definition of an ideal accounting firm. You can surf various online portals and seek help by hiring the best accountant specialists for your company who master business accounting and taxation advice if you wish to see a prosperous business!


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