The Pros and Cons of Open AI Alternatives

The Pros and Cons of Open AI Alternatives

When you’re looking into what AI can do for your business, you run into the inevitable question of which platform you should be using. The most obvious answer is likely to be ChatGPT. It’s the most famous example, and Open AI’s platform has gained a lot of attention from the media and businesses alike, making it a prime candidate for content creation.

However, it’s worth being aware of multiple different alternatives and the different purposes that they can all serve. Could it be that the strengths of ChatGPT aren’t best suited to what your business needs? Simply knowing about the other options that you have can help you to answer that question.

Pro – More Suited to What You Need

As suggested, it could be that what Open AI is offering simply isn’t what your business is looking for. If, for example, you’re more interested in content creation platforms that can generate audio or visual content, something like ChatSonic might be more for you. There are others that could be even more specifically tailored to what it is that you’re looking for, but that goes to show how truly varied the field has become.

Con – The Head Start

ChatGPT made such a name for itself partly due to the lack of competition at the time. While that’s changed as time has gone on, the time that ChatGPT has had to establish itself and develop further has worked very much in its favor. Even when you look to alternatives like Bard that were developed by massive companies like Google, you might not automatically find yourself with a more positive experience. Fortunately, this is a conundrum that many before you have encountered, and that means there are plenty of debates focused on whether or not you should use Bard over ChatGPT, and you can get involved by looking at statistics by reading in-depth AI research reports.

Pro – Room for Innovation

That’s not to say that you should disregard any kind of innovation that the means behind companies like Google can make to the format. While the initial foray into a new field, such as the one made by Open AI, is always groundbreaking, there is always room for improvement. Being able to take that original template and tweak things for the better can lead to a user experience that’s ultimately more comfortable and intuitive, and it’s important not to forget that possibility when thinking about efficiency and productivity.

Con – The Ethical Question

Artificial intelligence is utterly new and one of those technologies that could have any number of consequences – positive and negative. Something that Open AI claim when it comes to their own values, is that they want to ensure artificial intelligence is used for positive means in a way that is ultimately constructive for society. Regardless of personal feelings about how well their own handling of ChatGPT interplays with this value, the stated goal might be something that you agree with. Alternatives might not have this intention, and with the amount of money being pumped into AI, it’s safe to say that it’s developing at an incredibly rapid rate – meaning the impact it has will be visible before too long.


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