The Most Successful European Startups in the Entertainment Sector


The entertainment sector in Europe has started to boom, because of the increased population, most people get entertained through the internet. This has led to the increase of many emerging entertainment startups. Here is a list of the booming startup sectors in Europe.

The Top 5 Successful European Startups in the Entertainment Sector. 

1. BET 365

Online gambling has been increasing in recent years and is now a great way to chill out as you place a bet on your favorite team. BET 365 is a top-rated licensed and trusted sports betting company that allows players to entertain themselves by betting on their favorite teams across Europe.

Ranked as the best bookie, BET 365 has various features such as cashouts, best odds, Asian handicap draw, and a live chat in case you have any queries. If you are a football fan across Europe, BET 365 has you covered, as has all the teams and sports across Europe. All you have to do is open an account and be of legal betting age in your region. On onlinesportfogadá there are many more sports betting websites just like BET 365.

2. Viberate Company

Finding the right music to play in events is a challenging task. This is where Viberate bridges the gap for you. Viberate provides a unified hub that contains all the music information you can use. Viberate is on the top list of entertainment startup companies in Europe since it gives the artists an equal opportunity to be viewed.

Viberate helps analyze specific information about the musicians, events, venues, and any other information about entertainment. At Viberate, Data is used to analyze the viability of the information’s popularity. 

They, therefore, permit some apps to access this information so that the users can know the new artists and events. Users can browse as many music profiles as possible and get the information they need.

3. Bonne Pioche

Bonne Pioche is one of the leading entertainment companies in Europe. It produces documentaries and dramas for television and cinemas. Bonne Pioche also supervises and publishes music.

The best thing about Bonnie Pioche is that it produces unique and original stories and the emotions of these videos propel people to extraordinary realities. Bonnie Pioche also has internal synergies, apart from the affiliates, that help them highlight the international dimension and finance.

The high experience that Bonnie Pioche has in the entertainment industry, quality, and creativity has seen the production company receiving many professional rewards, including the 2007 Oscar award.

4. Discover film

Discover film is a streaming entertainment platform that has won many awards for quality and short videos entertainment. On this platform, you can stream and download videos. The videos are in different languages and genres, and you are free to watch whatever you like.

Discover film has a TV and mobile app making it easy for the viewers to watch movies or dramas. You can watch discover film on Android TV, Amazon Fire, Samsung Mobile Apple TV, Android Mobile, Apple iOS, and Jio set-top boxes.

5. Epidemic Sound

Epidemic Sound is also one of the leading entertainment startup companies in Europe. It is an online market platform strictly for music, and its headquarters are in Sweden. The company offers quality music, and it is mainly concerned with the streaming platforms, music in-store, and the video content producing clients. 

The Epidemic sound has an extensive music library with over 90,000 sound effects, over170 music styles and genres, and over 35000 music tracks. Viewers are free to access the company’s library. You are given all the music rights and an unlimited number of times.


The above startup entertainment companies in Europe have shown tremendous success through the years because they have one thing in common. They put the interest of their customers first. If you are a musician, comedian, or actor, these are websites that you should be looking for.

The sites will help you by making your work popular depending on the type of entertainment. Consider using these platforms for entertainment or grow your profession.


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