The Importance of Managed Hosting to Your E-commerce Business

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Before we discuss managed hosting, let us understand what web hosting is in the first place. In simple wordings, web hosting is a type of service related to internet activities, whereby through the services, organizations and individuals can access the website through www- world wide web.

We have different types of hosting, which include:

  • Cloud hosting

Here, the users can access different hosting resources through the internet. What is best about cloud hosting is that it is highly flexible in terms of adding or removing memory whenever the need arises.

However, the most challenging part with cloud hosting is configuring servers and approximating the required space. Again, you can’t access the changes in advance feature, which some benefits in web hosting.

  • Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting is a form of web hosting in which a single server is dedicated to a single website or application. Unlike shared hosting, where multiple websites share the same server, dedicated hosting offers exclusive use of the server for a single website or application. This means that the website or application will have more control over the server, including faster performance and fewer restrictions. Dedicated hosting is typically more expensive than shared hosting, but cheap dedicated servers are available that offer great value for money.

One aspect of dedicated hosting is that you don’t have a choice to make changes when setting up the servers. They come while already pre-configured.

Now that we have an idea of web hosting services, let us now discuss managed hosting.

The Meaning of Managed Hosting

With managed hosting, you have everything under control in that the service provider sets up the server for you, maintains it, provides maximum security and patches on your behalf.

The hosting provider owns the servers and doesn’t host many websites but focuses only on websites from your network. In simple terms, you fully own the server as a lone user.

When you compare managed hosting with other shared hosting services, you enjoy the flexibility of everything since you control the server; you can select your preferred operating system and hardware.

While on managed hosting, you can use the following operating systems; you choose what works best for you:

  • Linux Operating System- commonly the CentosOS
  • Windows Operating System- typically the Windows 2008 server

Still, on managed hosting, you enjoy the following services from the hosting provider:

  • Security Scans — In most cases, companies using managed cloud servers prefer monthly security scans. Such scan aims to ensure maximum stability and that no traces of bugs and virus affects the whole system.
  • Set up — Although the user has access to the admin, they can’t do anything since the client can only access it through the control panel virtually. On the same note, the hosting provider offers complete installation of the control panel and the operating systems.
  • Hardware upgrading — With managed hosting, you do not have to think of hardware upgrading since all is done for you.
  • Patching — We have bug fixes, regular updates, the main operating system, and application patches in web hosting. All these services are available in managed hosting.
  • Backup services — In web hosting, you will require regular backups to maintain the site stability, and these services are available with managed hosting either daily or weekly. If you lose files accidentally, you can always contact them, and they will restore your files.
  • On-call maintenance — If you need some maintenance work, it is simply a phone call away, and you have everything sorted.
  • Software upgrading — The hosting provider has an IT team to handle all the software needs and upgrades.
  • Troubleshooting — With servers, you can experience a breakdown anytime. In such instances, dedicated staff will handle the matter immediately.

Why Consider Managed Hosting Service Provider?

We have seen the services you can enjoy when using managed hosting services. But then, is it the perfect idea for your business? Let us discuss the advantages below:

Fewer Breakdown problems — We have seen that the hosting provider has secured measures in places such as regular checks, security scans, and patching, which reduces the chances of the server’s breakdown.

Highly proactive — The fact that the managed hosting is proactive means that the service providers are extra keen that errors can’t happen, hence giving you maximum flexibility.

Who is Eligible to use managed hosting?

Configuring and maintaining the server’s stability requires a high level of expertise. You must know how the issues arise and how you can block the lope holes or the measures you can take in advance to avoid common server breakdowns.

If you lack a basic understanding of such matters, you will need a managed hosting provider that will handle almost everything on your behalf.

Again, if you don’t have enough time to maintain the server’s activities, use the managed hosting to simplify everything.

Finally, having an eCommerce business requires a dedication of time and effort to ensure other activities run smoothly. You can’t have adequate time to keep up with the server problems and check other business activities in such instances. Reduce the hassle, become more productive by using managed hosting services.


Businesses are the best solutions to financial freedom. There are many aspects involved to run a smooth and successful eCommerce business. The best way to improve your productivity is by using managed hosting services.


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