The Importance of Direct Mail During the Pandemic

Direct Mail

For businesses struggling against the sense that their firms are under threat once more from coronavirus, this winter can seem almost unbearable. But one of the key learnings from the past few months has been just how resilient businesses can be if they’re smart about how they pivot and change in response to the strains caused by the virus. This piece is all about direct mail — those letters that fall through consumer letter boxes and into clients’ in-trays — during this challenging winter for businesses.

Physical Advertising

Being seen in physical form — on a booklet, a flyer, or even a full-scale posted care package — has a different impact than merely being seen in an online advertisement. Indeed, for those firms that have invested in direct mail marketing campaigns from have gained noticeable upticks in online traffic and high engagement is seen as a return on your investment

Furthermore, there’s a sense in which a directly-mailed marketing brochure or care package shows your clients or customers that you really do care and that you’re making efforts to get in touch with them during this worrisome and lonely time. This form of marketing is perfect for those companies that are looking to forge high levels of trust and respect with their customers and clients.

Smart Design

Designing an online advert requires different skills and priorities than ‘offline’ marketing. For instance, when you are online, you’re looking to be flashy, grabbing attention in the busy online landscape. Meanwhile, offline advertising – especially when you’re handing out flyers or putting up posters – doesn’t require such attention-grabbing qualities. Offline, you need your adverts to look professional and presentable — and readable too, of course.

This means hiring the services of a special firm that understands the ins and outs of graphic design. During the pandemic, consumers and clients are looking for reliable marketing material that will help them to trust the firms they trade or do business with. This is your opportunity to secure that trust, and smart graphic design firms like Oxygen Graphics will help you build out the direct mail marketing materials that you send out to boost that sense of mutual trust.

Cut Through The Noise

Finally, as we’ve already touched upon, the online world is currently a flurry of marketing materials, advertising pieces, blog posts, news stories, and social media shares. To make a difference in this space requires smart web marketing services – the best of which are offered by specialist agencies. While online advertising is certainly a valuable undertaking for any business, it requires high-quality skills to cut through the noise.

Again, this is why direct mail is so effective – cutting through our digital ecosystem of information with elegant offline marketing. You’re not trying to communicate important information through the fog of Facebook or the busyness of Google. You’re heading straight into people’s homes, offering them more time to consume the information that you’ve felt necessary to furnish them with. This will ensure you’re able to capture far more attention than online advertising.

There you have it: the benefits of going with direct mail and bundled mail when you next push marketing to your customers and to consumers in your area.


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