The Future Of The Daily Commute: How Has Technology Made The Daily Commute More Comfortable?

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The morning commute can be a time-consuming process of being stuck in traffic for up to an hour at some of the busiest times of the year, but with inbuilt technology as well as devices to make the morning train journey that bit more enjoyable, it has completely changed the experience for the better. But how has this changed the morning commute to make it more comfortable? In this article, we will be showcasing a list of just a few ways that technology has revolutionised the daily commute forever.


Smartphone Integration In Cars

When looking into technology that has made the morning commute more comfortable, smartphone integration is definitely one of them. With the ability to call and text with a hands-free system, you can enjoy all your favourite songs without having to touch your phone at any point, therefore, allowing you to focus on the road. This is technology that can be found in a number of different car models such as Audi, Ford a number a new Alfa Romeo for sale from either a private seller or a dealership.


Spotify Premium For Music

In addition to smartphone integration, there are also services such as Spotify premium that allows users to listen to a vast catalogue of music without a restriction on the number of skips. This is not only great for those that travel by car every day, but it is beneficial for music lovers that travel by train as it helps to block out background noise and help them to feel more comfortable when travelling long distances. Whether you have an ultimate premium account, or you have a premium account this is unlimited music for you to enjoy at all times.


Noise Cancelling Headphones

If you are someone who commutes to work by train, technological advancements such as noise-cancelling headphones whether they are wired or wireless, this can help to block out the noise of traffic and make travelling easier to enjoy the morning commute. These can be controlled by the users mobile phone and can help to lessen anxiety with superior quality sound to make each morning commute more bearable regardless of where you are travelling to making this ideal for those that spend ages on a train or in the back of a car.


A Travel Mug

The final gadget that has been invented to make the morning commute more bearable is the travel mug. This can either be plugged into the cigarette lighter to keep the drink warm or can have a thick lining to ensure that your morning tea or coffee stays warm throughout the morning commute making this ideal for the cold winter months. Though there are a number of mugs on the market that vary in price, this is the perfect gift for a loved one for either Christmas or their Birthday every year.

With a number of technological advancements being made, the morning commute has become much more comfortable and more enjoyable than ever, but what will 2020 hold for those of us that travel every day? Only time will tell!



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