The Future of Remote Work – Don’t Underestimate e-Signatures.

remote working

Teamwork makes the dream work!


If you’ve been finding it harder and harder to collaborate with your teammates lately, you’re not alone. Aside from ushering in a new age of healthcare crisis, the pandemic has also enforced certain gaps in the workforce that have made it more difficult for employees to communicate with each other. 

Something as easy as getting your boss to can now take up to a week to finalize. It’s not just hard to relay the message you’re getting across, but also the manner in which you’re trying to relay it: communication channels have been soured throughout this whole epidemic, and as a consequence, productivity levels and miscommunications have arisen. 

Teamwork has never been more of an essential player in today’s workflow. You need to be able to trust that your colleagues have been putting in the work and due diligence to make sure the quality of their work is up to par. The importance of operational efficiency has never been more prevalent and necessary during these times. Companies are now rushing to fill in the labour, capital, and time gaps that emerged from this decrease in workflow by all means necessary. 

But that’s not all the problem there is. Let’s say you do have excellent teamwork and communicate well with each other, what happens when certain logistical problems arise that no amount of collaboration can fix? One of the most pressing concerns lately has been finding a credible document management solution. It’s hard to find one that caters to the varied organisational needs of companies that might have been compromised by the lack of physical interaction, especially getting signatures. But not anymore.

Enter DottedSign.

About DottedSign

is an e-signature solution that makes the digital signing process simple and streamlined. They let users effortlessly sign documents and gather signatures, all within a secure and legal process. While spearheading the e-signature movement, they bring more than just a change in automation. As most of the process is now streamlined, it shelves off a significant amount of time then used for emailing signers, printing copies, and faxing paper, leaving employees more time to do work that actually matters. 

DottedSign ensures that important business cases do not slip through the cracks. This can be used in a wide variety of cases such as NDAs, sales contracts, lease agreements, permission slips, financial agreements, and more. You only need to import your document, sign or request signatures, and send it. Simplifying your work process is as easy as one, two, three!

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What are DottedSign’s Key Features?

Think of it as the ultimate productivity machine for your company. This helping hand extends its reach into almost every aspect of the workflow, making tedious tasks into something that much more manageable. DottedSign can help companies with:

Getting signatures in various working scenarios

  • Able to work on all your devices – iOS, Android and Web
  • Add your signature to the document that requires self-sign
  • Assign your signers in a particular order and their fields to sign, including signature, text, date, checkboxes, and etc
  • Remote signing – Signers sign on their devices remotely without physically met
  • In-person signing – Signers sign on your device face-to-face
  • Bulk send – Send one document to multiple sets of signers at one time
  • Create signature tasks using templates to save repetitive steps

Managing signature tasks

  • Real-time progress monitor – Track all documents in a dashboard view with each signer’s status clearly visualized 
  • Centralize your team task management, including member permission, document security and branding customization within the Admin Console
  • Timeline of Personal Activities – Display and record activities of all your personal tasks
  • Search tool – Find your documents easily by searching with names of people or documents
  • Custom message – Leave messages to all recipients before and after the document has been signed
  • Auto reminder & expiry date setting – Automatically send reminders to notify anyone who has not signed documents yet
  • Change signer – In case of assigning the wrong recipient, one can request to change the signer of a sent document with another one

Personalizing your signatures

  • Create signatures with free-hand drawing
  • Make stamps by using your camera or photos
  • Pre-fill your personal information and quickly drag and drop it to the document
  • Add signatures, initials, texts, and dates to documents
  • Remove backgrounds for signature stamps

Security and legality

  • Digital audit trails – Record every change made to the document for evidence
  • Protected signing process – Ensure confidentiality of paperless signing, encrypted by TLS/SSL, AES-256 and RSA-2048.
  • One-time password and Email secure password to identify signer identity
  • Digital certificates issued by the AATL authorized CA safeguard signers’ identity authentication and signature validation.


What Can DottedSign Do For The Team?

DottedSign makes sure that the entire organisation, or anyone dealing with the tedious task of sending out and signing contracts, can now basically do it with ease. It might seem like a non-issue, but with this small but significant step in the workforce now streamlined, it opens up the doors to more positive changes.

  • Higher Flexibility for Your Business Needs

With the additional time now in your arsenal, you can finally find time to cater to other business needs such as leveraging the capacity of adding team members, sharing resources, sending requests to multiple groups in bulk, and more. Monitoring your team’s tasks in one place saves you time and ensures the team is always in sync.

  • Take Control of Team Permission

DottedSign allows leaders or managers  to have the flexibility to grant and limit access to their members  to view, manage, or download the documents and audit trails in the Admin Console.

  • Customize Your Organization Branding

Strengthen your connections with clients by setting up your organization’s profile and customizing the branding in all task emails.

What More Can You Expect From DottedSign?

DottedSign has been known to help businesses speed up their document signing process a significant amount. The quick delivery of contracts while boasting of a smart filing system is only the start in their long line of services. However, expediting signature processes isn’t all you can expect to be wow-ed from by DottedSign. 

Apart from being a credible SaaS service where you can simply register a DottedSign account with your email address, DottedSign also provides its service in API integration and customized projects. These variety of solutions have broadened the capacity of the company and are able to satisfy a wider group of corporate users’ working scenarios. If you are a manager or a leader coordinating a large volume of communications, and you’re looking for an efficient way to manage the signing workflow, DottedSign is here for you. Book a meeting and the team will guide you through.


Aside from being an award-winning eSignature software recognized by major outlets, DottedSign acts as a symbol of goodwill and sustainability. Just imagine the copious amount of money and resources corporations allot on paper monthly – if not annually – it’s a lot. It’s the kind of number that makes you want to opt for a more durable and environmentally-friendly alternative instead, and what can be more green than going digital? 

Getting multiple signatures on a single piece of paper is hard work, but doing that endlessly and wasting away all that paper can be nothing short of hell. DottedSign recognises the need to change the system, and they’ve been duly recognised for their efforts in the process.

Just because the world has drastically changed in more ways than one, doesn’t mean you have to bend yourself over in an effort to keep up with it. DottedSign takes the load off the previously intimidating task of sealing your signature, but now you can rest easy knowing it’s taken care of!

Simplify your signing process with DottedSign! Free trials available:


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