The Current Report on the State of Affairs in the Housing Market in California

The current report on the state of affairs in the housing market in California

Has California’s real estate market shown signs of recovery this year? Although sales are still below levels from a year ago, they have been experiencing significant growth on a monthly basis. Based on the latest data from CAR (California Association of Realtors), single-family home prices dropped by 2.1% in February, despite a notable 17.6% increase in sales. This decline in prices has persisted for six consecutive months. If you’re looking for real estate in California at a favorable price, realtors in Fullerton, CA, can assist you in finding the perfect property that matches your dreams, thanks to their qualified services. The CAR suggests that the annual decrease in sales is partly attributed to the influence of weather conditions on the real estate market, as a shortage of buyers and low sales can lead to price drops. In California specifically, the average time it takes to sell a single-family home has tripled from 9 days a year ago to 28 days in February.

The Collapse of SVB Bank

The banking sector appears to be under pressure as Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank file for bankruptcy. The bailout of major regional bank First Republic made headlines, with fears that it won’t be enough to stem the tide of troubled financial institutions. As risk aversion continues to strengthen, tighter lending regulations may deter buyers from purchasing real estate in California.

State of Affairs in the real estate market of California in February

The February figures align with the ongoing trend in California. During this month, buyers in California had the opportunity to discover homes for purchase or rent, thanks to the decrease in mortgage rates. The CAR attributes the decline in house prices in January to a notable rise in layoffs within the technology sector. Nevertheless, the monthly jobs report appears to be robust. However, in February, real estate sales experienced a significant decline. A total of thirty-four counties witnessed declines of 30% or higher, and eight counties faced a decline of 50% or more in their housing markets compared to the previous year. This shift in demand from expensive homes to more affordable ones is leading to a decrease in house prices.

Will California Real Estate Prices Fall in 2023?

Is 2023 a good time to buy or rent a home? Experienced California top real estate agents can help you predict if real estate prices will fall this year. Most millennials in California choose to rent until they have more financial security and affordable options to decide to buy their dream home. The biggest forecasts are:

  • The interest rate increases by another 1%;
  • Real estate prices continue to fall slightly;
  • The number of available purchasing options continues to expand;
  • Uncertainty in the technology sector is holding back demand.

Home sales rose 17.6% from February to January. Since pre-New Year home sales, like every year, grow seasonally, price fluctuations can also be seen in the statistics for the last month. Demand for homes priced over $2 million has declined significantly each year.

Mortgage payments

Mortgage payments across the state fell slightly due to falling prices and interest rates. Interest rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages averaged 6.26% in February (up 3.45% from January 2022). Sales of luxury homes are falling rapidly. California realtors are optimistic about sales, and activity increases in real estate prices. Marin County (-19.9%) saw the largest monthly price decline in January, followed by San Francisco -11.4%, Santa Barbara -15.6%, Mendocino -35.1%, and Yolo -12.9 %. The largest monthly growth in January occurred in Santa Clara (+3.5%), Orange (+5.5%), Glenn, Kings (+8.3%), Merced (+8.5%), Lassen (+52 %), Tehama and Mono (+47%). Home prices in San Francisco reversed the downward trend, rising 4.3%.

Forecasts for 2024

Strong inflationary pressures will continue to raise mortgage interest rates next year, reducing the purchasing power of home buyers and reducing housing affordability. In its 2023 California Housing Outlook Report, CAR estimates that current single-family home sales will decline by 7.2%.

The CAR Housing Consumption Index fell 5 points to 65, with several respondents saying now is not a good time to buy. The majority of respondents do not intend to buy real estate in the next 12 months and expect stronger sales conditions for sellers. Only a small number believe that economic conditions will improve and expect interest rates to decline over the next year.

The combination of risks of a declining housing market, rising interest rates and inflation has prompted California homeowners to consider selling their homes. The desire for a good price, an extreme decision to move to a new place of residence, or a more expensive mortgage, weakens the intention to sell your property. Selling a home can be the hardest time for sellers. Many buyers exit deals sooner because they may walk away for reasons such as not being able to find adequate financing or unsatisfactory inspection reports. The atmosphere of a desperate bidding war, which left behind inspections etc., is now exhausted. According to Redfin, buyers in the country abandoned 15% of deals in the real estate market last August. A slowdown in the housing market could weigh on the outlook for October and December due to growth in the employment sector and rapidly rising mortgage rates. For landlords and rental companies, the outlook is slightly better. Rental managers using next-generation property management software are expected to achieve the highest profitability in 2023.

Statistics of the housing stock in large cities

Despite concerns about an exodus of people and businesses, California’s real estate market remains strong. People still want to live or rent in California, and every city in the state will continue to have homebuyers. The challenges of high taxes, regulations, fires, floods, inflation, and high prices have prompted some individuals and businesses to consider moving to low-tax states like Texas and Florida. This presents opportunities to purchase desirable California real estate at lower prices.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home in California?

According to the monthly Consumer Housing Sentiment Index, 59% of consumers believe that April is a good time to sell and buy real estate. However, relocation can be difficult and expensive, making it challenging to find the desired apartment, and homeowners may be cautious about storing their valuables. Additionally, the end of the eviction moratorium could result in an increase in homes being put up for sale as homeowners default on their mortgages.

Move to a new city for more security, space, and lifestyle

CAR’s forecast report highlights the reasons why people are moving and buying homes. Rents are decreasing as vacancies rise, but California’s housing market is expected to continue thriving. Investors are actively capitalizing on this trend, and individual houses remain in high demand. After the pandemic, significant improvement in real estate prices is expected both in cities and rural areas. Home prices and to fall, the arrival of stimulus funds is continue likely to intensify price pressures as the market rebounds. real estate This new funding is expected to benefit landlords, the rental market, and support housing markets in the suburbs of San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Will California home prices continue to rise?

Buyers are curious about the future of real estate prices, while tenants wonder if rents will decrease. High demand, low mortgage rates, and limited inventory can drive up house and condo prices. Several factors contribute to the strong sales statistics in California, including people’s desire to live in suburban or rural areas away from cities, even if it means paying a premium price. Historically low mortgage rates, coupled with limited housing supply, have contributed to record high national median prices. The number of available properties remains lower than the average level of demand.

Survey of California Realtors

Recent surveys indicate that real estate agents are less optimistic about future sales and prices. The forecast is based on increased buyer demand pushing California’s median price above $700,000, while dwindling inventory continues to drive prices higher. Despite these challenges, real estate agents can help you find more affordable options for people moving to California.


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