The Complete E-Commerce Marketing Calendar for 2023


It is not a secret that e-commerce has been gaining more and more popularity in recent years, the possibilities are endless more than a regular store, but where a regular store succeeds a good deal of e-commerce are failing and that’s a good marketing calendar. Taking advantage of holidays, and cultural moments is crucial to increase sales throughout the year, that’s why most businesses need a complete e-commerce marketing calendar for each year.

It’s a proven fact that people’s buying behavior tends to change during special occasions, for example, (ignoring the recent market conditions) shoppers tend to spend at least 7% more on Christmas, and a 9% increase on Thanksgiving. Retail sales tend to increase a total of 19-20% in November and December.

In order to maximize those spikes, an e-commerce owner must create and follow a marketing calendar highlighting holidays and cultural moments. Sending the calendar to the companies specializing in ecommerce shipping is a good practice too, that way you can keep up with the delivery time.

The Complete E-Commerce Marketing Calendar for 2023

An e-commerce owner must provide and align with the shopper’s need, that’s a must in order to serve the product the user wants without putting all your products on rebate.

Here are the best holidays and cultural moments to take advantage of and spike your sales:

Valentine’s Day

Probably one of the most obvious and pushy holidays around, l can’t think of a brand that doesn’t take advantage of this, twist their products or launch marketing campaigns prior to the date (running campaigns before Valentine’s Day is a must).

Most shoppers tend to spend more during those days. Not only that, the target audience gets wider during Valentine’s Day since more people will try to fulfill different people’s desires, it’s not only for people in love, it covers a lot of other types of relationships, like friendship, and family relationships.

Valentine’s Day is a great environment for business, but, especially for jewelry, beauty, clothes, and sports.

Old Year’s Day

The first holiday you need to focus on (and start with) is Old Year’s Day. Something to keep in mind during this holiday is that it focuses on New Year’s resolutions, starting again, and changing. Wrap your marketing campaigns around that idea.

You may have noticed how sports brands tend to push more during this part of the year, not only for sports but for health and wellness too. This may be off-putting to some e-commerce, but thinking outside the box and finding a way to apply this to your business model is part of this too.

Mother’s Day

Who doesn’t love their mom? This holiday is one of the largest events with more sales in America, with more than $27B in sales. A good rule of thumb is knowing the fact that this day is not like Valentine Day’s (where it may be related to “just chocolate”), mothers are made in different ways, and that’s why so many brands and industries see a spike here.

Camping that is directed to your feelings, like mom’s reactions and stuff like that, is gold here.

More Holidays and Cultural moments you need to take into consideration:

  • Father’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Summer Season
  • Back to School


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