The Best Roulette Strategies For Casino Players

Roulette Strategies For Casino Players

Anyone who is interested in the topic of online casinos Australia will certainly find the question of which roulette strategies are the best exciting. The game is indeed a game of chance, but with the right strategy you can maximize your winnings or minimize your losses.

Which roulette strategies are promising?

Roulette is and will always be one of the most popular games of chance. A vast number of strategies have already been tested. However, so far there is no 100% success. The systems also divide into the different types of players. Someone who gambles just for fun will try a different system than those who are only interested in winning. 

Most of the popular methods tend to play with the stakes, while others bet on different numbers to make a profit. We have taken a closer look at the different roulette strategies and will first introduce you to one of the simplest and safest strategies:

The Martingale Roulette Strategy

One of the best known and simplest roulette strategies is the Martingale strategy. Here you proceed quite simply and use only simple bets, i.e. 1:1 bets. Since in roulette there are the same number of black squares as red squares, the chance is 50:50, while the chance of the same color winning twice is 25:75 and is halved with each additional time. 

That the same color appears 3 times in a row is therefore 12.5:87.5. We make use of this probability in the Martingale strategy.

For example, if we first bet 10 Euros on black and then red appears, we have lost 10 Euros. The chance that red will now appear again is only 25:75 – or in other words: the chance that black will now appear is 75:25, i.e. 75%. For this reason, we now bet 20 euros on black as part of the Martingale strategy to compensate for our previous loss. Here, we now win 40 euros at 75% and are thus again 10 euros in the plus.

If we should not win despite the probability of 75%, we bet the next round again on black and double the stake again. The probability that black will win again is now 87.5% and with the bet of 40 Euros and the probable profit of 80 Euros we can easily make up for the previous losses.

If that doesn’t work and black doesn’t appear again, we can double the bet again and now our chances of winning should be 93.75%. This strategy can be continued up to almost 100% probability of winning and by constantly doubling the bet, the losses can be compensated.

The Paroli Roulette Strategy

The Paroli strategy works similarly to the Martingale strategy, with the addition that we double not only when we lose, but also when we win. So this is both a safe strategy, where we can minimize our losses, and a progressive strategy, where we take advantage of winning a good outcome to make even bigger profits.

The Shotwell Roulette System

In this system, players bet on ten numbers. These are predetermined in order. The usual procedure here is that at least every fourth number must be covered. Or in other words, you place one of your five bets on a double line. The other four bets are placed on one number each, but they must not be on the double line. In theory, you win at least every fourth round. 

If you don’t get a hit, you lose five bets; if you win on the double line, you get one bet back. If one of the four numbers wins, you get 36 bets. Statistically this means: A win of 36 bets every 9.25 rounds. In 6.17 rounds there is a win of 1 bet and the loss of 5 units occurs in 1.37 rounds. 

This strategy is a bit complicated, but you can definitely learn it even as a beginner. It is important that you follow the instructions correctly. Step by step, you will be told exactly how to place your bets.

You start by determining your desired profit and a series of numbers. For example, the numbers from 1 to 6 are written down, the result is 21 and this is your winnings. The first game is played with €7, because 1 and 6 are added and bet on a single chance. If she wins, the 1 and the 6 are cancelled and the game continues with the 2 and 5. 

However, if she loses, she comes to the end of the number line. The next bet would then be

8 € (1 and 7). Once you have crossed out all the numbers, you should normally have a win of €20. With some practice as well as planning, you can definitely try this variant once.

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