The Best Places to Visit in the USA Every Month


What vacation plans do you have for 2022? Due to the closure of several international borders during the past two years, Americans have rediscovered domestic attractions. Domestic travel has never been stronger or more fascinating as a result

Frequently, tourists forget how gorgeous their nation is. There are so many places on the globe, so it might be difficult to remember that there are some hidden beauties in the United States. While there are many well-known locations, others are equally lovely but less well-known. Hidden cities and towns in the United States are smaller, less crowded, and require more exploration than well-known attractions. Each destination offers Airbnbs, resorts, and even campsites!

Looking for unusual holiday destinations in the United States? Consider visiting one of these hidden places.

I compile an annual list of the finest travel destinations in the United States and worldwide. This year, I consulted with prominent travel professionals and influencers to determine the top vacation destinations in the United States in 2022. I also opened my little black book to reveal the locations I look forward to seeing. The selections range from bustling cities to mountain retreats to emerging destinations that you may not be familiar with but will want to add to your travel bucket list.

New Orleans, Louisiana

A travel expert from Gecko Routes, Maarten Cox’s best tip is New Orleans in Louisiana. He says the city is a color bomb with a unique blend of French, African, and American cultures. It is known for its music, food, and festive atmosphere, so it’s ideal for everyone who seeks to awaken all their senses.

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

According to Daniel Smith, CEO Ledask, I consider the world’s most beautiful bridge to be visited is the golden gate bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that spans the Golden Gate, the strait between San Francisco and northern Marin County. Also, the American Society of Civil Engineers has designated it as one of the Modern Seven Wonders of the World. The renowned red-orange hue of the bridge is so attractive to me and it was chosen expressly to increase its visibility through the dense fog that regularly envelops it.


Camden is a historic and charming harbor. This harbor is frequented by sailboats, yachts, and fishing boat excursions. Because of this, the boat travels up Penobscot Bay are quite convenient. Josh Xu, owner of AI Video Generator states that Camden is one of the top undiscovered destinations in the United States for two reasons.

One is that the town is filled with historic appeal.  Second, Camden has become a hotspot for chefs of international fame. In restaurants all across the city, many upscale chefs employ fish and local ingredients to produce delicious dishes. 


Waikiki is one of the most popular beach locations in the United States, offering all the conveniences of North America on a gorgeous tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. According to  Tommy, CEO of Floofmania, Waikiki is famous for its magnificent golden sand beach that spans along the coastline and is supported by hotels and shopping facilities. You can rent a surfboard and test your talents in the waves, go shopping after you’re done at the beach, and enjoy a variety of excellent eating options in the evening. This is the ideal place for families, couples, and singles alike.

Canyon of the Grand Canyon

Asmat Khan from nccuttingtools shared that his favorite site in the USA is Canyon. The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States and is located in northern Arizona. The canyon is about 1.6 kilometers deep and was carved by the Colorado River over millions of years. The Grand Canyon is neither the deepest nor the longest canyon in the world, yet its colossal grandeur and complex, multicolored scenery offer visitors unrivaled, breathtaking panoramas.

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