The Best College Essay Topics: Argumentative, Persuasive, Informative, and Others

Best College Essay Topics

Essay writing has always been a common practice throughout academics all around the world. In early grade school, children are told about writing essays and assigned different essay topics for classwork as well as homework. Essay writing is a common practice around the world because it boosts the thinking skills of students and contributes to skill and marked academics because it is research-based. The famous essayist Aldous Huxley exclaims the following about essay writing,

“The essay is a literary device for saying almost everything about almost anything.”

An essay is a piece of writing meant to persuade someone of anything or merely to enlighten the reader on a topic. The essay must have numerous crucial components in order for the reader to be convinced or fully educated, and it must flow logically. The introduction, body, and conclusion are the three main components (or sections) of an essay. The type of essay required constitutes the length it has. For example, in a lengthier essay such as n a research paper or dissertation, more than five paragraphs are required to avoid overwhelming the reader with too much material in one paragraph.

Essays reflect the writer’s knowledge of a certain topic or issue. They promote critical thinking through analysis of the world and, therefore, fact-finding. Research essays, in particular, add to the knowledge of the writer. Writing essays develops writing skills and helps one write incoherence and persuasiveness. Essays enable practice in forming a strong claim/argument, and teachers are able to assess however much a child knows in the particular area.

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20 Best Argumentative Essay Topics

As the name suggests, an argumentative essay formulates a ground for a given topic. The essay title poses a question and asks the writer about his/her opinion, which requires backing up through a solid and convincing argument. Argumentative essays are usually quite common, and children are assigned them throughout school in order to develop their opinions and choices towards certain things. These essays are highly opinion-based

In an essay type like this one, the writer is usually answering the question with a yes or no reply. The answer to an argumentative essay is often quite obvious, but at times it can be daunting as well. The idea is to choose the side which has the most points in favor of it. Remember that evidential proof backed up by your own voice will support your argumentative essay to great heights.

Here are some common argumentative essay topics:

1. Can smoking be prevented by making tobacco illegal?

2. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?

3. Can mankind in this era survive without technology?

4. Should women with insufficient earning be allowed to go for an abortion?

5. Should adults be responsible for taking care of their elder parent’s financial care?

6. Should video games be a sport?

7. Should gym classes be obligatory in all schools?

8. Should sport be segregated by gender?

9. Are men and women equal in their spousal relationship?

10. At what age should children be given personal mobile phones?

In the following examples, I will provide a supposed opinion on each essay topic and explain why I feel towards it in that way.

11. Should governments begin intervening in family control?

You need to first explain what family control is and why it is needed in the world. The crux of the essay will comprise of a thorough argument backed by opinion as to why governments intervene in a private issue such as family planning. Next, the main argument comprises of the stance such as “government should intervene in family control as it keeps a healthy run state in check”. Next, form an argument around this niche.

12. Should unpaid internships be legalized?

Explain what internships are and why they are done by people. Use that to explain, for instance, that no, they should not be legalized because the internee is actually giving time and energy to a company. Now argue how this can have an effect on a person’s life that, for example, has a home to feed.

13. Should school uniforms be updated regularly?

This topic requires common sense. A topic like this could appear as a petition in school. One would be required to argue why they want new uniforms and give a reason such as diversity and less dullness.

14. Do religious values prove to any harm or good to modern society?

This topic is an extensively personal one. It requires meticulous skill to take down a topic like this without degrading the opponent side. One can say that they do not because everyone is free to practice their religion.

15. Do violent, and crime movies have ill effects on the youth?

 Explain the popularity of crime movies and their target audience. Now answer the question and impose that yes, they do have an effect because children have weak minds, and that trauma fills and takes place in their brain. It can trigger them to perform violent acts on their own.

16. Should children be asked by the court about whom they want to stay with after their parent’s divorce?

This topic requires a detailed intro to divorce itself and how it affects the coming life of children. Further, into the topic, an emphasis on an opinion needs to be given. One can explain that emotions come afterwards and that children who are too young cannot decide for themselves, so they require court hearings to testify the ideal parent to live with.

17. Has the internet positively or negatively impacted human society?

Here one can opt for an argumentation falling on both sides of the scenario, including the positive impacts of the internet, such as in academics and the negative ones, such as trolling and hate crimes. In the end, one can choose one from these two sides and emphasize more points in response to it or follow a neutral stance by providing claims to both.

18. Is the death penalty a just punishment?

This is a very vague topic, and one would need to answer it with respect to the situation allotted for the death penalty. When generalizing it, the death penalty holds valid for those people who have deliberately taken the life of an individual/individuals. This is because that life taken cannot be brought back ever again, and the harm caused cannot be amended in any way. Also, people that kill once can, by all means, kill again.

19. How can income inequality be reduced?

Here is an elaboration of the ways of reducing income inequality can be listed through a thorough argumentation such as government intervention and check and balance of the country economy. Note that there is no answer of yes or no in this essay type. Instead, there is an elaboration on the topic itself through solid facts and arguments.

20. Should people have the right to own a gun?

No, because keeping a gun is extremely risky and unsafe, especially with children around; also, when there is a situation of unsafely, practically no one can go and find their gun in such a time.

20 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

A compare and contrast essay compares and contrasts two or more topics (for example, items, people, or ideas), highlighting their similarities and differences. You may opt to concentrate just on comparing, contrasting, or both—or your instructor may direct you to do one or the other.

An informative essay takes a topic and elaborates on it through information the writer has on it. Technical study and research can result in the best informative essay because the topics are usually revolving around something such as an event, belief, or historical time period. At times even if one has a little bit of knowledge on it, it proves not to be enough because facts and figures, as well as innumerable solid claims, need to be included.

For writing a good compare and contrast essay, one should list down a series of characteristics for each opponent in the statement. Here it is not necessary to argue and explain which opponent is the better one. Instead, one should list down the characteristics with their pros and cons and compare them in that way. Highlighting the similarities and differences creates the crux of the essay.

Here are some compare and contrast essay topics with a little guideline.

1. Prose vs Poetry

Both prose and poetry come from a literature background, but the distinction between both is that prose is longer and requires a longer time to write while poetry is comparatively shortening and involves things like meter and rhyme.

2. Study abroad vs. Studying in your country

Studying abroad allows more experience and exposure while studying in one’s home country makes sure family is near, and there is ease in travel and infrastructure

3. Vampires vs Werewolves

Here are the characteristics, preferences and behavior of both supernatural forms can be highlighted through comparison and contrast.

4. McDonald’s and Burger King

McDonald’s and Burger King are both leading fast-food chains. They are both widely known for serving burgers and other fast food items. These points would comprise the similarities. The differences could be that McDonald’s has a wider menu than Burger King and also offers breakfast.

5. Italian vs Mexican cuisines

Both have common spices as well as dishes. People confuse the food in both cuisines, but in the end, Italian cuisines are home to things such as pizza and pasta, while Mexican food contains nachos and quesadillas. Mexican food is spicier than Italian food.

6. Roman and Greek mythology

Romans and Greeks believe in similar Gods, but their names are altered. Greeks came before the Romans, and Romans followed their path.

7. School vs College: the key differences

School is an easier level which is learning-based. Schools entertain more activities compared to College’s which become more expensive with higher responsibilities and prospects towards career building.

8. Introvert and extrovert: how are they different?

Start with definitions and then compare both with their behavior and impacts on other people. For example, introverts make fewer friends because they are often mistaken as proud.

9. American English and British English: major differences

Explain the occurrence with the spread of both English dialects and compare them with respect to accent and word change (bathroom vs loo) as well as spellings (tire vs tyre). Next, explain what is usually used in the world, such as in movies.

10. Childhood and adulthood

Childhood and adulthood are both peak phases in life. Childhood pertains to academics and learning with guidance as well as on our own; it’s carefree and experience making. Adulthood is coupled with responsibilities such as jobs and family.

Other compare and contrast essay topics:

11. Education or professional career

12. Developed economy and developing economies

13. Online dating and real-life relations

14. Bacteria’s and viruses

15. Physics or Chemistry

16. Rural life vs urban life

17. Virtual vs real classrooms

18. Science vs Arts

19. Friends Vs. Family

20. Ego Vs. Superego

20 Best Informative Essay Topics

An informative essay comes with the guidelines of explaining a topic posed in the title. This style of the essay necessitates the gathering of knowledge about the subject. Your purpose is to provide a thorough explanation of the issue in response to the prompt question. The purpose of an informative essay is to educate the readers about a certain phenomenon or thing existing in the world. For this, the writer is required to have extensive know-how about the topic he is writing and provide solid claims about it through stated facts and information.

Since the purpose of an informative essay is to educate and explain, one can use synonyms to define the term and even compare it to other similar occurrence’s. There is also a dire need to organize the informative essay in a proper manner. For this, one needs to begin with a solid definition and thorough explanation of the term and further go on to explain its effects on people and the world around us. These essays do not aim to propose any opinion or persuade the reader about something. What it simply does is collect a bunch of facts about the proposed study and elaborate on it as much as possible.

Now I will explain a few descriptive essay topics.

1. Covid-19

A current and common topic appearing in examination as well as at school is the occurrence of Covid-19, which is a world phenomenon that has caused mayhem all around. Since the essay topic is a one-wonder, a general descriptive approach needs to be taken. When handling a topic like this one, one can begin with the emergence of Covid and explain how it spread in the world, followed by stats and figures. Then the writer can further elaborate about health care facilities and the nature of the virus as well as how it has affected the economy and healthcare of the world.

2. Plastic Surgery

This is also a broad term that requires an emphasis on the process, why people do it and the pros and cons of it. This topic needs emphasis on a description of what plastic surgery is and its growing use in the world.

3. Michael Jackson’s death

This essay pertains to an event in History. One would describe who Michael Jackson is and his influence in the world and music industry. Going further, his death and how it was caused, preconceived notions about it as well as the legacy he left behind through the outcry of fans.

4. Gambling and its outcomes

Explain what gambling is and where it is most commonly done as well as what kind of people most likely do it. Going in with a descriptive approach, one can emphasize the personal effects that gambling has on an individual as well as the people around him/her. A descriptive approach needs to be employed.

5. Consequences of World War 2

Explain how world war II was caused and how it affected the entire world. A thorough description of the effects of the war can be explained during that exact time period as well as how the world progressed after it. To make it even better, consequences existing till today can be mentioned in detail.

6. Pitching a tent in a rain forest

This is an instructive topic that requires the explanation of how the tent itself can be set up coupled with the precautions one needs to take when doing it.

7. How to prevent excessive procrastination

Explain what procrastination is and who comes across it the most. Usually, students’ educational institutes can be emphasized. Afterwards, preventive measures such as setting a timetable can be explained.

8. Violence on a college campus and how to deal with it

Explain why the violence is usually caused and how to take safety precautions against it as well as how to involve higher authorities to solve the problem itself. End it with future implications.

9. High unemployment causes in developing countries

Explain what unemployment is and correlate it with developing countries because they usually have the problem of low economy and, therefore fewer jobs. To build a better essay, an explanation of a few developing country examples can be given with respect to stats and figures.

10. Causes of rising poverty in third world countries

Explain how poverty and 3rd world countries correlate and what they are. Then give reasons.

11. Factors of Racism in the USA

Collect data on racism in America as well as the types and causes. Explain the need for check and balance and accountability as well as racism in different country spheres such as education.

Here are some other Informative essay topics:

12. Importance of recycling

13. Reasons why people undergo plastic surgery

14. Ill-effects of online education

15. How to write a research paper?

16. The importance of sleep for mental health

17. History of feminism

18. How to be a successful student

19. How excessive caffeine affects health

20. How to take care of a pet

20 Best Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Cause and effect essays are by far the most common type of academic essay writing style. In this kind of essay, a topic is given on which one needs to analyze and elaborate the “causes” or reasons for its occurrence/presence. After doing that, the effects that result in the topic’s occurrence are pondered upon and listed.

This kind of essay usually comes as an entire article, but it can also be a section of an article. This sort of essay would require extensive evidence gathering, strong critical thinking abilities, and the capacity to construct cause-and-effect logic. Some creative ideas for cause-and-effect essays are as follows.

1. Always proofread your work

The causes would include the dire need for proofreading or the reason it is done, such as ensuring your paper is free from mistakes and inconsistencies. One can explain further that proofreading is caused because often when one submits whatever work he/she did, there arise errors that he/she knew better of doing but did them by accident. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can affect one’s grades. The effects of proofreading can highlight how the mere process itself allows the writer to be satisfied with whatever he/she has written. The trail of thought widens, and new forgotten ideas come to the surface, and of course, the work is far more satisfactory.

2. Plastic pollution

One can begin with a short analysis of plastic itself and the causes of why it is used (e.g. plastic bags, toys, containers, etc.) then add a paragraph about what plastic is made out of and how its non-renewable nature coupled with its extensive regular use causes it to be a primary source of pollution in the world. Plastic is not biodegradable, and it is something that is easy to mould things into as well as make. The demand for plastic has led to litter everywhere.

To highlight the effects of plastic pollution, one would have a wide range spectrum such as plastic netting endangering wildlife, plastic bags filling up waste disposal areas and landfills, the burning of plastic causing high amounts of toxic air pollution, etc. One can conclude the essay with solutions for each effect, such as for plastic bag accumulation, tote bags are being preferred.

3. The Global importance of Tourism

Tourism is more than site seeing, and its effects on global GDS as well as providing jobs to numerous people, especially the local market, will be most of the effects of tourism. Here the title highlights that one needs to identify the “importance”, which means that one needs to emphasize the effects of tourism here majorly. To begin with the causes, one can generally give a description of how tourism is done by foreigners to visit different lands and explore different cultures and foods.

4. Recycling and Use of the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)

This is a very common essay topic. To begin, one would need to elaborate on the causes of how recycling is an important thing and why it needs to be done. In the effects, the simple consequences of recycling can be explained, such as less wastage and pollution as well as extensive saving of resources.

5. Proper waste disposal

This essay can begin with how waste is and how waste isn’t disposed of properly and then explain how waste affects the planet and wildlife coupled with the positive effects of proper waste disposal such as saving of world resources.

6. Save our planet

The causes will explain how the planet can be saved (minimize pollution, use renewable resources) while the effects will advance towards how saving earth can benefit mankind in the long run (prevention of global warming and cleanliness)

7. Waste pollution

Causes: Causes of waste pollution, e.g., less awareness in people

Effects: Disease, unclean climate, global warming, scenic degradation

8. Global Warming: Accumulation of Greenhouse Gases

9. Human Factor in Global Warming

10. Health Effects of Global Warming

In all three above topics, the causes will be the same, catering to the reasons why global warming is caused. It will also be different in correlation to the causes of the respective problems, such as why there is an accumulation of greenhouse gases on planet earth. But the effects will pertain to the specific ones mentioned in the topics, such as the effects it has on human health or what happens when the man himself causes global warming

11. Crimes, Homelessness, Mental Disorders

This essay is just like the ones below but has a specified topic catering to a collaborative approach of all three elements together because, indeed, their causes and effects are linked.

12. Homelessness in Canadian society

This essay specifies homelessness in Canada only; therefore, the approach would be the causes of it in Canada with a few statistic figures explaining why it happens more in some places compared to others and finally the effects it has on the Canadian society as well in general. To make it better, the ways to curb homelessness can be mentioned

13. Homelessness as a Social Issue

Compared to the topic above, one would need to look into homelessness as a general issue all around the world with the same approach adding the causes as to why homelessness happens (no government policy, fewer jobs) followed by the effects such as higher crime rates, starvation, and more slum areas.

14. Water shortage, a global calamity

Causes include global warming and water wastage, while effects can clearly be inaccessible water and unsafe reserves of water.

15. Cause and Effect: Technology

Causes include why and how technology came to this world and created ease and comfort for man, while the effects would elaborate the pros and cons of technology.

16. Cause and Effect: World War two

Historical research through this topic will reveal the causes through the need of World War two which include coal excavation besides religious hatred, extensive power control, and territory growth. The effects enlist the number of lives lost, world political intensity, danger, food shortage, etc.

17. Extracurriculars at School

Causes would highlight why extracurriculars became a need and what they are in general with types. The effects would include how they keep children creative, productive and help in high achieving admissions.

18. Students bunking class hours

Causes can include boring and dull classes which children take less interest in, and effects may include the consequences such as detention and lower grades.

19. Heavy use of drugs in college students

Cause: Availability, peer pressure, mental health

Effect: Health constraints, bad grades

20. Dress code in common colleges

Cause: peer pressure, inappropriate dressing

Effect: students pay attention to academics, equality

How to create a perfect essay topic?

We all are well aware of essay topics that are assigned in school and College. At times teachers give a few essay topics in an examination of which the student needs to choose and therefore write on. It is, therefore, quite natural for the student to pick the topic which lies in his/her interest as well as expertise and knowledge. This is exactly what the first step of creating a perfect essay topic instigates.

The key is to choose a topic that is both exciting and enlightening. Whether you’re writing a science essay or a personal essay, offer your topic a unique spin to pique the reader’s attention. When coming up with a topic, make sure that the topic covers the pertaining scope of the essay. Do not look for a title that is too vast or broad and will need a lot of words to complete and form a solid argument.

The important thing is to choose a topic you know you can defend and tread on to the confirmation of the topic in the rest of the essay. In this way, one is checking the sustainability of the topic by questioning it and getting a coercive answer in reply. Furthermore, the thesis statement is integral and needs to be clearly stated. The thesis statement is always specific to the topic of the essay itself.

Can I use an essay writing service?

What is an Essay Writing Service? Essay writing services are usually offered by freelancers or essay writing companies. These services are widely availed by students who are willing to fulfil their academic responsibilities to the fullest. Usually, students utilize these services in order to get help with their day-to-day assignments.

These services include weekly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly packages.

Is it okay to use an essay writing service?

Yes, there is completely no problem in using an essay writing service if services are availed from a reliable source.

A misconception exists that purchasing essays online or having them outsourced may not give accurate results. But it is completely safe. It is important for the user to bear in mind whether the sources from where he/she is obtaining the services are reliable enough. In fact, these prove to be very helpful for especially students as it is cheap and time-effective. Mostly, students having lack interest in a particular subject hire writer to write for them.

Plus, the writers are usually professionals who are richly experienced and can write in-depth on several topics. With the help of these fine essays, students can earn better grades.

Therefore, essay writing services seem to be very helpful for individuals having a lack in subject knowledge or who are pressured with strict deadlines. They can achieve a prime essay quickly and cheaply.

What are the best essay services?

Outsourcing essay writers is beginning to progress more and more nowadays. Its use is most common among students with academic goals facing deadline pressures. Usually, students having low interest or lack of knowledge regarding the underlying subject turn to essay writers.

The foremost thing a user should bear in mind is whether the company he is getting the essay from is reliable or not. Therefore, the user should perform a proper inspection before spending his money.

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Writing essays is a common task for students in all academic fields. Professors utilize essays to assess students’ knowledge, presentation, analytical skills, and reasoning abilities in their fields of study. Essays can be pertaining to a wide area of types, but to write one, the main thing in common to all essays is the existence of sufficient knowledge for the topic as well as the extensive skill to explain it out in a way that is both convincing and adequate.

Essays help students prepare for other required writing projects such as term papers, dissertations, research papers, and thesis papers. A little bit of pondering and self-analysis can help one pick the ideal essay topic to write about. People tend to write essays all around the world with similar motives and prospects. Essays tend to explore and broaden our thinking as well as develop a say in the world through our own knowledge of a subject.


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