The Advantages of Brand Marketing in 2023

The Advantages of Brand Marketing in 2023

Internet marketing is the latest trend of most businesses in this digital age as it has become an important component of advertisement and e-commerce in the year 2023. Successful marketing strategies can be carried out with the aid of freelancers and agencies and this transcends across multiple digital platforms, helping brands make money in new ways.

Business firms should create a special bond with their customer base in order for the firm to be successful. The idea of brand marketing is to aid a deep connection between businesses and their target audience. What are the reasons for the steady rise of brand marketing in the year 2023?

We live in a dynamic world that advances from one level of strategic planning to another and digital marketing is the latest form of advertisement in the year 2023. Every client seeks the transparency of the business firm they are transacting with and brand marketing gives them the unique opportunity to know more about these businesses. 

This article explains the relevance of brand marketing in 2023 and how businesses should bond with their various clients. 

1. The Power of Emotional Connection

The loyalty of business clients can be secured with a strong emotional connection. A survey was carried out by a reputable survey firm Iterable’s Holiday Shopping Trends which indicated that about 84 percent of customers transact with brands they are connected to emotionally.

The human brain can be stimulated based on reception, reliability and the feelings of satisfaction it gets from a particular product. Every successful brand should be able to stimulate the emotions of reliability and satisfaction from its clients and target audience.

Brands can equally influence the thought process of their customers by mesmerizing them with their preferences. A review from Harvard Business via The New Science of Customer Emotions revealed that clients do create some emotional bonds with businesses that are in line with their values, beliefs and personal motivation. One unique advantage of Brand Marketing is the ability of brands to create a product or service that aligns with the preference of their customers.

The “Think Different” campaign of Apple is a typical example of Brand Marketing that has a strong emotional connection with its customer’s base. Apple as a business firm was running in deficit before they felt the urgency to form the brand “Think Different”. This new brand created a deep connection with its customer base and brought about the expected positive transformation to the sales and profit of Apple.

The topmost priority of this campaign was human creativity and the quest for innovation, unlike its previous campaign that centered on the technical features of a traditional computer. This campaign was generally accepted because the customers of Apple felt good about the purchase of its rebranded products. The “Think Different” campaign was a huge success because it launched Apple as a global brand of creativity and innovation.

A similar campaign tagged “Just Do It” was created by Nike and its target audience were athletes and the sporting community. The initiative of this campaign was to motivate athletes to achieve their dreams and aspirations despite the difficult challenges of doing so. Nike is a global brand for sporting kits and the “Just Do It” campaign was very appealing to athletes and the sporting community. Nike created this emotional connection with its customer base by featuring superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Serena Williams.

2. The Power of Personalization and Internet Advertisement

Internet marketing is the latest trend of most businesses in this digital age, as it has become an important component of advertisement and e-commerce in the year 2023. Successful marketing strategies can be carried out with the aid of social media and this can be done on multiple digital platforms.

Nevertheless, it is a bit challenging for most businesses to get across to their target audience on most digital platforms. One of the most effective ways for businesses to get across to their target audience is through the power of personalization. 

Personalization is the ability of business firms to direct a specific marketing advertisement to its various customers with regards to the preference of the customers. The needs of these customers can be streamlined in a scale of preference and this will increase the customer’s engagement and loyalty to the business brand.

The strategy of Personalization can be included on marketing through the following methods:

  1. Personalized Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most effective ways for business firms to reach out to their customers, and this can be achieved by collating the customer’s behavior, with the intent to send a segmented email list based on the customer’s behavior. The strategy of personalized email marketing is targeted at the preference of the customer and this strategy compels the customer to click on the advert, thus increasing the business click-through rates, which in turn leads to a higher conversion rate for the business.
  2. Personalized Advertisement: The ability of a business firm to study the purchasing attitude, browsing history and demographic data of a particular group of customers can also increase the visibility of the business by bringing a higher click through and conversion rates.
  3. Dynamic Website Content: Website owners can personalize the browsing behavior of any visitor through their favorite clicks by using the dynamic content feature. This tool refers visitors to various personalized products and decision making that is favorable to the business firm.
  4. Personalized Social Media Marketing: The data and user’s behavior of customers across the various social media platforms is quite massive and businesses can capitalize on this data to reach out to any of its target audience. It is very important for businesses to utilize every social media platform for the highest click through and conversion rates.
  5. Automated Communication: Businesses can utilize the browsing history of its customers and provide some valuable information to them through Artificial Intelligence. In other words, businesses can set up an automated process that will automatically send personalized messages to a particular audience. This will enable most customers to serve themselves while the businesses will encounter an increase in sales and profit.


Brand Marketing is an important tool for businesses that intend to dominate the digital space with a precise advertisement. Business firms can form stronger relationships with their customers by directing marketing messages to the customers through the personal preferences of its customers. 

The internet has the largest global audience in the digital space and it is very necessary for businesses to capitalize on this global audience through personalization and emotional connection. A well personalized and targeted advert will lead to an increase in conversion rate, profits and long-term success for the business.  


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