The 8 Best Sales Meeting Checklist Ideas of 2022


Meetings are a great way to discuss important business strategies and decisions together as a team. Sales meetings, in particular, are conducted for various reasons such as setting targets, analyzing the effectiveness of sales strategies, discussing sales quotas and opportunities, and some general tips and tricks to improve sales. These meetings are conducted at regular intervals to ensure successful teamwork. However, if you don’t have a proper agenda for sales meetings, they will turn into mere discussions with no proper outcome.

For a meeting to yield the best results, you need to decide on the topics for sales meetings, a proper plan/agenda, and duration, and allocate time for Q&A or feedback sessions at the end. As a sales manager, you must know the value of everyone’s time and act accordingly. Let’s discuss how to get sales team meeting ideas, frame an agenda, and decide on the other aspects of a sales meeting before you initiate it.

Why Do You Need A Checklist For Sales Meetings?

There is a difference between going to a meeting without a plan and planning the meeting activities by creating a checklist. Hence, know the benefits of a checklist before you decide. The main advantages are:

  • Both the manager and the employees will have a clear understanding of the discussed topics.
  • The meeting will be more interactive and spontaneous, whereas without a checklist it may be monotonous and boring.
  • Sales employees will have an update on what strategies are working and what to change.
  • The sales meeting agenda will make your sales team understand what to expect.

8 Best Sales Meeting Checklist Ideas Of 2022

67% of salespeople say that a clear agenda is critical for a successful and productive sales meeting. Here is a list of 8 sales meeting checklist ideas for 2022:

1. A well-defined purpose

A meeting without a purpose is like a ship without a sailor. It knows neither the direction to go nor the destination! To avoid this, have a clear purpose – whether to take decisions, discuss sales strategies, or motivate your sales team towards higher targets for the next quarter, etc. Once you have a purpose, you have to plan what and how to convey the same.

2. Decide on the duration and frequency of meetings

Whether it is weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly, determine the frequency that suits your business, the importance, and urgency of matters that need to be addressed, and the timing that is convenient for all the attendees. For example, general sales reports summing up the performance of your team can wait but a customer challenge reported that needs to be solved soon requires immediate action. Also, don’t drag the sales meetings just for the time being. An ideal time would be 30-minutes and more than that only if required.

3. Opt for online meetings if convenient

Now in 2022, everything from the ways they are conducted and sales meetings ideas have changed a lot. As a major part of the workforce opt for hybrid or remote, consider the option of online meetings for everyone’s convenience. You can also insist on video meetings as they will be more interactive and lively. 

4. Start with the good, progressive points

Good things first. So, start with the positive outcomes of sales strategies and how your team helped in that progress. Appreciate the ones who gave outstanding contributions. If possible, you can also give awards like “Employee of the month” or any other rewards. This will light up the meeting situation and give positive vibes to all.

5. Discuss the challenges

Next, you can discuss the challenges that your business is facing currently in the market. Ask for inputs from the team on how to tackle them and increase sales further. Give them a feeling that we are all in it together to motivate them.

6. Define the future goals

For the next quarter or the end of the year, discuss the targets you have set for the business as a whole and the individuals in the team. Ask for your sales employees opinions, whether they feel ok or need help to achieve the goals. After everyone is ok with their targets, you can move on to the next topic.

7. Set clear expectations

Sales quotas are not just numbers, but the outcome you set for an individual after analyzing their capabilities. Hence, set realistic targets and know what to expect. Also, identify the skill gaps and training requirements for the existing as well as new employees.

8. End with ideas and strategies

The final segment of the sales meeting should be the brainstorming session on the new ideas and strategies required to achieve the business goals. The agenda for sales meetings should be created in this order to have productive results. Have a concise plan for the sales meetings and ace them with your brilliance.

Summing Up

Before you take the responsibility of conducting sales meetings, have a look at all the above-mentioned points. These sales meeting ideas will help you to plan and execute. By taking this route, you will also be able to convince your employees about the tasks and show them the way too. End your meeting by assuring your team that they will get any sort of help if required. Remember as a sales leader, it is your responsibility to take your team as well as your business to the next level and sales meetings are the gateway for them.


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