Taking Your Case to Court and Claiming Compensation for a Data Breach 

data breach

If an organisation holds your data, shares, or loses it in an unauthorized way (error or by accident), you can claim compensation for data breach. 

Data breaches might include:

  • Medical records and documents
  • Personal health data
  • Social services files
  • Financial information
  • Sensitive content
  • Confidential information

In nowadays digital world, it is hard to keep your personal data safely. Too often, business’ processes can lead to human error and cybercrime, which means that your sensitive data may be exposed, stolen, shared online, etc. This shouldn’t happen; if your data falls into the wrong hands, it can have serious consequences, like financial losses, emotional distress, or loss of privacy online. When your financial and personal data is exposed because of negligence of a business or other organisation you have put your trust in to keep your data safe, it can be upsetting and frustrating. You may look for revenge. However, there’s no point in fighting the person or the business that exposed your data. The best thing you can do in this point is to know your legal rights and claim compensation. 

You can claim compensation for data breach if you hire an experienced lawyer specialized in the field. A lawyer who is specialized in data breach claiming compensation for people who have had their personal information exposed because of another party’s carelessness. They can help you claim for emotional and financial distress, but also for loss of privacy. 

It’s understandable that making a compensation claim can be daunting, especially if you are dealing with the emotional impact of having your data exposed. This is why you should always make sure to share your data with extremely reliable companies or persons. 

Also, you may be able to claim compensation through a no win, no fee basis, removing any other financial burden off of your shoulders. If you believe you are entitled to compensation for data breach, use a simple and secure online form. If you search in the right spot, you may receive help to claim compensation for data breaches, data leaks, misuse of sensitive data, and human rights breaches. 

Typically, you can claim compensation for data breach against organisations in the public sector, private, but also charitable sector. How much will you compensate? It depends on the type of data breach and how it might have impacted you, either mentally, financially, or both. The law around this subject is still developing, so the courts haven’t gone to an agreement yet regarding the specific guidelines on how much can a person be awarded. 

According to Statista, the average costs of cyber breaches to businesses in the UK in the past 12 months was £2,670. But the numbers become bigger as the size of the business increases. A cyber attack not only it is financial damaging, but companies spend significantly more time to recover from the attack. Cybercriminals have a big range of tools at their disposal to get around organisations digital guard. Many times, fraudulent emails are being directed to companies, which is by far the most common method used by cybercriminals, especially during 2019. 

The compensation claim awards may range from the following:

  • Up to £10,000 if the claim is about discrimination or assaults. 
  • Between £900 – £1,500 in less serious cases, like incidents that didn’t happen in public places and admission of guilt was made. 
  • Very serious damages and injuries can be awarded if there was a reason of wrongful expose or the other party is considered aggressive. 

Experienced solicitors in the UK can provide free consultation to help determine whether your case is worth trailing and if you are eligible for compensation. If this is the case, highly experienced lawyers are able to provide the right support and guidance in making an initial complaint in pursuing your claim. 

A data breach can be damaging in many, many ways. People suddenly may notice their social accounts getting hacked, or their bank accounts emptied. In most severe cases, your entire identity may be stolen. Of course, you’re sure this may never happen to you; until it does. So, seeking compensation is the only option you have left. After all the shock and chaos, you start notice the issues created by the data breach. For example, the card fraud – it’s the most common cyber attack a person experiences at least once in their lifetime. A data breach lawyer can help you seek compensations against the company that did harm to you and didn’t protect your personal data accordingly, leading to data breach. 

Contact now a data breach lawyer to receive advice and help needed for getting a successful compensation. 

Working with No Win, No Fee Data Breach Solicitors

It’s essential to keep in mind that seeking compensation for data breach is very demanding, and it may be easier to use the services of an experienced attorney. If you do this, a data breach lawyer may work under a no win, no fee agreement that could totally help you. It means that if they don’t win your case, you won’t pay any fees. So, wait no more and contact a UK law specialist for professional advice on claiming compensation. There are plenty of solicitors across UK ready to assist with any enquiries you may have regarding your claim. 

Being the victim of a data breach can have a huge impact on your mental and financial health. And this is because such accidents have the potential to compromise someone’s financial statement forever. If your data falls in the hands of a cybercriminal, they might use it to expose it against you. Feeling stressed and anxious about the breach may have a long-term and negative impact on your life. Becoming a victim of a data breach can entirely destroy someone’s life.

Contact a UK data breach lawyer to get more precise estimation of your potential compensation settlement. 


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