Takeaway Packaging that Works Best for the Small Gastronomy Business


All you need is the right choice of disposable packaging to make packing takeaway meals easy and convenient. Aesthetically packaged food that arrives at the customer’s table warm, well-protected against damage, delightfully appetising – nothing could be simpler!

Packaging for take-aways is an extremely important addition to your catering equipment. If you are going to serve take-away meals or introduce takeaway orders, the choice of packaging will be an extremely important issue for you. How do you choose the right packaging? Which packs are best for a small catering business?

Takeaway packaging- a wealth of choice

You have surely noticed that the choice of disposable packaging dedicated to the catering industry is extremely rich. Packages vary in shape, size, material they are made of and quality. Before you decide which product to bet on, it’s worth considering what kind of catering packaging you will use in your premises, what you will serve in them, what kind of dishes you want to pack in them?

The small gastronomy – what kind of packaging to choose?

When you run a gastronomic facility you often offer a varied menu. The richness of the market offer forces the purchase of packaging designed to pack different types of dishes. Salads, fries, burgers, tortillas, nuggets – surely you would like to pack each of your offered dishes in a way that will ensure that they reach the customer intact. So what kind of packaging do you need?

Here is a list of packaging most often chosen by small restaurants:

1 fries container

2 burger packaging

3 chicken box

4 chicken bucket

Ecological disposable packaging

Once you know what kind of packaging you will need, it is worth considering the material they should be made of. We strongly recommend paper-based packaging. The high quality of cardboard makes the packaging as solid as plastic or polystyrene, and at the same time it is much more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Packaging for self-assembly

When choosing disposable packaging, it’s also worth thinking about storage. Boxes for food made of cardboard are designed to be self-assembled, thanks to which they are much more convenient to store than plastic containers. Unfolded, they take up very little space and are easy to assemble in seconds.

French fries box

Which packaging for french fries to choose https://www.hollypowder.com/products/a-container-for-fries/? Paper envelopes are definitely our favorite. French fries boxes are light and practical. Packed this way you can easily add fries to a set or place them on top of a bucket with chicken. When choosing this type of packaging for fries it is worth to pay attention to the fact that it has a special protective layer preventing the formation of greasy, unsightly stains.


Printed burger packaging box

Burger boxes https://www.hollypowder.com/products/boxes-for-burgers/ with a practical closure are perfect for serving burgers and sandwiches to go. A box adjusted to the size of a burger will effectively protect it against damage during transport.

When deciding on a packaging for burgers it is worth choosing cardboard box with printed designs. Thanks to colourful graphics the box will become more attractive, it will emphasize appetizing of the dish and it will make the served burger or sandwich look great. The appearance of delivered food is as important as when it is served in a restaurant. It is worth remembering this. This way, the food delivery will be your business card, which will make your circle of customers significantly expand.

Packaging for chicken

Eco-friendly paper boxes, into which you can pack a larger portion of chicken or a set, will certainly find use in your restaurant. It is best to invest in two different sizes of boxes – packages with a divider or even three-part boxes will also work well. Thanks to them you’ll be able to conveniently pack a set consisting of several accessories. This solution is extremely practical – you minimize costs, save space, and your food looks appetizing and attractive.

Fried chicken bucket

Ideal for packing nuggets, wings or other pieces of chicken in a golden crispy coating. It is important that the bucket comes with a matching lid, preferably with holes. A dish packed in such a way will be effectively protected from scalding and will retain its properties – and it will still be warm, crunchy and aromatic. Certainly the expectations of your customers will be met – ordered food to take away will be as appetizing as in the served on the premises.

Organic, aesthetic, perfect for delivery

In conclusion, when choosing disposable packaging for serving food to take away and delivery always pay attention to the material from which they are made. Are they durable and sturdy, environmentally friendly. Maybe you can buy packaging that uses recycled paper? Apart from ecological considerations, be guided by aesthetics as well. The packaging in which you serve the dishes prepared in your restaurant is a showcase of you, your company and the restaurant you run.

Remember that no one likes to get food that does not look aesthetically pleasing, is cold or rubbery – because it is brewed. You have an impact on how the food ordered by the customer will look and taste. Choosing the right packaging will allow you to serve meals at the highest level.


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