Sports Betting: An Exciting Hobby With Attractive Chances Of Winning

Baseball, Basketball, Cricket Betting, Football and Horse Racing: These and many other sports competitions guarantee a high level of entertainment and excitement. You can increase both of these by completing sports bets. The laborious process of going to the competition is no longer necessary. With online casinos like B9Casino, or 메이저사이트 you can place your bets conveniently from home or on the go.  

The attraction of betting at online casinos

Millions of people around the globe bet regularly. A betting account can be set up with an online casino within a few minutes, and bets are placed with just a few clicks. But why do the online casinos achieve significant sales, what is the attraction of betting?

  • Firstly, you can cheer for competitions more. It’s not just about who wins for sporting reasons. It also depends on whether you are correct with your bonus.
  • Second, sports betting is much more than just a pastime. You can increase your money and attract attractive profits.
  • Third, sports betting is not a game of chance. Of course, nobody can predict the outcome of competition with absolute certainty. But as a bettor, you can deal with the general conditions in advance and bet well on this basis.

For example, in cricket betting, the question arises as to how the teams have presented themselves in the last few games, whether important players are missing and how strong the teams are in the home and away games. You are not supposed to place your bets in the dark: With expertise, you increase your chances of winning significantly.

Find the best online bookmaker

A large number of online bookmakers are fighting for fans of sports betting. The most famous online platforms include Bwin, 10Bet, Betway Sport, Mr. Green Sport, 22Bet, 888 Sport and Tipico. If you want to place sports bets in the future, you must first choose between the diverse companies. You should consider several criteria for this, in particular, the following aspects deserve attention:

  • Selection of sports betting
  • Amount of betting odds
  • Payment options
  • Ease of use
  • New customer bonus

Optimal selection of bets

In the first step, you should ask whether the betting offer suits your interests. There are considerable differences in the market. For example, you should check how many sports you can bet on. Some companies restrict themselves to a large extent to popular such as football bets, while others also offer betting options on fringe sports.

Within the individual sports such as football, basketball or horse racing, you should pay attention to which leagues and competitions online casino covers. A good betting site will have information, news and updates on the specific sport they cater. If you’re looking for a site that covers football, soccer and horse racing, Colossus Bets is a great choice. In baseball, tennis and other sports, it is worth taking a look at the type of competition: does a platform focus on the highlights or also include events in the betting calendar that are less known.

In addition, you should examine the exact betting offer for individual sports. With almost all companies, you don’t have to settle for mere outcome bets; you can bet on a lot more. In football betting, this means, among other things: How far does a team win? How many goals will the team score? Does the referee give a dismissal? How many corners are there during the game?

The assessment of the betting offer depends on your requirements. For example, if you are particularly interested in ice hockey, you should take a close look at this betting section. Other sports enthusiasts have different priorities.

Bet during the competition: Live bets

Pre-placed sports bets ensure excitement, and the live bets online are even more exciting. Most online casinos allow you to bet until the end of the game after the game has kicked off or the competition has started. The companies constantly adjust the quota to reflect the trend. For example, if a soccer team scores the lead, the odds of their victory drop. At the same time, the odds of the opposing team’s victory increase.

The selection also plays an important role in live betting. You should control how many sports, games and competitions the online casino presents. At the same time, you should research which bets you can place on the individual events. A comparison also reveals enormous differences here.

How are the betting odds designed at online casinos?

An important question is how high the betting odds and thus your chances of winning are. In other words: what share of the income does an online casino distribute, which one do they keep as a margin? This cannot be answered by comparing individual bets. It can always be the case that a company sometimes grants a better and then a worse quota. Instead, you should use the average odds for your comparison. 

You don’t have to calculate these yourself; various experts carry out tests for this. They take into account a large number of odds in different sports such as football, equestrian sport, Formula 1 and ice hockey. A sound basis for comparison can only be obtained from such extensive calculations.

You should pay attention to the betting tax, which has been in place in many countries. It is somewhere around 5% of betting turnover, depending on your location. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose with your sports betting. The providers must transfer 5% of their sales to the tax authorities. The state regulates this in the State Treaty on Gaming. However, he did not stipulate that bettors actually have to pay this amount.

The company can do that. Some online casinos explicitly advertise that they exempt their customers from tax payments. But be careful: this does not necessarily mean that you will benefit financially from it. You should also look at the amount of the odds. Saving the betting tax does not help you if an online casino offers poor odds overall.

Deposits and withdrawals options in the online casino

Most betting providers such as Bwin and Tipico offer their customers a wide range of options for loading money into their betting account. Before opening a betting account, you should take a look at these options. It should include the payment options you prefer. At best, these are payment options such as PayPal, instant transfer and credit cards, with which you have the credit within a few minutes and can quickly use it for sports betting.

With other direct debit and manual transfer methods, it takes several working days for the companies to register the receipt of the funds. In addition, you should include in your comparison in which ways and in what time period the companies repay credit. For deposits and withdrawals, the question is whether there are fees for individual options.

Ease of use of the platforms

Whether you place bets on the Bundesliga, the English League, La Liga, basketball or baseball: The fun factor is not only based on the course of the event, but also on the user-friendliness of the platform. With the best providers, you benefit from clearly designed websites and apps. The pages are not cluttered; you can find your way around quickly.

With just a few clicks, you can reach the sports betting you want to win with. The amount of information is also important. Good platforms are characterized by the fact that you can access detailed statistics. In football betting you can, for example, view statistics on the last games.

Especially with live sports betting, it is advantageous if you can follow various events live via stream. The provider Bwin broadcasts a variety of sports. For understandable reasons, they cannot offer this service for all sports, including the Bundesliga; they have no broadcasting rights.

In this case, the best sports betting providers convince with all relevant information on the course of the game. Acoustic signals are helpful, for example, in the case of a goal. You don’t have to look continuously at the screen or display of your smartphone, and you can also leave the homepage or app running in the background.

Betting bonuses and free bets for new customers often financially attractive

The sports betting market is highly competitive. An effective means of attracting new customers is a new customer bonus; almost all sports betting providers use this marketing tool. As a new customer, you can look forward to attractive premiums. But you should not expect that you will receive an unconditional amount for free. It is a rare exception. Instead, you have to wager a bonus several times to be able to withdraw it at a certain minimum rate.

Two bonus models have established themselves: the bonus and the free bet. With a bonus, the company tops up your first deposit by a certain percentage, for example, imposes 50% on top. Please note the minimum amount for the deposit and the upper limit for the bonus. For recommended platforms, the maximum limit is in the high three-digit range. At the same time, you should pay attention to the payment conditions: how often do you have to wager the bonus amount at what minimum rate? Assume that this minimum quota is not 1.1. That would be bad for the companies because you would hardly have to take any risks. A realistic rule is more, and you have to reckon with the amount at least three times at a rate of 1.8. Pay attention to the distinctions.

Final thought about sports betting at online casinos

The free bet works differently. You will not receive any betting credit but may place a bet with an amount. The prerequisite is not a deposit as with the bonus, but the placing of a bet. For example, as a new customer, you bet 10 bucks after topping up your credit balance, and you can then place a free bet of the same amount. The bet that qualifies for the free bet must have a minimum amount and a minimum quota. The amount of the free bet is calculated as a percentage; in the case mentioned, it would be 100%. 

In contrast to the bonus bets, there are no restrictions on a successful free bet, and you can withdraw the money immediately. With this type of bonus, you take the risk in advance with your qualifying bet at the online casinos.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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