Seven Amazing Tips to Become a Remarkable Real Estate Agent

By Eric Reyes

Every year, many people become licensed to sell real estate because being a Realtor can potentially be a lucrative primary job or side gig. However, only the best agents are actually able to earn lofty incomes because the truth behind the closed doors of your brokerage firm is that selling real property is difficult. It takes hard work to stand out. It also takes equally hard work to persevere. The difference between agents who bring in phenomenal income and those that scrape a mere living rests in customer service, marketing, and organization.

1. Customer service

In real estate, all the Maroochydore real estate agents know it is how you treat your clients that launch you to the stratosphere of home sales. However, customer service does not simply mean smiling and being nice to clients. Instead, it is an umbrella term for a variety of actionable items.

  • showing houses outside of regular hours
  • being amenable to selling houses of all shapes and sizes
  • returning phone calls within an hour
  • able to offer in-depth knowledge of the local market
  • able to articulate the process of selling or buying a home
  • wearing formal attire to show you take the process and the clients seriously

 2. House marketing

Once you land a client, it is critical to actually get the house before as many sets of eyes as possible. Doing this is impossible if you do not take the time to market the house in a variety of ways.

  • Facebook listings
  • install a brochure box in the yard
  • online listings
  • e-mail listings to potential investors

Waiting for the market to come to you is reactive. If you develop an e-mail list of potential buyers or sellers, you will have a waiting list of vetted people that could give you a boost when it comes to buying or selling.

3. Marketing yourself

You might be the best agent in the known universe, but it does not matter if people do not know you exist. Consequently, you should have a blog, and you should meet people in as many places as possible. These places involve church, volunteer events, and social events. They might also involve self-directed events, such as seminars that teach people how to buy a home.

4. Marketing to service providers

Being a great agent means having an equally great network of handy people, photographers, and inspectors. Such a network allows you to readily schedule repairs or list shots. Additionally, being able to suggest an inspector or appraiser helps save time and ensures the process goes smoothly.

5. Post-sale marketing

Once a sale is made, it is important to do two things. First, you should ask for reviews. Doing so allows all the prominent review sites to spread the word about all the great work you can do for potential home buyers and sellers. Without this activity, many buyers and sellers will skip over your online profile because they will not want to take their chances on an agent with no reviews.

The second thing you should do is ask for referrals. Asking for referrals is not a one-time activity. Instead, it should be something you do each year by sending out an annual newsletter that provides information on home selling and buying and also asks for referrals. Requesting referrals is important because many people might forget to make a referral because they are busy. A simple reminder can land you one or two clients per year. 

6. Punctuality 

Simply put, you should never be late. Doing so sends the message that a client or potential client is not worth the hassle of scheduling. This one misstep can be remembered long after a house sale and end up costing you a solid review.

Punctuality can also play an important role if you need to meet service providers at a location, and it can definitely play a role when it comes to meeting closing deadlines. If you miss deadlines throughout the sales process, you can easily miss a closing date, which pushes back your commission.

7. Organization

Being organised is important for any job, but in real estate you’ll find yourself managing a number of different properties and clients. There is of course lease management software available to help keep everything you need scheduled and organised. The importance of being organized translates into completing paperwork on schedule. It also translates into arriving to open houses on time. Being organized also means ensuring some of the following actions are accomplished.

  • scheduling repairs before an inspection
  • listing a house at the right time of the season
  • following up with clients regarding signed contracts or disclosures 

About the Author

Eric Reyes is a passionate thought leader having been featured in 50 distinguished online and offline platforms. His passion and knowledge in Finance and Business made him a sought after contributor providing valuable insights to his readers. You can find him reading a book and discussing current events in his spare time. 


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