Selim Tezman, Executive Board Member of Tezman Holding, Unveils Acquisitions for Global Expansion

Executive Board Member of Tezman

Selim Tezman, a distinguished figure in the Turkish business realm, continues to drive innovation and expansion within Tezman Holding A.Ş., a multinational conglomerate with a diverse industry presence. As the CEO of Sel Sanayi Collasel, Tezman has been instrumental in steering Collasel, a key subsidiary, towards unprecedented success and pioneering stridesin the hydrolyzed collagen market.

Collasel, renowned for its advanced production capabilities, has solidified its position as a significant contributor, commanding a remarkable 20% share in the World Hydrolyzed Collagen market. Specializing in Hydrolyzed Bovine and Fish Collagen Peptides, Collasel has gained trust and recognition as a preferred partner for esteemed global brands.

In a groundbreaking move witnessed in 2023, Collasel achieved a milestone by producing the world’s first Bovine Collagen Tripeptide, setting an unparalleled standard for innovation within the market. This remarkable feat underscores Collasel’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and elevating industry benchmarks. Moreover, the introduction of the highest quality Fish Collagen, coupled with Fish Tripeptide Collagen, further exemplifies Collasel’s relentless pursuit of excellence in product offerings.

Emphasizing the vision for global expansion, Tezman Holding, under Selim Tezman’s leadership, is excited to announce its strategic initiative to acquire industrial facilities abroad. This significant move aligns seamlessly with the corporation’s overarching goal of extending its global footprint while reinforcing its stronghold as an influential player across diverse industries. The planned acquisition of international industrial facilities stands as a testament to Tezman Holding’s steadfast commitment to fostering growth, driving innovation, and cultivating strategic partnerships on a global scale.

Selim Tezman’s illustrious professional journey, spanning executive roles across various sectors, including chemistry, food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, construction, real estate, maritime, agriculture, and insurance, showcases his unwavering dedication and expertise in navigating multifaceted industries. Having commenced his career in the banking sector in New York, Tezman’s leadership within Tezman Holding, particularly as the Chief Executive Officer at Sel Sanayi A.Ş. – CollaSel since 2020, has been instrumental in propelling the subsidiary towards groundbreaking achievements and market leadership.

Furthermore, Tezman’s pivotal roles as an Executive Board Member at Seljel Jelatin A.Ş. since 2003 and contributions as a Board Member at Tezmarin since 2003 exemplify his extensive involvement and significant impact within Tezman Holding’s affiliated entities.

As Tezman Holding embarks on this strategic venture of acquiring international industrial facilities, Selim Tezman remains poised to lead the conglomerate into a new era of growth, innovation, and global prominence.

Tezman Holdingepitomizes a forward-thinking conglomerate dedicated to excellence and diversification. With a robust portfolio spanning diverse industries such as chemistry, food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, construction, real estate, maritime, agriculture, and insurance, Tezman Holding embodies adaptability, resilience, and a strategic vision for sustainable growth. Through astute leadership, innovative strategies, and a commitment to ethical business practices, Tezman Holding continues to solidify its position as a dynamic and influential force in the global business landscape.

About Tezman Holding

Tezman Holding, established in 1948, is a dynamic and diversified industrial family group with a broad range of investments across various sectors. These sectors include chemical, food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, fastener, marine, technical textiles, real estate, construction, and insurance.

The Tezman Group, a vanguard in its sectors, has been under the astute leadership of Chairman Erol Tezman, the secondgeneration from the Tezman family. Erol’s tenure has been marked by groundbreaking innovations and strategic growth. Following this legacy, Selim Tezman, embodying the third generation, upholds the family’s tradition of excellence, steering the company toward new heights of success and innovation.

Tezman Holding’s approach to business is characterized by its diversification across industries, allowing it to have a robust presence in multiple key sectors of the economy. This strategy not only diversifies the company’s revenue streams but also positions it as a versatile and resilient player in the market. 

About Sel Sanayi Collasel

Sel Sanayi,Collasel, a subsidiary of Tezman Holding, is a pioneering force in the hydrolyzed collagen market. With a focus on innovation and quality, Collasel produces Hydrolyzed Bovine and Fish Collagen Peptides with a capacity to contributeto20% of the World Hydrolyzed CollagenPeptidemarket.


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