Real Estate SMS Marketing – Things to Consider for Success


If you are running a real estate business, you need to invest your money, time and energy into marketing. SMS marketing is a form of marketing that is now making waves. Investing in SMS marketing can help your business reach the right people, and you can make huge sales. 

Whether you are new to real estate SMS marketing or have several years of experience in the industry, there are essential factors you need to consider to achieve success. This article will discuss some of these factors and give tips to help take your real estate business to greater heights. 

Identify Your Target Market

Before you get carried away with the idea of making huge money from real estate SMS marketing, the first thing you need to do is get subscribers in your target market. Like expert real estate brokers, it is best to focus on a niche market instead of targeting everyone, which can be counterproductive. 

For instance, if you sell houses or lands in the US, adding only people in another country to your SMS list is not the best move. This is because people living in a different country will likely not need your services, and this is a waste of time and resources. With the best real estate text message marketing solutions, you can easily segment your subscribers and target your promotional messages to the right people. 

Keep Text Short

A common SMS marketing mistake is not keeping your text short. Some real estate agents believe that giving their audience all the essential information about the property they are marketing can help them increase their chances of making a sale. While this is true, providing too much information can frustrate potential customers. So what do you do? 

To run a successful real estate SMS marketing campaign, you want to make sure you keep things short. Instead of stuffing all the property information in a text message, you can simply provide a link to your website where they can see pictures and learn more about the property. This is more efficient and can generate better results for your SMS marketing campaigns. 

Use the Right Keywords for Each Property

Like in SEO, where keywords are king, you may be surprised that using the right keywords to market your property in your SMS campaign can also help you succeed. Choose a keyword that is brief, relatable and different from what other businesses are using.

For example, if you send a marketing message to your audience that shows some of the properties available for sale, you can use keywords House 1 to depict the first property, House 2 for the second property and so on. This way, when your contacts want to learn more about House 1 or opt-in for future text messages, they can send the keyword and get more information. 

Customise Your Text

Another tip for successful real estate SMS marketing is customising your text. This will make your message read more personally, and your audience will feel they matter to your business. So, instead of referring to your subscribers as “Customers” or “Clients”, call them their names to make it personal. Several SMS marketing solutions can help make this possible. 

Likewise, you want to make sure you mention your brand name in every message you send to your audience. This way, they can know who the sender is and have your brand name on their mind. 

Be Clear

While it is true that text messages record a faster open rate than email marketing, your messages need to be clear. Otherwise, your audience will unsubscribe from your SMS list. As a real estate business, ensure you are clear and straight to the point with your text messages. One trick to a successful SMS marketing campaign is offering value. So you don’t want to send meaningless messages to your audience as this can get them pissed. 

Another thing to note is that you should not bombard your subscribers’ inboxes with too many messages. If you promise to send only one message weekly in your welcome message to your subscribers, make sure you stick to it. To make things interesting, you can also request feedback. This will help you understand your audience’s thoughts about your brand and areas where you need to make adjustments. 

Send Follow-Up Messages

Like every other business, following up on leads is vital in real estate. You can use SMS marketing to engage your potential customers and let them know you are still very much interested in them. Sending follow-up messages can also be an excellent way to remind your audience about their appointments with your business. However, you don’t want to be too repetitive as this can bore your subscribers. So it is up to you to find the right balance when sending follow-up messages. 


Successful real estate SMS marketing involves some work, and you should always be determined to see your business succeed. Remember that you must first target your messages to the right people and market, and always keep your text short to avoid boring your audience. Besides, don’t forget to use the right keywords for each property and customise your text to feel personal to your subscribers. 

Even with all the customisation and targeting, your SMS marketing texts must be clear to achieve a good result. Your audience can understand the information you are trying to pass on when your message is clear. Lastly, you should always follow up on leads, as this can make your potential buyers purchase from you. If you follow these simple tips, you may just be able to achieve real estate SMS marketing success. 


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