Python – the perfect language for machine learning

Machine learning is becoming more and more popular every month, so it is all the more worth learning about this amazing technology. In this article, you will learn what is the use of machine learning and which programming language is best suited for machine learning. 

What is Python and what is Machine Learning?

Machine Learning, in simple terms, is the ability of computers to learn on their own without the need to program new skills. Machine learning is really about advanced algorithms which, after processing certain data, can learn new things that can be very useful in making decisions. 

Python, in turn, is one of the most popular high-level programming languages, which is characterized by high readability and clarity of the source code. Thanks to its clear and concise syntax it is an ideal language for beginner programmers. The biggest advantages of the language are its simplicity, multiplicity of applications, security and community.

What is the use of Machine Learning?

Machine learning is not only used in the IT industry. Machine learning also plays an increasing role in marketing, banking, transport and many other industries. This technology is constantly evolving, and therefore it is systematically gaining new fields in which it plays an important role. The financial industry is an excellent ground for machine learning. This is, of course, due to the fact that in finance we have to deal with a huge amount of diverse data and huge records of historical data. Nowadays, advanced algorithms are used, among other things, for share trading, fraud detection or credit approval. Recently, automatic advice or the matching of individual offers to individual clients has also been very popular. 

Machine learning also plays a huge role in medicine. Advanced algorithms are able to process in a short time and correctly recognize more patterns than even the best team of researchers and doctors. Machine learning is used not only in imaging diagnostics or very early detection of various diseases but also in drug development. Specialized robots are also increasingly being developed to assist the surgeon. 

Machine learning is also a greedy bite for manufacturers who process a huge amount of data every day. With image recognition and special algorithms to detect deviations, you can significantly improve quality control. Algorithms are also increasingly used in predictive planning or forecasting demand. 

Why is Python ideal for machine learning?

According to the latest data, Python, R, Java, JavaScript, C and C++ are most commonly used in machine learning. For many programmers, Python is the basic language used in various areas of data analysis or artificial intelligence. The great interest results primarily from the excellent machine learning library, which significantly facilitates the implementation of more or less advanced functions related to AI. As far as data analysis is concerned, it is the scripts written in Python that allows automating a great number of repetitive tasks that are directly related to the collection of information. The Python’s benefit is currently used by NASA and the largest websites (YouTube, Reddit, Dropbox), which is of course the best proof of reliability. According to many IT specialists, it is Python that is the future of machine learning, which is why projects using AI are most often developed in this language. 

For many people, Python is the best language for machine learning because it is the easiest to learn. This language significantly helps to implement many different concepts. These include linear algebra or bills. With the right packages, Python can easily handle even raw and unstructured data. One of the most important features for AI is portability, design and very fast performance. All of these elements are fulfilled by the Python language.


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