Profitable Business Ideas To Start In Mexico


Are you looking for lucrative business ideas in Mexico? You came to the right place! Mexico is an ideal place to venture into business. If you are searching for a place to start and grow a business, Mexico is a great place. Did you know that Mexico has the freest trade agreements in the world?  

In recent years, Mexico has amended its foreign investment policy, simplifying procedures and making it very easy to invest in Mexico. Americans are the leading foreign investors in Mexico. Are you thinking about starting a business in Mexico? This article discusses the most profitable business ideas to start in Mexico.

Automobile Business

The automobile business is a great idea to start in Mexico. This is because it will be cheaper than importing foreign cars into the country. You can make a lot of money from this automobile business in Mexico. However, to be successful in this business, you should build a good brand image. This gives you an edge over your competitors. Most Mexicans prefer buying cars locally than importing them. Therefore, you should tap this ready market and start an automobile business. Research on the best places you should set up your business. 

Farming Business

Mexico is one of the best countries to practice agriculture. The country has a friendly climate for crops like coffee, tomato, avocado, and pepper. Given the increasing demand for agricultural products, venturing into farming is worth trying. What makes Mexico an ideal place to practice agriculture is that it needs low investment to start. You can start from scratch and easily expand into large-scale farming. 

Telecommunication Business

With Mexico ranked among the largest manufacturers of computers in the world, it creates many opportunities for you to start a telecommunication business. Furthermore, many of the Mexicans are computer literate, creating a readily available market. 

Amusement Park

As much as most entrepreneurs overlook it, starting an amusement park in Mexico can be a very profitable business idea. Even though it needs intensive starting capital, the amusement park business is extremely profitable. Many tourists visit the country regularly, making the business more lucrative. However, you need thoughtful planning before venturing into this business. You can involve a local partner if you don’t have proper knowledge of the business. The advantage of this business is that you don’t need a lot of money to maintain it. 

Fertilizer Production Business

As mentioned earlier, agriculture is extensively practised in Mexico. This means that the demand for fertilizer is high. As an entrepreneur, consider venturing into the fertilizer production business to help meet the demand. To start this type of business, you need the machines involved in the production process— luckily, they are not very expensive. Given that there are several planting seasons across the year, demand will be constant. 

E-commerce Business

With almost everything going digital, Mexicans are using online shopping daily. Research shows that e-commerce is increasingly becoming a booming industry in Mexico. As a foreign entrepreneur, this industry can be ideal to invest in. Setting up an online shop is easy. All you need is a website, and you are good to go. Given the affordable USD to MXN transfer rate, you can easily carry out trades between the two countries. You can get goods from the US and other foreign countries at affordable rates. 

Health Care Business

In 2020, the money spent on healthcare by the Mexican government was over $270 billion. The amount keeps increasing given the ongoing pandemic. This makes the healthcare industry a lucrative one to venture into. It is important to note that obesity and diabetes are common health challenges in Mexico. Therefore, when planning to venture in the country’s healthcare industry, consider these two conditions. 

Retail Business

Venturing into the retail business can be very profitable. Compared to previous years, the Mexican retail market is experiencing rapid growth. This can be attributed to the increasing demand from consumers. In Mexico, you can start a retail business that sells basic commodities like clothes, home appliances, electronic products, among others.


The tourism industry contributes to the fourth-highest revenue to Mexico’s GDP. Mexico is ranked among the top 30 most visited countries in the world. It receives an average of 25 million tourists annually. If you are looking for lucrative business ideas to start in Mexico, this is one of them. The tourism industry is wide, meaning that there are a lot of businesses you can start. For example, you can set up a business that delivers the services needed by tourists. Some of them include an interpreter, local transport, hotels, among others. 

Egg Supply Business

In Mexico, eggs are consumed higher than meat. This commodity is used in most of Mexican dishes. As a serious entrepreneur, you should consider venturing into this business. It requires little starting capital and it can be very profitable.


Starting a business in Mexico is not very complicated. Use the various business ideas discussed in this article to get going. Remember to do thorough research about the industry you want to venture into. 


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