Polish Mail Order Brides: Top Features & Where To Find Women From Poland


Eastern European brides in general, Slavic brides and, Polish brides in particular, have traditionally been irresistible to men from Western Europe and the US. To those men, Polish girls for marriage are the epitome of beauty, class, loyalty, and everything they are looking for in a partner.

Best dating sites for meeting Polish women

Today, online dating is the most convenient way to find a bride from Poland. Therefore, we have compiled for you a rating of proven dating sites where finding a soulmate will be as easy and fast as possible.

Rank Site Rating Feature Price From Special offer
#1 Jollyromance.com 5


A big audience of single Polish girls and a few unique features you won’t find elsewhere $2.99 10 credits for confirming your email Visit Site
#2 Bravodate.com 4.8


Lots of ways to discover your ideal match & a variety of communication tools available $2.99 20 bonus credits for new users Visit Site
#3 UkraineBride4you.com 4.6


Do you like it when women make the first move? This is exactly what you’ll experience here $3.99 One month of free membership with a purchase of credits Visit Site
#4 AmourFactory.com 4.5


Plenty of communication features for every dating style and very detailed female profiles $3.99 2 free vouchers to say hi Visit Site
#5 Theluckydate.com 4.6


A modern dating site for meeting Polish ladies & great app $2.99 Free trial version with 2000 free credits Visit Site
#6 Meetslavicgirls.com 4.3


Get to know beautiful Polish women using multiple communication tools and an innovative matching algorithm $3.99 2 free chat vouchers Visit Site

These are some of the major mail order bride websites that you can use for meeting Polish brides. Most of them have international mail order brides but each has many polish girls. By they way, here’s a post about European brides with more interesting data.

Are Polish mail order brides legal? All aspects to know

When you realize for the first time that you are attracted to European brides, you mostly want to know what they are like and where to find Polish girl. However, eventually, you start to wonder: are mail order spouse illegal in the USA? The last thing you need is to fall in love with one of the wonderful mail order brides from Poland only to realize that you cannot legally be together. You can!

We are happy to assure you that there are no legal issues with marrying a woman from Slavic countries whatsoever. As long as you and your future wife make the decision to get married voluntarily, your marriage will be perfectly legal. Polish women are allowed to marry foreign men, and there is obviously no problem with an American citizen marrying a foreign woman. So you will have the option of getting married either in the US or in Poland.

The only thing required to make your marriage fully legal in case you want to do it in the US is helping your bride obtain a K1 visa. This visa is specifically issued to the foreign fiancées of American citizens. With this visa, your bride will be able to move from Eastern Europe into the US as your fiancé and marry you shortly afterward.

Why should you consider marrying a Polish girl?


Polish mail order brides have always been popular in the Western part of the world, but they have gotten especially coveted in recent years. The reason for that is simple: Western guys are gradually discovering how different Polish wives are from the women in their own countries, and only in a good way. Here are the five biggest reasons to choose mail order Polish brides.

  1. An average Polish girl looks stunning. A typical Polish lady has mostly Slavic features but with a refined European appeal. Hot Polish girls have light skin and blonde or light brown hair. Their eyes are usually green, gray, or blue. Their look is fully natural, but they also know how to use makeup to look even more beautiful. Polish women are rarely skinny, and their bodies are known for their femininity and well-balanced curves.
  2. Polish girls are easy-going. Even when you meet a Polish woman for the first time, you are going to be amazed by how comfortable and confident you feel by her side. These women are constantly trying to cheer their partners up. They will never make things intentionally harder for you. In fact, when Polish brides see you don’t have the confidence to approach them, they will often make the first move to give the relationship a push.
  3. Polish brides are focused on family. Poland is one of the most family-oriented nations in Europe. From a young age, Polish brides know what they want, namely family. Of course, they don’t perform any ancient rituals to make that happen, but they also never lose focus from their goal. Having a family is the perfect way for Polish brides to express their caring nature and self-sacrificing character.
  4. Polish mail order brides are loyal. When you have a Polish wife, you can never worry about her fidelity or whether she will stay with you forever. This is simply what Polish brides are like. They have a deep interest in building a family that lasts forever. When a Polish bride finds the right partner, she makes sure to never let him get away. And this obviously includes being the most faithful, loyal, and supportive partner you can ever imagine.
  5. Polish brides are self-sufficient. In addition to magnificent beauty, Polish mail order brides have the ability to take care of themselves. A mail order bride from Poland may agree to become a stay-at-home wife and mother, but she is far more likely to want her own income. Moreover, Polish girls are resourceful, so even when the family doesn’t have a lot of money, a Polish mail order wife will manage the finances smartly.

“Polish girls for marriage are the epitome of beauty, class, loyalty, and everything they are looking for in a partner” — a quote taken from bridewoman.net

How do Polish brides for marriage treat their husbands?

Want to marry Polish brides but not sure what to expect? Building a serious online relationship with a foreign woman is not difficult if you know what to expect from that woman. Polish mail order brides are one of the most progressive and fun women to date online, and in this section, we would like you to know what to expect from such relationships:

  1. Poland brides are always honest with their husbands
  2. Women from Poland for marriage respect and value their men, as long as they do the same
  3. Some Polish women agree that men are the heads of the family, but it depends on the woman you marry

How to get a Polish mail order bride: Step-by-step guide


Finding yourself a Polish lady to marry isn’t rocket science, but it still requires you slightly more effort than finding a local girlfriend. Luckily, with enough motivation and a bit of preparation, everything is possible. Here is how to find a Polish mail order wife no matter how far you may be from Poland.

1. Choose the right online dating website

The dating platform you choose has a crucial effect on the success of your dating journey. Everything from the quality of women you meet to the amount of money you spend depends on the website that you select. You need to be happy with your choice every time you visit the site. Of course, you can have your own favorites, but the list of popular online dating sites we’ve included earlier in this article is the perfect place to start.

🎯We recommend you try JollyRomance.com

2. Spend time on your profile

When using online dating sites, you are not the only one looking for a suitable partner. Most Polish brides online are also actively searching for the right man. This is why they carefully study each new profile that appears on the site, and if yours is nearly empty and doesn’t have photos, a typical Polish bride won’t pay it much attention. Take the time to fill it out and make it more attractive to an average Polish bride online.

3. Actively reach out to the women

Polish wives understand that it takes effort to find a good man, but you shouldn’t just expect Polish mail order wives to contact you first. You also need to make an effort and reach out to the Slavic women you find appealing. Not all of these conversations will go somewhere, but it’s always better to have options to choose from, not limit yourself to just one or two women.

4. Strengthen your connection

The benefit of online communication is that you can talk in the online realm for as long as needed to realize that you’ve found your ideal woman. So don’t rush anything and enjoy communicating with as many girls as you want until you feel something special towards one of them. Then, your job is to develop and strengthen that connection to turn it into a real-life relationship.

5. Make sure you are on the same page

After all, you are looking for a Polish wife, not some temporary fling. This is why it’s essential to have not just a physical attraction or a similar sense of humor, but also to be on the same page in terms of the future. You need to imagine your future family the same way—otherwise, your relationship can run into complications sooner than you imagine.

6. Show her that you care

One of the reasons why a Polish woman does not particularly want to date Polish men is because she believes they have commitment issues and don’t appreciate their partners enough. This is where you can easily make yourself look more attractive. Simply treat your Polish bride with care, always keep your promises, and go out of the way to make her feel special.

7. Plan your in-person meeting

When your goal is to find a Polish girlfriend and eventually make her your loving wife, it’s essential not to miss the right moment to move your relationship offline. In about 6 to 12 months of regular online communication, you need to be ready to go to Poland to meet your bride in person. Hopefully, your relationship will only get better from there, and you will spend many happy decades with your Slavic beauty.

Why will Polish mail order bride drive you crazy?

Building serious relationships with Polish wives is not difficult if you know a lot about them. And in this section, we would like to mention a few things that are not that commonly know about beautiful and single Polish mail brides!

Polish ladies looking for marriage are progressive, modern, and smart

While a typical Slavic European girl for marriage is usually defined by her looks, sexy Polish women for marriage have a lot more about them! Women from this country are progressive, modern, and smart, so you will never get bored with them! Just try dating single Poland girl for marriage and you’ll make sure it’s true.

Polish mail order wives combine Slavic beauty and Western mentality

Indeed, women from Poland are stunningly attractive, but they combine Slavic appearance with Western mentality, which makes them excellent for guys who are looking for a woman to spend the rest of their lives with!

Polish brides for marriage are very active

Your life will change after marrying a Polish woman. You will become more active, broad-minded, and progressive person! She will make you a better person, and you will make her a better person as well! Find yourself a Polish wife.

How much do Polish mail order brides cost?

The aspect of the cost may not be your biggest concern when looking for a Polish girl to marry, but it’s still pretty important. After all, you don’t want to spend your life savings on finding a Polish woman because you are looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your Polish bride and certainly have better ways to spend the money.

The good news is that looking for a Polish girl for marriage online is not particularly expensive. Plus, when you want to date a Polish girl, finding such a girlfriend doesn’t mean you need to spend a chunk of money at once—your expenses will happen gradually. Here are the costs associated with finding a Polish wife. Learn more about mail order bride prices.

Dating Polish women online: All the expenses

We’ve already established that internet dating is the perfect solution when you are looking for a Polish girl. When using the best sites, you don’t need to pay money every time you visit site. However, you also won’t get far with free features. You will only need to pay for the features you are actually using, such as chat, video chat, or sending a special gift to the lady.

In most cases, you will need a form of in-site currency known as credits. Credits are priced differently on different sites, and the more you buy, the cheaper each credit is. For example, 📌JollyRomance.com offers 20 free credits after registration

Moreover, some websites have paid membership options, which can give you even more opportunities to successfully date online. It typically costs around $10 per month and can be included with a purchase of credits on some sites.

Main expenses on meeting offline

All Western men looking for a Polish woman to marry eventually face the prospect of going to meet their Polish beauty in person. Naturally, this trip comes with its own set of expenses. Plus, you will probably try your best to impress your Polish mail order bride, and in many cases, you will pay both for you and your Polish woman—for example, when you go on dates. Here is what the typical budget for meeting Polish ladies in person looks like:

  • Airplane tickets. Poland is located in the heart of Europe, so the only way to get there is by plane. The price of the tickets depends on where you live, where you are going, the season, and other factors. On average, Western men pay between $700 and $1,500 for roundabout tickets to Poland.
  • Hotel. The first time you visit your Polish woman, you shouldn’t expect her to invite you to live with her. These women are traditional and don’t see it as a possibility. This is why you’ll need to stay in a hotel, which can cost you from $600 to $1,400 for two weeks, depending on where in Poland you are staying.
  • Food. Food is something Slavic people know and love. In Poland, you will have the choice between traditional dishes, modern cuisine, and street food. And the best thing about it is that it doesn’t cost a fortune. Expect to spend no more than $800 on food for two weeks, even if you will often dine out with your Polish bride.
  • Entertainment. Polish people are lucky because there are plenty of things to do in the country on a budget. Museums, nightclubs, national parks, arcades, and other entertainment spots are perfect for a romantic date and are pretty affordable as well. Your entertainment budget can be anywhere from $500 to $900.
  • Transportation. If you and your Polish mail order bride will stay in one city, you can get away with using public transportation and taxis, which, together, shouldn’t cost you more than $300 for 2 weeks. But if you and your Polish bride are going to travel around Poland, you will probably need to rent a car, which can cost you up to $600.

Moreover, you may have other expenses. For example, if you will use your free time by visiting your bride’s family, you will need to get presents for them. Gifts for the brides are also highly appreciated, so it’s best to have a separate gift budget for your trip.


What is the best dating site for US men to meet Polish women?

There are dozens of popular mail order bride websites where you can meet potential Polish mail brides. But ultimately, the choice of the best dating site is about three things: audience, convenience, and prices. To us, the site that combines all three features most comprehensively is JollyRomance.

How much do Polish bride cost?

The cost of finding Polish women for marriage consists of two major types of expenses: the money you spend on dating services and the cost of visiting Poland to meet your Polish mail order bride. All in all, you can expect your budget to be between $5,000 and $15,000 from start to finish.

How to meet Polish brides?

The most effective and easiest way to meet a Polish woman online is to use a popular dating site. With its help, you will be able to communicate with the most eligible mail order brides and will get to develop the relationship on your own terms. Plus, dating online is more sensible option from a financial standpoint. Use modern technology to meet Polish women online. A lot  of men find Polish brides this way.

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Why do Polish females become mail order brides?

Like many other Slavic ladies looking for a foreign husband, brides from Poland simply want a chance at a better life. They view the Western world as a land of possibilities, but more importantly, they want a happy family with a reliable, ambitious, and caring husband, which is how they imagine Western guys.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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