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pole tent

Many event rental businesses will provide a range of tent types if you are organizing an outdoor event. It is useful to understand the language used to define the various tent kinds and which style is most suited to your specific event.

There are two types of event tents: those with center poles, known as pole tents, and those without, known as frame tents. We will be focusing on pole tents for sale and their applications in this article.

What Are Pole Tents?

Pole tents include several center poles and poles around the perimeter; these tents are supported by the center and side poles, tied to the top of each side pole, and stakes put into the ground around the tent’s perimeter. 

Pole tents often require more room than frame tents because the pegs that help keep them up must be set further out from the tent’s border than frame tents typically require.

However, if anchored and built properly, pole tents should be able to endure very strong winds if necessary. They may need some skill to set up properly, but they are the quickest and easiest solution overall. 

To give structure, pole tents require center poles on the inside area of the tent, which might take up a little amount of room within the tent. External poles and straps are also required to produce tension around the perimeter and hold them up. These outside poles and ropes add extra space to the tent’s exterior beyond the stated proportions.

Pole tents are a good choice for newcomers to the tent rental sector because of their low cost and ease of setup, but it is vital to be aware of their shortcomings. These tents do not optimize space efficiently and might be inconvenient for backyard gatherings or events in places with limited space. 

This miscommunication might upset an eager client, so if you opt for pole tents, ensure you have the appropriate proportions.

What Are Pole Tents Used For?

Pole tents offer a lovely, classical aesthetic. They are used for weddings, car sales, revivals, church meetings, fairs, fireworks, celebrations, graduations, and other outdoor events.  Pole tents offer a really attractive appearance from the exterior, with excellent peaks and graceful falls that you can customize. 

Pole tents are often set up on grass, asphalt, or any other appropriate surface where you may push pegs or anchors into the ground. 

Several options are available if you are searching for pole party tents. The sort of event tents will determine the design and quality of the pole tent you select and how long it will be in use.

Consider the strength of the construction of your commercial tents according to how long they will be up for days, months, or even years. Pole tents are meant to be the strongest, most dependable, and longest lasting, with seat belts on every seam, triple stitching, and steel-to-steel connections. When choosing a pole tent, it is important to look for high-quality materials from reputable fabric manufacturers.

Types of Pole Tents

All-Purpose Canopies

These are lightweight vinyl covers designed to give shade and weather protection. They must be built at a location allowing stakes to be driven into the ground on all four sides. 

Most of the time, they are leased and installed by the client for modest backyard celebrations. They come with poles, stakes, ropes, and instructions for installation. 

The most common sizes are 10×20 pole tents and 20×20 pole tents, which can be built in 30 minutes or less by two persons. In addition, some party canopies include sidewall ropes that allow for the attachment of sidewalls.

Tents for Parties / Tension Tents

These are highly heavy-duty vinyl tents that must be properly placed on sites where anchoring around the complete perimeter of the tent is possible. 

Installations are often performed on lawns or asphalt parking lots. The most usual widths for hire are 40′ and 60′. Smaller and bigger widths are also available. The length of the tent is determined by the size and number of tent sections linked together to provide the necessary area for the event. 

Many pole tents on the market are now engineered “tension tents” designed and tested to handle high wind loads. You can do various things to tailor tents for sale to the demands of your occasion.

How to Personalize Your Pole Tent

You can always create custom tents when it comes to pole tents because of a variety of sizes, cloth materials, and so on. 

Clear tent coverings are translucent, allowing a regulated amount of light while blocking off dangerous UV rays. They are great for holding outdoor events that require a sense of place. In general, different types of tents necessitate diverse tent designs.

The size of the tent is decided by how much area you require. It is usually difficult to choose the ideal location while preparing an event. You might discover a great place, but the design may not match your idea for the event, or it may be too big or too tiny, or any other factors.

Event tents are extremely handy and flexible for a variety of occasions. They are simple to up and dismantle, and they are a wonderful method to give cover for your guests during an outdoor gathering, create ambiance, and make your event stand out, whether it is for a large or small group of people.

Check the water drainage surrounding your tent site to ensure that if it rains, water will flow away from, not towards, the center of the tent.  Also, place your tent away from low places on the ground. 

It is critical to be conscious of the temperature during the time of year when you have your event. If the outside temperature hits eighty degrees, the tent can become a greenhouse. Always be prepared to add air conditioning or heating as required, and hire fans to boost circulation during hot weather.

The type of tent will be determined by the type of event, the number of visitors, and the location, among other factors, but there will always be tents for sale that meet your requirements.


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