Picking restaurant shelving: stainless steel long-lasting equipment for your restaurant

stainless steel

For the smooth and no-hassle operation of catering establishments, special restaurant equipment made of the most durable materials that comply with sanitary standards and have a long service life is imperative when arranging the working zone for cooking and preparing. The area where the staff implements daily objectives must be properly outfitted with commercial tables, metal sinks, and, of course, have enough storage surfaces, such as restaurant shelving stainless steel units that come in an array of designs, dimensions, and extra accessories like hooks and additional brackets for stability. The category of shelving structures includes:

  • wall mounted metal shelving for attaching it to the vertical space and keep hand kitchen tools, household appliances, ingredients, pots and pans within the reach for fast access;
  • mobile or stationary racks with multiple tiers that can transform the tight and crowded kitchen into a highly ergonomic and neatly organized room;
  • stands for storing boxes off the floor, such as dunnage racks that also can be equipped with wheels for easier movement.

stainless steel

For restaurant shelving, stainless steel is the only suitable material. Commercial kitchen furniture is intensively used in harsh and humid environments. Thus, neither wood that can wear and tear under the effect of excessive moisture nor plastic that is prone to mold, mildew, fungus spreading won’t meet the expectations. However, a stainless steel wall shelf, rack, or shelving kit can withstand all the external factors which can be destructive for wood or plastic.

How to solve the issue of limited spaces with stainless steel wall structures

When handling dozens of food prep tasks, nothing should prevent efficient performance. Thus, if the microwave oven on the countertop has become a barrier for the staff, install a solid heavy-duty vertical shelf intended for bulky devices. In such a smart way, you will unload the top. Moreover, such a shelf can hold not only a microwave but also plates, tools, products. So, there is no need to purchase big inconvenient cabinets that take up much space. It is enough to invest in wall restaurant shelving. Stainless steel models are possible to firmly mount to the wall ensuring more secured storage.

When planning the kitchen, you must keep in mind all the processes and ensure highly hygienic tops for their execution. However, it is even more important to be sure that every object has its own place. So, make a list of equipment and evaluate the number of shelves and racks you will need to store them. When choosing shelves, you should be guided by their scope of application. There are some other ways to deal with cramped working spaces. For example, you can consider a table with upper or lower shelves or an equipment stand. You must thoroughly investigate the market to be able to find your match.

Selection tips

Don’t buy blindly. You have to be informationally prepared. Be aware of stainless steel types and grades, their benefits over other materials, how to maintain and care for steel products. Even if some trends have captured the market, it doesn’t mean those trends are perfect for you. By choosing the wrong equipment, you will fail to reach excellent productivity levels.


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