Order Custom Essay Online: 10 Tips to Choose Cheap and Fast Paper Writers


For a student, writing an essay has to be the most tedious task ever! We understand because we’ve been through it too. And it gets worse! How? Writing an essay is not the only task you have as a student. How do you do this while ensuring you’re keeping up with the million other things you have to do as a student? How do you write your essays when you still have to prepare for another presentation, an exam, and many more? God help you if you still have to do all this while juggling several part-time jobs! You’d sometimes get so little time to turn in your paper, and it just doesn’t look like you’d ever pass the course. The good news is this: you can now order your custom essay online! 

Yes! There are now professionals online who, like us, understand your plight. And have taken it upon themselves to help you out. They do this by making their writing expertise available to you at different prices and also ensure to get your essay done as at when you need it. However, in the multitude of these services, there are sure to be some bad eggs. And as a student, the last thing you’d want is to spend money only to get an “F.” 

So, how do you go about selecting the best writers that are both cheap and will get your paper done in a little while? Today, we will share 10 tips for selecting cheap and fast paper writers. But before then, we’ve pooled together our special list of the top 8 companies you can purchase your paper from. Why? Because we know how tedious it can be surfing through the internet for one. So, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you get all your answers regarding ordering custom essays online. Moreover, you can be sure these top 8 offer you the best you can ever get — as fast as you need it, at the lowest prices possible! 

8 Best Writing Services to Order an Essay Online

1. 99Papers – The Best Website to Order Essay Online

Of the myriad of services out there, we’ve selected the top 8, and we’ve placed 99Papers as the best of them all! Now, why do we think they are the best to order from? It’s simple. Think of what the biggest challenge is for students. You know what that is? Living on a budget! Now, think of all the issues we introduced earlier that students face when it comes to writing an essay. Surely, to a student, the best service has to be one that combines the lowest prices with providing only the highest quality essay papers. And 99Papers is that service. 

99Papers provides essay writing services to students all over the world. And their reason is to help students with these while they focus on keeping their grades intact. Their services include editing essays you’ve written already, writing custom essays and many more! Now back to the issue of cost. They pride themselves on their cheap service, starting at $9.95. In addition to this, they also provide a money-back guarantee. So you can be sure you’d get value for your money. And if you don’t think you’ve got the best value you require, you can request a refund, and you’d get it. So, if what you’ve gotten from your writer is not up to par, you can get your money back. Now, that’s so exciting, right? You not only get to pay so little for so much, but your money is also safe as you can get your cash back if the work isn’t what you want!

Something else to keep in mind about 99Papers is their writer selection process. Just because they provide the services cheaply, you can be quick to assume the quality will be bad. But no! Each of their writers is highly trained and graduated from English-speaking universities. That means you not only get professionals to write your paper, but these people have also gone through the same colleges and know exactly what your professors expect. That way, they can provide you with just what you need to get the best grades. Another plus to ordering from 99Papers is that you get to contact your writer directly. This way, you can work together to create the best custom essay that suits you. Quite a few of their customers have also explained how this process helped them be better writers. No wonder 99Papers is quite popular among students. And, of course, it is rated best among the essay writing services online. 

2. EssayPro – Purchase Essay with Cheap Price

While 99Papers is the best out there, they are not the only ones with a cheap service. Second to them is EssayPro, a writing service that’s been in business since 1997! An easy way to confirm this is their social media following — surely, you must have been in the game for so long to have such a massive following. However, the length of time isn’t enough. They must also have provided their customers with the best services to keep them coming back. So how are their services affordable? 

Compared to 99Papers, their base price is slightly higher, starting at around $11. However, the nature of ordering from EssayPro is different. Here, you’re entitled to go for the deal that suits your needs the most. What do we mean? At EssayPro, you start the order process by filling out the order form and putting in all the necessary details about your essay. After this, writers affiliated with EssayPro will bid on your job. Hence, you get the chance to check your profiles, see their reviews, offer prices, and choose the one that best fits your budget and goal. This way, you can go for the lowest price available without sacrificing quality. However, note that you cannot get a price lower than the base price per paper. 

Apart from this bidding action on your order, every other process is as you’d find with other services. Once you select a writer, a part of your deposit gets sent to the writer. You also get to contact your writer directly. That way, you can be sure to follow up on your essay easily. When the work gets completed, you are at liberty to determine if it’s what you desire before releasing the rest of your payment. If the administrators can also determine the job was poorly done, especially when plagiarised, you get your 100% deposit back. In all, with the bidding price option, thorough revisions of work before the full deposit is released, and a money-back guarantee, EssayPro remains popular among students looking for a writing service that won’t drain your pocket. 

3. PaperHelp – Professional Custom Essay Writing Company

PaperHelp is another of the popular and trusted online essay services, and it is worth of note that they only joined the industry some years back! Their focus on being professional drives them at every core, and that’s why every writer you’d meet on their website has at least a BA degree. Imagine having Ph.D. personnel write your paper. We are sure you’d go to bed with a peaceful mind, knowing your work is in good hands. However, you should also note that only 88% of their writers are native English speakers. That means when your work requires the originality of a native speaker, be sure your writer is one. But if you’re a foreigner, you’ve got no worries as they can also write in very simple English so you can understand your paper. 

One way PaperHelp ensures you can pick the best writers is their grade system. They’ve categorized each of their writers into three grades: basic, advanced, and TOP. Of course, getting a TOP writer might cost a little bit more, but if you’ve got a little extra cash to spare, why not? Besides, the starting price of paper from PaperHelp is $12, which is a relatively good deal. And remember that just because a writer is rated basic doesn’t mean you won’t get the best quality possible. So take time to check each of the writers’ reviews. That’s what you need to determine who best takes on your essay work. 

Moreover, you get access to your writers, and you can communicate and get updates on your work directly from your dashboard or via mail. You can also contact their customer service if you’d prefer that link. And more importantly, you should know that with PaperHelp, you also enjoy some discounts. An act as simple as leaving a review can earn you a 7% discount on your next order. And as a rule of thumb, you get discounts when you order more. Overall, the whole service is structured to offer you professional help at an affordable price while making discounts available to you. 

4. SpeedyPaper – the Fastest Paper Writing Service

As the name implies, SpeedyPaper is about getting you the best quality at the fastest time possible. They pride themselves on a team of writers trained to work under pressure and able to beat any deadline. However, don’t get too happy here. They are persons like you and cannot stop time. So we’d advise not going to them with work as large as a thesis and expecting it within 24 hours! Besides, getting your essay done within a shorter time increases the cost from the base price of about $9 per paper. So, yes! If you want to spend so little, try to order on time. However, we know that you can’t always control your situations, and there might be times you need your essay ASAP! In such cases, you’d be doing yourself a lot of good to order from SpeedyPaper. 

More so, SpeedyPaper is not only fast with their work delivery. Their customer service is equally as responsive. And that’s not something you’d get to enjoy everywhere else. Now, back to the main deal. How do they achieve so much in so little time? They’ve given themselves to super-fast research, writing, and editing. Ultimately, they also provide you with a free plagiarism report that ensures your work is 100% original! 

Like the others on our list, they take time selecting their writers. They ensure to choose only the best. However, once again, ensure you specify early when you need the work done by a native writer. You don’t want to have issues arising down the line. So what do you do before you select any? Ensure you check the reviews. SpeedyPaper ensures all these are available for you before you make a decision. Peruse their subject focus and be sure it aligns with what you want for your essay. 

Now, for more juicy information. You get to have a 9% discount as a new customer! Putting this in with all their other packages, you get one of the best at a fast rate and have it all at a price that falls below the typical student’s budget! SpeedyPaper is surely that service you want to consider when you’ve got no time to spare. And just in case you fall into this category, SpeedyPaper can also help you edit and improve your essay if you’ve taken the time to write it yourself. So, looking for a one-stop-for-all writing service, SpeedyPaper is your go-to place. 

5. Studdit – Receiving More Than 5000 Essay Orders Per Month

To receive over 5000 essay orders per month is not an everyday claim! And how has Studdit achieved this? The answer lies in the reason they are on this list in the first place. Keep in mind that we’ve curated this list for you so you know where to go to order when you need your essay fast at the lowest prices available. Studdit’s starting price can be as low as $13. And what more? You also get to enjoy a 15% discount if you order just enough. 

Regarding their speed, you can have your essay back in three hours. But if you’re on a budget, you might want to opt for a longer delivery time. 

There’s, however, something else you might consider a plus for Studdit. We are sure it can be frustrating having to go through pages to confirm your identity. Over in Studdit, you can place your order now without creating an account! It gets the essay going as quickly as possible. And you get to see how much you’re about to spend from the calculator on the site. The same process of ordering occurs here. You start with selecting your paper type, academic level, and the like. Depending on your selection, the price will increase, but relatively a good deal compared to the rest of the industry. After this, you go to the payment page, where you have some options available for your ease. Once this is over, work starts on your essay immediately, and your writer is available to you to contact anytime you so wish. The work, once completed, sometimes before your set deadline, will be sent to you. You can confirm it’s what you’re looking for, and you can then accept the delivery. 

Back to their claim of so many orders in a month, we also find their writers contribute to this. Having selected only the best of the best, their reviews show customers love the Studdit work. Their writers work from the United States, Australia, and Canada, so you won’t have to worry so much about not finding a native writer for your work. 

6. EssayBox – Online Service with Good Discount

EssayBox, not to be confused with EssayPro, is another online writing service. They offer basically the same services as the rest on the list. From essays to research papers, you can come to them to help reduce your workload. Their goal, like everyone else, is to help improve your overall grades in school. 

A special point of note about EssayBox is its array of writers. They are perhaps one of the few who can boast of a selection of writers with at least a master’s degree. You not only get a professional writer on your work but one who knows and follows the rules. One other thing is that most of these are native English speakers, which is a plus in running an online writing service. However, as with others, it’s safer to specify your wish for a native writer, as EssayBox also hires freelancers to increase their topic coverage. And that means some of their writers will be ESL writers. 

However, you won’t have to worry about originality. EssayBox not only has a reputation for writing every of their work from scratch, but they also ensure not to resell an older essay to customers. They ensure this by passing all work through meticulous plagiarism systems, and if you so wish, you can request a plagiarism report. Don’t worry; you get to do that for free! Also, note that their price estimate is as low as $12. But as with the others, this is subject to change depending on the paper type, academic level, and, most especially, the delivery time. Apart from the plagiarism report, you can request revisions for free. However, this is time-bound. Hence, you’d have to ensure you go through the submitted work immediately and get revisions as soon as possible, so you don’t miss the golden time. With their many other free options and good discount, EssayBox has successfully made our list, and we promise you won’t regret ordering from them too. 

7. EssayFactory – the Preferred Service for UK Students

With the above mentions tending more to North American soil, EssayFactory is the go-to place for every UK student. It is all the good things we’ve been discussing but now with a focus on the needs of a student in the UK. First off, you get to have writers trained in UK universities and are natives. These do not only command the English language properly, but they also know the rules and stick to them. The goal is to help you get the best grades for your paper without any more stress than a fee. 

EssayFactory prices start from as low as £11.50 and are also subject to change. As expected, it’s dependent on paper type, delivery time, and academic level. That aside, however, EssayFactory is out to convince potential customers that its service is among the best. Hence, they ensure to do the work and get the best reviews. And if the reviews are not enough to get your trust, they also offer discounts to first-timers. This way, you can order your first and judge if they are as good as their claim.

Moreover, if the work does turn out poorly, there’s also a money-back guarantee that ensures you get your money. However, depending on how much work has been put into your essay and how much isn’t usable, you might not get your money back 100%. Only in rare cases where the writer is yet to start the work do you have a sure chance of getting your money back 100%. 

Hence, if the problems are not major, you could get free revisions instead of a refund. That way, you still get to have a perfect final draft without losing any bit of your money. So, are you studying in the UK and struggling to find time to write your essays? EssayFactory has got you covered!

8. 1Essay – Easy to Use (Easy to Buy Your First Essay)

The first thing you’d probably notice, unlike other services, is their attractive website. Compared to many others, 1Essay maintains a quiet atmosphere on its site. This way, it is easy for newbies to find their way and make new orders. Right on the page are the site calculator and the simple order form. From here, you already get a fair idea of how much you’d be paying. And since we are still on the topic of cheap and quality services, 1Essay services start from as low as $9! And they are equally as fast in delivering their orders. They pride themselves on making submissions before your selected deadline. This gives you and your writer ample time to fine-tune the whole work until you are 100% satisfied.

Moreover, the least qualified writer usually has a master’s degree. But as always, be sure you are very specific when you need a native writer. 1Essay has a team made up of both native and ESL writers. However, the good thing here is this. Their wide selection ensures you have a writer for any topic you might have. It’s a good thing to know that no matter your topic, 1Essay can provide you with a professional in that field to help you. 

However, while the starting price might be quite low, the extras come at a price. Others offer some of these extras for free, but given their reputation, 1Essay probably feels the need to charge their customers for these extras. Whatever their reason, they’ve maintained a good reputation among their customers for over 8 years and are not stopping anytime soon. 


10 Tips to Choose a Professional Writer for Ordering Custom Essay

Finally, we’ve come to the more interesting part. How can you choose the one that best suits your goals when left to yourself? Here are 10 tips that ensure you’re never at a loss when ordering a custom essay online.

1. Research

As you’ve guessed, the first tip is to put in the research work. Many fall victim to scams and poor output today because they can’t do the research work. Here’s the idea: never purchase a good or service online except you’ve confirmed its legitimacy. 

The only way to do this is to check credible sources like ours for reviews of these sites. Also, since they are meant to serve students, ask your colleagues about their experiences. Doing this goes a long way in saving you a lot of trouble later that many fall victim to. 

2. Check for Prices

No matter what, quality remains a function of price. Hence, don’t be so quick to opt for a service that might only be enticing you with cheap services. That’s why tip #1 is the most important here. Do the extra work of research and find out what people are saying about such services. 

The internet will definitely let you know if they have been producing shabby work. However, some services keep their prices affordable to every student and still produce quality work. Among these, we’ve listed eight that we believe can get the job done in a shorter time.

3. Read a Lot of Reviews

These often come on two different platforms. You either read them from the service’s website. Or you get third-party websites that allow people to share their experiences. Hence, don’t make your decisions solely based on the former. Ensure you exhaust all possible third-party review sites. That way, you can avoid bad-quality papers. 

4. Customer Support

This also involves two systems. First, you want to be sure you can contact customer service anytime. And you’d get an early response. The whole transaction usually occurs over the web. Hence, the need to be able to hear a voice on the other side when glitches occur. You could test this out yourself before ordering. Or you can refer to reviews to learn about the reliability of the customer service. 

On the other hand, you should also go for services that allow you to contact your writer directly. This way, you can ensure a two-way, real-time conversation that ensures all questions are properly answered and all details are well communicated. It can be awful when you get the final draft, and it’s way off what you wanted. Besides, if you’re the type that worries a lot, it is always better to be able to message your writer for updates. 

5. Check for a Money-Back Guarantee

As promising as a service might appear, you still have to pay. And anything you must pay for, you need assurance your money will get you the best value. Hence, the need to always check for a money-back guarantee before committing to any service. However, ensure you read between the lines. Sometimes, the details differ, and it’s not every time a money-back guarantee gets you your 100% deposit. 

6. Confirm Timely Attributes

This means you should confirm if the writer keeps to time. After all, the whole purpose of hiring one is to save time. So, the whole plan crumbles when you hire a writer who submits late. Or submits at a time when you can’t even cross-check the work before submitting to your lecturer. 

Therefore, always check for this in reviews. And only opt for writers who are akin to submitting even before your deadlines. That way, you have enough time to request revisions.

7. Experience

This is key when choosing a professional writer. Remember, the idea is to get professional help. What is the point if you hire one without enough experience writing essays? There are rules to follow. Hence, you need to be sure the writer knows these and follows them strictly.

8. Originality

Always ensure the writer you’re about to order from gives a plagiarism report. You don’t want a case where your professor rejects your work for being plagiarised. Suppose you can find a service that offers this service for free, even better. But ensure you only go for a service that treasures writing from scratch. Besides, check reviews and their samples, if available. And why are you doing this? Be sure they are not dubious fellows who resell already written work. 

9. Bonuses

Since we are on the topic of plagiarism reports, let’s talk more about bonuses. Always check for the extras offered by professional writers. This way, you can be sure if you’re financially able to cater to all the essential extras you need. The best is to go for services that offer these for free!

10. Level of Education

While this is similar to experience, they are quite different. It is not enough to know the rules. You need your writer also to be knowledgeable about your topic of interest. Hence, always checking for the level of education will save you a lot of stress. 

Are All Custom Essay Writing Services Legitimate to Use?

The simple answer is yes! But to be safe, be sure you’re ordering from a service that’s very transparent in its dealings. Besides, legitimate writing services are usually legally registered. So, be on the lookout for these when preparing to order from any. When you do find one, you’d be happy you did. As with them, you get to have professional writers create lovely high-quality essays for you. And if you’re having trouble confirming the legitimacy of the ones you have in mind, feel free to order from any of the 8 we listed above. It’s all to make your writer’s search easier. 

Is It Safe to Order an Essay Online? 

Yes. It is safe if you order from reputable services online. You’ve got nothing to fear as long as you confirm they are trustworthy and authentic. First off, they won’t sell your details to anyone. They’d also not reveal your private details to anyone. Besides, authentic services online don’t resell old essays or give you plagiarised works. So you’re always in the safe zone when you find the right service. Moreover, it’s completely legal to order from online services as long as they make use of reliable sources and are trustworthy. 


Finally, the summary of the whole matter is this: find a reliable and trustworthy service like the ones listed above to help you with your essays as a student. We know it can be quite taxing to do all that’s expected of you. Well, that’s why these services exist. And the authentic ones are registered, so you don’t have to worry about their legality. As long as they don’t sacrifice quality for the price, you can rest assured you’d always get the best papers for your submissions as a student.


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