Best Essay Writing Services in New York: The 5 Most Popular Companies Reviews

Best Essay Writing Services in New York The 5 Most Popular Companies Reviews

Students, especially busy students who probably have to juggle between work and school, occasionally opt for essay writing services, but because a lot of consideration goes into essays and their writing, they want to know what their options are, and which the best essay writing services available are for them.

Essay writing is an unavoidable practice for students. Whether in college or the university, in New York City, U.S., students and colleges in different other cities, towns and localities are often in need of essay writing services – Oswego, Saratoga Springs, Cortland, New Paltz, Loudenville, Garden City, Clinton, Brooklyn, Hyde Park, Queens, and Schenectady. Some best writing services are found in New York City, which is why a lot of attention comes to it. Whether in Ithaca, Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, or Bronx, there are essay writing services provided by different service providers in various parts of New York that specifically meets student’s and colleges’ needs. It can be a little difficult to find the right one, but there are reviews that can help narrow the options down.

The need differs based on the kind of essay required, and different companies stand out for different reasons. Some of these very popular companies include 99Papers, which is supposedly the best college paper writing service in New York City, Studdit, Ithaca students’ choice, EssayPro, from Rochester; it is a cheap essay writing service, PaperCoach, professional essay writing service from Buffalo, and PaperHelp – Syracuse’s expert writing service, all in New York City. The bases for these choices as the best essay writing services in New York is gotten from reviews, out of which they all rank as the most popular companies. Without having to deal with any confusion, if you’re looking for the companies that offer the best essay writing services, the following are the 5 most popular USA based companies reviewed.

5 Best Essay Writing Services in New York

1. 99Papers – the Best College Paper Writing Service in New York City

99Papers has over 100 reviews, with their star rating at 4.5, which means that most of the people who use their essay writing services leave gratified. This list will not be complete without 99Papers being mentioned, and the reason includes the fact that almost every article out there that talks about online writing services mentions them as one of the best essay writing services for students. Not every essay writing company out there can be trusted to deliver the quality of work they claim to offer, and that can also easily be reflected in the reviews, however, this very writing service boasts of good quality essays, and they have good reviews backing them up.

One of the ways customers can easily peek into the truth about what companies are offering is through the reviews, thanks to the endless possibilities provided by the internet, this can easily be obtained. 99Papers is popular among college students looking to hire the skillset of writers for their own essays for many reasons. One that stands out is the inclusivity with which writers handle the writing projects. The students are given access to their essays to track the progress and make contributions if they so wish. They are popular, also, for their customer support system.


  • Quality work;
  • Good grammar;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Satisfactory customer and writer service.


From as low as $8.97, 99Papers is one of the most affordable essay writing services you can get in New York.


There is one downside to using 99Papers, well, downside because of people’s individual preferences. Some customers prefer that a completely native English speaker write their essays, and for that to be granted, they have to pay more than the usual price. If having a nonnative English speaking writer handle your essay is not a deal breaker for you, then this con does not matter.

How it Works?

99Papers has some outstanding qualities, and these define how it works.

  • First of all, you simply contact them, and request for their service, submitting details of what you want to get done;
  • A writer is assigned to write your essay, and you are given access to interact with them;
  • Through the process of writing your essay, you get to see what it looks like, make corrections if it’s required, and even make some contributions if you so wish to.

They are known to deliver quality work, and that, they do on time. Many customers who have used their services have this to say about them—they deliver quality work, and they are usually on time with delivery. Users love this company because of many reasons, but perhaps more so because they can directly interact with the writer, which means details, can be accurately and efficiently discussed between the customer and the writer, and they are put through their work’s progress. 99Papers users talk about how great their customer support system is, and it is made available every hour of the day, and every day of the week.

Complaints are taken very seriously, and their support team is incredibly reliable and considerate. It’s obvious enough how competent this company is, it covers all areas of need any customer might have, but it doesn’t stop there, it goes ahead to readily provide assistance, and pay attention to customer reviews. There is no other explanation as to why they are so good and have one of the best reviews you can come by. College papers are very serious, and there is nothing safer than having the best reviewed college paper writing service to write your essays.

2. Studdit – Ithaca Student’s Choice

Studdit is an equally very popular essay writing service in New York. One thing to note is that at Studdit, every writer is said to be a native English speaker. And they are in categories—there are basic writers, there are advanced writers, and there are top writers, with each category comes a difference in price for services.


  • No plagiarism;
  • Quick to respond customer service;
  • Good grammar;
  • Deadline compliance;
  • Native English Speaking writers;
  • Quality work.


Studdit’s price begins at $10 per page and then more. This is considered a low price, although not lower than 99Papers at the starting price, but not so far apart. There is also a special pricing for top writers, which is higher than what a basic or advanced writer is paid. First time users have a discount rate of 15% for their initial requests.


Before considering the cons of Studdit, there are the pros, as well. For one, while there are other essays writing platforms that you cannot know the price required for writing your essay unless you place an order, Studdit allows you check your costs before you make any orders. Similar to that is the fact that you do not have to create an account with them before you can get in touch and receive their services. a lot of people find this very helpful because many websites require sign ups and sign ins before anything else can be done, and oftentimes, the information they share on the website gives them access to contact and send unnecessary messages. Urgency is tolerated, and there are writers who are specially designated to take on urgent requests and deliver, however, that entails a higher cost than would have been required for a normal order.

According to reviews, the only thing that puts this writing company down is the fact that there are no social media profiles.

How it Works?

Logging in is not a requirement for placing an order, simply find the place order icon, and get started.

There are questions you will need to provide answers to, and they are questions about your essay, such as:

  • Nature of your paper;
  • Your academic grade;
  • How many pages or words your essay should have;
  • Your deadline;
  • Your preferred choice of writer category—basic, advanced or pro writer.

Studdit also has a standard and nonstandard service, otherwise known as the VIP service, once you have completed these steps, your paper will get assigned to a writer, and they will take over from there, but before that, at this point your mind is already made up, and you are sure you are going to be using their service. you will have to sign in to make a payment, and finalize your order placement.

Studdit has a wonderful customer care service. There are three active ways to reach out to them—through email, online chat, and phone call.

3. EssayPro – cheap essay writing service from Rochester

EssayPro is another New York essay writing service whose popularity has placed on this list. Their workforce is large, so there are more than enough writers to jump on your project at any time, but more significantly is the fact that it is cheap. EssayPro is modeled after freelance platforms, in that instead of having your essays assigned to a writer by the company, you can choose who you want to write your paper for you based on their qualifications and skills as displayed for skill buyers to see. Not only do you get to see their skills and qualifications, but also how much each writer’s service is worth. Every writer’s profile has their area of expertise displayed as well, which gives students a opportunity to find a writer’s profile fit for the nature of their essay.


  • Good grammar;
  • Quality work;
  • Cheap prices;
  • Wide range of writers to choose from;
  • Student’s independent choices;
  • Wide range of topics are covered by writers.


EssayPro has very cheap prices, massive discount, and free features. It begins charging at $10 per page, and offers a discount of up to 40%.


Their free features include:

  • Outlines;
  • Lay out;
  • Title page;
  • Reference page;
  • Plagiarism checker;
  • No extra charges for the best writer.


  • There is a tendency for cheap writers to submit little quality work;
  • There is no phone support system.

Aside these, there are a number of good things about the EssayPro services, and many students prefer it that way. for example, EssayPro allows the students more freedom over their work than Studdit and 99Papers. Students have absolute control using EasyPro. There are writers who regardless of how much they are paid, deliver excellent work, if you are fortunate, you can find writers like that who are ready to give you the best after considering how much you can afford.

Another wonderful thing about EssayPro is that its writers are available to offer direct help to college students who want to write their essay by themselves, but require some guidance. For little pay, EssayPro writers can offer this service. you may consider them the poor student’s helper because they provide solutions for students who cannot afford to write their own essays, and who cannot afford an essay writing service that costs so much. Although EssayPro is known for charging less, writers deliver essays fast.

How it Works?

  • Provide your paper details;
  • Deposit some money;
  • Your paper will done;
  • Go through the essay and make any revisions;
  • Complete payment.

4. PaperCoach – Buffalo Professional Writing Service

PaperCoach is popular for being the best for professional services. They have a slogan, we do your homework so that you don’t have to, and they take it very seriously. With over 30,000 orders completed, over 1,300 writers with professional qualifications, and almost 100% satisfied customers, PaperCoach works with an experienced team of writers, deliver plagiarism-free essays, offer free revisions, and allows for partial payments. Their customer reviews reveal that they are very reliable, and one of the best indeed.


  • Quality essays;
  • Excellent writing style;
  • Excellent support team;
  • Good grammar;
  • Low prices;
  • 24/7 customer support system;
  • Reliability;
  • No plagiarism.


Starting from $7.99 per page, PaperCoach has a low charge for the quality of papers it provides, and you are allowed to calculate the cost of your essay before you apply for it to be written for you.


PaperCoach has a deadline minimum of 6 hours, and has lately started shifting toward dissertation writing, although it still maintains writers who write regular academic essays.


There are both pros and cons to beware of before choosing PaperCoach, the pros show you what they have to offer you, while the cons show you where they do not excel.

  • It is not an old company, and that affects how much trust some students will have in it.

How it Works?

  • On the web page, locate the order icon to begin a 3-step process;
  • Provide details about your assignment;
  • Enter when your deadline is;
  • Make a payment;
  • Follow up on your assignment.

PaperCoach has its writers ranked, and there are pros and tops, who are different from basic and advanced writers in that they deliver more excellent work than the latter, and so are paid more than basic and advanced writers. Through your essay’s writing period, rough drafts are occasionally sent across for review and assessment. PaperCoach’s customer reviews praises them for delivering good work, and letting them be a part of their essay writing. Alongside that, many customers commented positively on how their customer support system made them feel. All in all, PaperCoach is best for professional essay writing in New York.

5. PaperHelp – Syracuse Expert writing service

Some articles rank PaperHelp as number one on their list of best essay writing services in Syracuse, and that doesn’t go without a reason. Two things mark PaperHelp out, quality papers and fast delivery time—as fast as 3 hours after an order is sent across. They have and work with writers who can deliver topnotch essays on different topics.

PaperHelp does not pick writers at random, they consider and select the best out of the best. They take their time to go through the skills and qualifications of writers before they choose them, so, you can trust that whatever you order at PaperHelp will be delivered excellently written. Students who use PaperHelp trust their services, they are not afraid to order essays across different topics because PaperHelp writers will deliver the best. They have a very easy and simple user interface, one of the fastest so far, and they never deliver any work that is plagiarized.


  • Excellent essay qualities;
  • No plagiarism;
  • User friendly interface;
  • Versatility;
  • On-time delivery;
  • Money-back guarantee.


PaperHelp charges from $15 upwards, with a discount rate of 15% off as a first timer. As a recurrent user of their service, you can get up to 20% discount.


PaperHelp mostly has good and wonderful reviews, no cons are known to characterize their writing services so far. but that is not to say that, there will not be negative reviews from students with different opinions

How it Works?

  • There is an ordering form on the web page, completely fill out the form;
  • Trail your essay’s progress by logging into the site;
  • Rough samples will be occasionally made available for you to go through.


Legitimacy of using essay writing services in New York?

Apparently, not everyone is aware that the writing services in New York are legitimate, but they are. Very often, though, students are worried about being delivered plagiarized work, but there are ways to find out if your paper is a plagiarized work before you take any other steps—plagiarism checkers, they are tools used by writers to run a plagiarism check on their work, if there are any plagiarisms, the tools reveal them.

Plagiarism refers to making use of other people’s words and ideas as if they are yours without citing them, or even paraphrasing. Of course, you can make use of another person’s ideas and borrow from their words, but they must quoted properly and cited, otherwise it will become an offense with repercussions.

What is the best writing service in New York?

99Papers provides services based on individual preferences, so the con of having non-English natives write your essays is only a con to individuals who would rather there is only the option of English speaking natives. But 99Papers selects competent writers regardless of nativity, as that does not invalidate what they can offer. In New York City, your best choice is 99Papers.

What is the cheapest essay writing service in New York?

EssayPro is reputable for providing some of the cheapest college paper writing services in New York. But cheap doesn’t mean that their services are poor because they are not. It only means that they are cheaper to afford.

Can you trust essay writing services from New York?

New York is famous for many good things, and when anyone hears the name of the city being mentioned, anything is thought to be possible, but hardly impossible. Many outsource and freelance services can be traced back to New York, their essay writing services are very reliable and trustworthy, as much as many other skillsets outsourced from the city. So, yes, you can trust essay writing services in New York.

Can I pay someone to buy an essay in New York?

Essay writing services provide this option, all you have to do is make a payment, and an essay of your chosen topic is delivered to you. 99Papers provides this kind of service, and is very trustworthy, instead of paying an individual to deliver an essay to you, to be on the safe side, paying a company instead is the best choice. If you are given an essay that does not meet your essay needs, you can easily lay your complaint, and receive the appropriate attention, and as the best out of the numbers, you can trust 99Papers to deliver good and quality essay to you that is worth your pay.

And now…

Students are always in need of essay writing services, and these companies are aware of that, so, there is always a readiness to provide essays. Because these companies are popular for the services they provide, you can trust that buying an essay from any of them will not be a mistake or turn out to be a failure. The pros of buying essays from these companies far exceed their cons, and even the cons are not that much of a problem since many times, cons are simply placed beside pros whether or not they are necessary.

Disclaimer: This article contains sponsored marketing content. It is intended for promotional purposes and should not be considered as an endorsement or recommendation by our website. Readers are encouraged to conduct their own research and exercise their own judgment before making any decisions based on the information provided in this article.


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