Opening a Standalone Restaurant: From Dream to Reality

For entrepreneurial foodies or rising chefs, opening a restaurant could be a major dream of yours. With self-quarantining measures impacting the restaurant business, it might seem like an odd time to consider getting into the industry; however, with so much time for self-reflection and many restaurants closing down, there are ample opportunities to get things rolling. Crafting a generalbusiness restaurant plan can help you reach your goals.

Starting a restaurant is a lot of work, but the good news is that with customer behavior changing around delivery from restaurants, you have an opportunity to reach an even wider audience than ever before. That could be the perfect recipe for success, especially if you have all of your ducks in a row leading into your restaurant launch. Here’s a brief checklist of tips and tricks to keep in mind as you work to make your dream a reality.

Source the restaurant equipment you need to craft high-quality dishes.

When it comes to filling your kitchen with high-quality restaurant equipment, you need to know the right place to find commercial restaurant supply parts. Go! Foodservice is a leading supplier of a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment. Whether you’re looking for larger appliances like refrigerators or ice makers or cooking equipment like ovens, grills, fryers, or griddles, you’ll find exactly what you need when browsing the wares available at Go! Foodservice.

Another major benefit of shopping from a reliable retailer like Go! Foodservice is the fact that they even have specialized restaurant equipment parts to help you outfit your space. For example, if your dream is to open a Mexican restaurant with great happy hour specials and margaritas, you can get the commercial beverage equipment you need for frozen margaritas and more. You can even find snowcone makers, popcorn machines, and other concessions equipment, which can be perfect for outfitting your bar with easy snack options and bar food. Go! Foodservice is the perfect place to find any accessories for your commercial kitchen.

Focus on decor that sets your restaurant apart.

Having a consistent theme and milieu is an excellent way to set your restaurant apart. After all, if your restaurant doesn’t make people feel a certain way, they’re unlikely to return. That could mean that you’re interested in creating a cozy, family-friendly atmosphere full of big booths and large tables dressed with inexpensive table runners. On the other hand, you may want to create an upscale restaurant experience that feels as refined as your highly-curated menu.

Whichever angle you take, don’t forget that lighting plays an important role in setting the mood in your restaurant. Your lighting design needs to reflect your theme with decorative lights. As such, you’ll want to consider investing in some commercial lighting services that help you craft the ideal environment. For a more romantic feel, you may want lower ambient lighting, while uplighting can be used to create depth and a more high-end vibe. Thinking about the details in your restaurant will help communicate to diners the care you put into every dish. Any decor is useless without proper lighting.

Harness social media to build a following of loyal customers.

Marketing is becoming a more important aspect of building a brand, and thankfully social media offers any business an excellent ROI. One of the best parts of running a restaurant is the opportunity to showcase a wide range of aspects that make your restaurant special. For example, you can use platforms like Instagram in order to show potential diners some of your most popular dishes or how your decor sets the tone for the dining experience. You can even help them get to know your wait staff and chefs through posts.

Another major benefit of social media is the possibility to engage with your customers and build a loyal fanbase. Interacting with customers through reviews on platforms like Facebook shows other customers what actual people think about your establishment. This kind of engagement can also help illustrate your restaurant’s unique personality.


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