Online Streaming: The Digital Trend That Is Transforming the Gambling Industry

Digitalization and the increased competition levels among online casinos are moving them towards realizing that casino streamers have a lot to offer.

The digitalization of things has massively contributed to making online casinos increasingly accessible to the broader population.

The proliferation of streaming platforms was a big part of this digital transformation.  Even though they were initially predominantly popular among video game lovers, it didn’t take long for casino players to realize the gambling industry’s potential benefits from such streaming platforms.

Today, online casino streaming is experiencing rapid growth, transforming the gambling and the affiliate marketing industry as we know it.

It would be accurate to say that casino streaming, which started as a fun hobby, has developed itself into a lucrative business. Gamblers worldwide began to realize that they can earn money by sharing their gaming experience with an audience.


How does this work again?

Online streamers are essentially casino players who run live-stream sessions on streaming platforms like YouTube or Twitch while placing bets on online casino games.

The operators have been increasingly realizing the power and impact of streaming in building awareness for their brand and bringing players to their registration page. Therefore, today, online casino streamers are competing for the attention of players.

This process works in a pretty straightforward way.

Streamers transmit their gaming experience with a particular casino operator, such as Mr. Bit Casino, for example, and walk their viewers through a new slot game available on the platform. They show their audience how to play the game, activate features, and share useful tips.

Suppose the viewers like the user experience offered at Mr. Bit Casino. In that case, they land on the operator’s website, register, deposit, and start playing, while the streamer gets “rewarded” for the referral. In essence, streamers act as affiliates and earn through affiliate links.

Given that the audience typically chooses to follow the streamers they trust, it’s a win-win situation for all sides. The operator gets to increase the sign-ups, the streamer receives a share of the profit made from these sign-ups, and the viewers step their toes into something which is not entirely unfamiliar.

Traditional advertising is not enough nowadays. If you want to engage real players, you need to speak their language and promote your product in a subtle, non-trivial way. Streamers seem to be handling this really well.


Engaging with the audience can be lucrative

There are various reasons for which online casino streaming works.

This whole process allows gamblers to evaluate how a particular game works before spending their money. It also allows them to come together and chat about the topic that interests them, which, in this case, is online gambling. Moreover, the audience gets acquainted with the operator, and it is more likely for them to register if they like what they see.

It is also widely accepted that visual advertising, especially one involving a real person, who happens to share the same interests with the audience, tends to perform much better.

However, the root of the massive success lies behind the fact that online streaming allows the “host” to interact with the potential players. This participatory nature of the streaming process makes players feel involved, and therefore, more likely to act. It’s no secret that people enjoy direct interaction, and streamers have come to satisfy this need by communicating with the audience, reacting to their comments, or answering their questions.

Today’s streaming platforms are also incredibly handy when it comes to metrics. Both YouTube and Twitch give streamers a good indication of how the audience sees them. There is the embedded comments section, the possibility to check the number of viewers, and the ratio of likes and dislikes. In essence, modern streaming platforms are real-time monitors of the streamer’s performance.

Finally, on a more practical level, with various advertising platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Instagram increasingly restricting gambling advertising, online streaming is a good alternative for the operators who want to advertise themselves.


What’s in it for the operators?

Cooperation with online casino streamers satisfies two essential goals: brand awareness and lead generation.

By choosing to promote your brand via popular streaming channels, your online casino can achieve the following: your potential players become aware of the brand’s existence, get to know about the game offerings at your online casino, and potentially shape a positive opinion about your brand, as one that keeps up with the latest trends in the industry.

Streaming has become such a hot commodity that operators try to attract casino streamers by introducing special reward programs and organizing contests.

Casinos like SlotV or Frank Casino, for instance, participate in the Stream Apocalypse contest organized by their affiliate program, where streamers compete by sharing their experience on these brands with their audience. Giving such incentives to streamers is crucial in winning them over and ensuring player influx to casino operators.

Online streaming is a powerful advertising tool for online casinos, as it is answering the modern demands for interaction and entertainment.

The sooner online casinos realize this power and modernize their approach in acquiring players, the sooner they’ll attract this chunk of players who spend their time following casino streamers before they register or stake their own money on a casino game.

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